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Why the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift is Experiences

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Give the  Perfect Mother’s Day Gift – An Experience She’ll Love

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts are amazing experiences your mom can cherish forever. Check out our list of ideas for unique ways to show love to Mom and/or the special women in your life.

I personally feel that the perfect mother’s day gift is one that evokes a special memory, whether it’s remembering a special moment or it creates a new special memory like the photo below does for me and my daughter.perfect mother's day gift

While we received compensation for this article, all opinions are 100% our own and we truly love experiential gifts!

The photo above was a special day as it was part of my daughter’s high school graduation photo shoot that included some family photos. A milestone for my daughter and a memory she will cherish because she had so much fun at the photoshoot between the formal dresses, casual outfits and her favourite where she had some fun photos done of her in cosplay. The photoshoot was months ago but the memories are there, the experience made it one we will all treasure. perfect mother's day gift

For myself, it was watching my daughter being confident and having fun in front of the camera. Having fun together as a family and having some amazing family photos done, something we haven’t done since she was a toddler. The experience will be treasured forever for me and that’s why I find that gifts that create an experience and/or evoke a memory make for the perfect mother’s day gift and well the perfect gift for any occasion.

That’s why I love that Breakaway Experiences has embraced the ever-growing popularity of “once-in-a-lifetime” and “bucket list” experiences. They offer certificates for a remarkable variety of unique experiences—from luxurious spa packages and gourmet food tours to the more adventurous experiences like stock car racing, helicopter flying lessons and sea doo expeditions.perfect mother's day giftJust think of the memories to be created that mom or whoever receives the experience will have and treasure. I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon, so can you imagine how much I’d cherish the memory if I got to have that bucket-list experience? Some experiences could end up having an impact on your life even in small ways. I once took gourmet cooking lessons and today some of the techniques and meals I learned to create are now part of our family memories and traditions. Some of those recipes I learned to create have become family favourites and the experience is one I continue to enjoy and have very fond memories of, my taste buds, in particular, enjoy the memories.

perfect mother's day gift

Breakaway Experiences’ dynamic easy-to-use website is designed to allow you to select an experience that creates long-time memories and entertaining tales for many years.

Here are even more reasons that a gift from Breakaway Experiences makes for the perfect mother’s day gift:

  • Instant gifting – Did you leave your shopping to the last minute? No worries: You can buy their present any time of day and instantly print it up to put in a card or simply email them. They will never know you left it so late.
  • A one-stop shop for some unique experiences for gifts in Canada and the United States.
  • Certificates never expire – BE guarantees the value of all certificates. If a certificate is not redeemed within a year of purchase and the cost of the experience increases, the certificate holder will only have to pay the difference between the original value and the new price.
  • Hassle-free exchange policy – Not sure they will love the experience you picked? With our hassle-free exchange policy, they can simply trade it for the full value of the original certificate.
  • Can’t decide what experience to buy? Breakaway Experiences’ gift certificates are a great way for you to buy them a gift that he/she can use towards an experience that is on their bucket list.

GIFT OF EXPERIENCESBreakaway Experiences offers the best gifts—the most memorable offerings — both in the United States and Canada where they first started! It’s a gift that will be cherished but one they would never buy for themselves. What experiential gift would you never get for yourself but would love to appreciate if it was given to you? Explore the wonderful experiential gift ideas on Breakaway Experiences site now. You can select from their drop-down menu on the right an experience in the United States or Canada (and select by area from there).

Give the perfect Mother’s Day gift, one they’ll remember and cherish forever, an experience they won’t forget.

Want to make mom a special dessert this Mother’s Day? Check out our recipes section for tasty treats like this No-Bake Dessert – Strawberry Mascarpone TartNo-Bake Strawberry Mascaropone Tart made with fresh fruit and mascarpone cheese. Perfect for mother's day or any occasion.

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42 thoughts on “Why the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift is Experiences”

  1. I love the idea of a gifted experience and have no desire to be laden with material things. Memories are what is most important

  2. The older I gt the more I realize experiences are better than tangible gifts. They are memories no one can take from us.

  3. I love the idea of giving experiences rather gifts. I also like doing new things, so this is a great idea for me.

  4. I love the idea of receiving experiences as gifts. I checked out the site and I would love to try out any of the experiences in Banff or Canmore as they are on my list of places to visit.

  5. Most of the people in my life have more that enough “things” and I rather spend quality time with them doing an experience. I think they are the best gifts!

  6. I do think experiences are the best kind of gift. They create wonderful memories and don’t take up room in the house, lol.

  7. i totally agree that experiences are a great gift idea, it’s so hard to find the perfect gift and a lot of people, at least in my life, have what they need and get what they want that it’s impossible to think of a thoughtful gift. Experience gifts are one of my favourite ideas because they make memories and are so thoughtful!

  8. the types of experiences are actually less varied than i had hoped and expected. plus, they are not really located near me so that’s a bummer.

  9. These experiences are great gifts because they are unique and people will cherish them. I am interested in them myself.

  10. I think Experiences make great gifts because they are unique and creative ideas that you can’t just pick up in a store and wrap up. They also create amazing memories that are really “priceless”.

  11. I have enough material things and at my age, their isn’t a lot of things that I don’t have. But to have someone plan some special memories for you is extremely incredible!!

  12. Experiences are great gifts for people! They get to try a new experience and they would be fun for everyone.

  13. I really love this idea, and agree that making memories is the best gift you can get! Those will last a lifetime.

  14. I think these experiences are such great ideas, especially as gifts, because it gives people the opportunity to experience something they may not other wise be able to experience.

  15. i love giving experiences as gifts, i`m taking my brother on a walking food tour for her birithday, so I`m all for trying different experiences

  16. wow some of these are such great ideas I would have never thought about giving these experiences as gifts but they are amazing ideas!

  17. I like that some of the experiences are actually somewhat close to my location. I would definitely look into the sky diving experience!

  18. I love the idea of gifting experiences. It’s great that the experiences certificate never expires and that it is offered in both USA and Canada.


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