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The Best Work Boots Without Steel Toes

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The Best Work Boots Without Steel Toes

With so many options available from Lugz, you will have plenty of choices to pick from including style, color, and work boots without steel toes. Right now they also have 35% Off Sitewide excludes clearance at Lugz.com with code HOLIDAY35. Offer Expires 12/15/2020

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Lugz Work Boots without Steel Toes - Powered by Mom

Lugz work boots can be used during any season, in any setting, all thanks to their slip-resistant soles and waterproof material.

Lugz Work Boots without Steel Toes

Finding the right work boot is an important step to getting the job done right. Recently I discovered that it is not always safe to wear steel toe boots in the workplace. Some professions advise against wearing them because they can cause more damage than protection.

Luckily, Lugz offers work boots without steel toes. On top of their selection of styles, color, and comfort, you won’t go wrong when choosing work boots from Lugz. 

Here are just a few of the men’s boots styles offered by Lugz. 

Lugz Men’s Empire 6 Inch Boot

Work Boots without Steel Toes - Powered by Mom

The Lugz Empire boot is available in two colors

  • Golden Wheat Bark Cream
  • Black Charcoal

This versatile boot comes without steel toes but still includes slip resistance soles and water-resistant material. Which makes it the perfect option for a work boot. This pair of boots are also suitable for just about any other scenario, whether it’s a night on the town or for a walk with your fur babies. 

Lugz Men’s Joel Boot

Lugz Work Boots without Steel Toes - Powered by Mom

The Lugz Joel boots are one of my favorite pair of Lugz boots. Besides being fashionable, they are fitted with memory foam, which makes them extremely comfortable. They also have a side zipper that makes it really easy to take them on and off. Like the Lugz Empire boot, these come without steel toes. The insole of the Joel boot is firm but soft. It forms to your feet to help give just the right amount of support. 

Lugz Work Boots Without Steel Toes - Powered by Mom

The Lugz Joel boot is flexible with any wardrobe and they suit any need both in and out of work. They are stylish, comfortable, and work with just about anything in your wardrobe. 

Having a pair of boots that can be worn throughout the day, is ideal. Especially when your schedule changes from attending school to work. All without sacrificing style or comfort. 

Lugz Work Boots Without Steel Toe - Powered by Mom

It can be hard to find a work boot without steel toes all while keeping your choices not only comfortable but stylish too. The side zipper on the Lugz Joel boot has a velcro enclosure at the top, that helps keep the zipper in its place. 

Lugz Work Boots Without Steel Toes - Powred by Mom

Lugz Work Boots Without Steel Toes

My Thoughts on Lugz Boots

My son thinks that Lugz boots are a great pair to have because they are comfortable enough to wear for everyday use. He can also use them when he works because of the non-slip tread and waterproof material. The boot’s sole has memory foam that helps keep his feet comfortable throughout the day. They are sturdy and hold up well in any environment and weather. 

Lugz Work Boot Giveaway

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Lugz Work Boots without Steel Toes - Powered by Mom

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66 thoughts on “The Best Work Boots Without Steel Toes”

  1. These look really durable. I like the look and if you don’t need the steel toe, these would be great. Very wearable even when not at work, i.e. for garden center trips, yard work, DIY, etc.

  2. Lutz boots are durable, comfortable and stylish. They are rugged enough for work and stylish enough to wear when not w orking.

  3. These work boots sound wonderful. I love that they are sturdy and protective even without the steel toes. I also like that they sound super comfortable as well.

  4. The zipper makes these Lugz Boots easy on and easy off. I work outside for long periods of time and the boots are comfortable while having enough room to wiggle my toes. The black ones would go with my black uniform.

  5. These boots would be great for my fiance he has a hard time finding boots to wear he works for a retail place doing cars changing oil and the floors are slick so he would need some boots with slip resistant on the bottom. They look so comfy and I like how they come in different colors. Love the black ones especially.

  6. Lugs is a brand that I trust. I think these are great work boots. I like that they have steel toe boots available to protect your feet.

  7. These boots would be great for my husband to have for outside work! I like that they have memory foam and would be comfortable for all day wear.

  8. I love the style of these Lugz boots they are so cute. I like how they have a steel toe for those who need them for work. They look really comfortable too.

  9. Perfect for John as he must wear steel toed boots for work at power plant.
    He goes through them too.
    They aren’t cheap either.

  10. I have heard so many wonderful things about this brand of workboot. My husband works very long days and he is really in need of a nice new comfortable workboot. I am thinking that he would really feel great in these.

  11. While they don’t have a steel toe, they are still stylish and will be great for casual or light work. I like the anti-slip as it tends to get icy this time of year and my husband works outside so that is a good thing that they are slip resistant.

  12. oh i love that charcoal colored ones and i love they are steel toed my bf would love that aspect he wont wear boots that are not that way

  13. I absolutely love that these boots do not have a steel toe! I also love that it comes with a zipper. I haven’t seen that with a lot of work boots. My son would love to use these for work. God bless and stay safe this Holiday season!

  14. I’d love to grab a pair of these for my husband. We just moved from Florida to Pennsylvania and he could really use a good pair of warm boots.

  15. I think the slip resistance soles and water-resistant material would be great for my husband when he works outside. They also look very comfortable.

  16. I really like the look of these boots. I am always hoping to find that pair of boots that not only work for my needs, but also look great, and these fit the bill!

  17. My hubby could use the Empire boots for work! He is on his feet all day and it is so hard finding him comfortable boots he can wear all day that remain comfortable!

  18. Having work boots that are comfortable but yet sturdy enough to hold up for all of the tough chores is so necessary. I like the side zipper feature too.

  19. These boots would be perfect for my husband. It is difficult to find work boots that are functional and gives him the support he needs without the steel toe, which he doesn’t need for the work he does.

  20. My husband is a machinist and loves to hike! These would be perfect and stylish! Love the sleekness! These would make an awesome Christmas present!

  21. I like the fact that these work boots don’t have steel toes, because work boots should be protective while being agreeable to the feet. These work boots are fashionable and that is definitely a plus.


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