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Why Hemp Clothing is the Perfect Wardrobe Foundation

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What Makes Hemp Clothing the Perfect Wardrobe Foundation?

Hemp Clothing is a great way to add more items made from natural materials to wear every day. I know it's supposed to be cliché to give dad socks and underwear for the holidays but sometimes they want and need them. However, you can make it different and better by going with more sustainable and natural choices.

That's why these men's boxer briefs from Wama Underwear have made it onto our Holiday Gift Guide for Him this year. Check out our guide for other fabulous ideas. hemp clothing

Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post but as always all opinions are 100% my own. 

So let's think about it when it comes to underwear whether for ourselves or the guys you want them to be comfortable, breathable and if it's my hubby he likes soft material. Hey who would want to wear scratchy rough material on any part of their body, not me.

hemp underwear

Now I know we all do it whether we admit it or not but I know we've all done it at least once...when we're choosing clothing even underwear or if it's packaged and we open that package one of the first things we do is to feel the material, yes even underwear, no need to be shy about it, no one is wearing it yet hahahemp underwearSo, of course, it's important that the material is soft for undies but fit, function and design are also all-important. How about material that is naturally anti-bacterial and breathable? Those are now must-haves for me for any piece of clothing especially underwear, hello it's the closest our body and we no one wants underwear that chafes. Guess what? Wama hemp clothing is all of those and more!hemp clothingHubby received the 6-pack of boxer briefs from Wama and we've washed them several times now. So far they are holding up very well, they don't look frayed or faded at all. Wama has had a rigorous and long design process for creating their underwear line for men and women because they didn't want anything less than perfect. They obsessed over every detail from the stitches, pattern pieces, colors and overall design. hemp underwearThey also like to buy from companies that believe in positive social and environmental impacts and WAMA meets those standards too. They partner with factories that improve their employees' lives with fair wages and a quality working environment. Their products are certified vegan and are an official PETA Approved Vegan brand. Their hemp also comes mostly from small family-run organic farms.

The price point may seem to be a bit high at first until you see that their hemp clothing lasts longer, doesn't sag (yes, we've all seen it, underwear washed and worn over time getting loose and saggy), washes well and is super comfortable. My hubby has already asked for more pairs so guess who is getting underwear in his stocking this year? Make sure to check them out on their website: https://wamaunderwear.com/ and if you sign up for their email you can get a discount on your first purchase!


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By on November 19th, 2019

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4 thoughts on “Why Hemp Clothing is the Perfect Wardrobe Foundation”

  1. I love that these are made from natural materials. I also like my clothing to be soft and comfortable. We need to try these for our family. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. It is amazing that they are finding so many more uses today for Hemp. I have never had any clothing from it but it does sound interesting. Sometimes you just hate to pay expensive prices for underwear but if it is going to last longer then the cheap its a good investment. Sounds like this is a good company

  3. My husband was just asking me this morning to buy him boxer shorts for Christmas. I really like these, because they are naturally anti-bacterial (since he is a germaphobe) and breathable.


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