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Vonny Party Bag Giveaway {$180 Value} ends 4/25

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Powered by Mom welcomes you to the Vonny Party Bag  Guest Event!

Sponsored by Vonny of LA

Hosted by Copy Kids and Kid Krazed

Vonny Party Tote

When Vonny throws a party, you know it is going to be great! With this Vonny Full of Pockets Tote filled with party supplies, it’s everything you will need to host your own stunning event!

One lucky reader will a Vonny Full of Pockets Tote $76 + $104 worth of party supplies!

Includes: Straws, garden candles, beverage napkins, party cups, design candles, deluxe surprise ball, dinner plates, & Grand Surprise Cornucopia (Filled with 15 + treasures. Items vary & include: a Crown, Confetti Popper, Bubbles, Surprize Ball, Ice Light, Good Fortune Candle, Kazoo, Wish Capsule, Party horn-1940s, Deluxe Paper Umbrella, Capsule Necklace, Magnet, Vintage-Style Toy, Retro Candy, Fortune, Quotes, Gemstone, $2 Bill, Cracker Jacks, Fun Jewelry & Ring, Balsa Airplane, Coins, Ball on Paddle, Games, Fortune Cookies, Sparklers, Fancy Party Balls with Gold Pea Shooters, Treasure Soap, Celebrate Your Birthday Week, Heart Tag & more.

We would like to say a special thanks to our generous sponsor, Vonny of LA for sponsoring our giveaway event!

Enter for your chance using the Rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will end Thursday, 4/25 at 11:59 ET. Open to US and Canada residents 18+ and older.

Good Luck Everyone!

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126 thoughts on “Vonny Party Bag Giveaway {$180 Value} ends 4/25”

  1. Absolutely! As soon as one party is over, my daughter is planning for the next one no matter how far away it is.

  2. I have three grandchildren and my oldest will be 10 this Sunday. My other two are twins and will turn 7 in November. They love, love, love parties.

  3. I think they feel like they were born to party.. 🙂 every occasion becomes something huge… most of the time it’s wonderful…most of the time 😉

  4. Oh my gosh, yes! Any opportunity to be the center of attention… our daughter will make herself the center of attention.

  5. Both of my children always got excited about party especially birthday party ’cause they love the gifts and the goodie bags 🙂

  6. My oldest son does..he has Down Syndrome–he even sings Happy Birthday song throughout the year 🙂 My youngest is 18 & he doesn’t like a big fuss made but loves to go shopping at the mall for presents..my middle son loves attention but we haven’t celebrated a birthday together in 3 years since he lives in Oklahoma–he will be 21 on Wednesday..thanks for the giveaway!

  7. what kid doesnt love parties :0 my kid sure does – she even tried pulling that we needed to have a half bday party for her so when she turns 10.5 –

  8. With my kids, my nieces and nephews, I think we have a party at least once every 3 or 4 weeks. And they love them. What an incredible giveaway. Many thanks to you for the opportunity.

  9. My sweet granddaughter is just starting to understand what a “party” is. Her third birthday is coming and after having 3 grandsons, 2 brothers and 2 nephews, she will have a beautiful girly-girl party! This bag full of fun would be such a help…

  10. My grandaughter just turned 2 and just realized what parties are, its quite fun watching her reactions to everything!

  11. My granddaughter is six years old, so she’s reached the “birthday party” zone. And she loves it. All her friends are having parties and she had her first big party last month. It was fun to watch.

  12. My little one loves seeing her Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and close friends… so parties are always fun for her, since all her favorite people are all together!

  13. Yes they all do. The youngest and oldest eat it upbut our middle daughter nwho is almost 4, was scared of them for a while!

  14. My girls love parties! We just had my youngest daughter’s on Friday and my oldest is next month. Great giveaway- thank you!


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