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What vehicle will you buy next?

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My minivan is over 11 years old, it's easy for me to keep track of how hold it is because I was pregnant with my daughter when I bought it. It's definitely showing wear and tear as it's our main family vehicle with kids and dogs going in and out of it on a daily basis I'm surprised it doesn't look even worse.

Not that I"m quite there yet for buying a new vehicle but I do like to browse online and read up on the different vehicles that catch my interest and to be honest the ones where I like the pictures too 🙂

One of the vehicles that I've looked at online is the Toyota 4Runner. We've never owned a Toyota before so I was curious as well when we do buy a new vehicle we will need either a mini-van or an SUV of some sort. I like the look of the 4Runner because I think the size is great for a family like us where we cart around children other than our own daughter but also need to be able to fit our dogs and everything else that ends up in the vehicle. Yet from what I've seen and read of the 4Runners they are not those huge way too big for me SUVs it's a nice comfy size where I don't feel like a dwarf.

I even love the deep red color of the one in the picture although I would give into practicality and choose a light color that doesn't show the dirt and chips in it that are bound to happen when a vehicle becomes a family vehicle. As well usually a manufacturer at some point will have a deal on your vehicle of choice so I know when it comes to be my turn to choose a new vehicle if we're looking at this lovely one I'm going to see what Toyota 4runner special offers there are out there. Naturally I'd love 0% financing too LOL wouldn't we all but hey it never hurts to look or ask for it!



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By on September 22nd, 2012

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27 thoughts on “What vehicle will you buy next?”

  1. I drive a 2002 Nissan XTerra at this point in time and I actually just got it paid off last year, but I LOVE Nissans. I would definietly get a brand new Nissan Pathfinder or XTerra. I have always driven an SUV, so I absolutely love all the new amenities that the brand new Nissan SUV's have!! They're Awesome!!

  2. My husband and I are starting to think about starting a family! We are looking into the Honda CRV and Subaru's. Both are supposed to be very dependable.

  3. I always go onto the lincoln-mercury site and look at the lincoln mkx or mkt.. I really would love one of those as my new car one day!! I a far from buying a new car at this time too but hopefully one day!!

  4. We just bought a Honda Oydesey and we love it. I don't know what I like best the automatic side doors or the gps/ It's all soo awesome.

  5. I drive a 2005 Ford Escape and we have three dogs. I need something a little bigger than what I have now and a little more comfortable for three dogs. Right now I'm looking at the newer Ford Escapes, an older Land Rover, or a Subaru. Every time I see a new story about an SUV, I wonder if it'll work for our dogs.

    We'll be ready to buy in a year or so. I'm pretty excited to start doing the research and test driving.


  6. I've always liked 4runners... never owned one just have wanted to. We were just recently considering it on our list of maybe the other night. Thanks for the review 🙂

  7. This was a great review for me to show my mom, she has a 2 seater convertible and their truck has 'bit the dust', with NY winter approaching she needs something bad, but there are so many choices and she doesn't have time for alot of research & test driving. I just showed her a review on the Rav4. Thank you, this will be very useful!

  8. I've been driving a rental car that I have fallen in love with. We too are thinking about getting a new car next year, a second vehicle more for commuting while whoever has the kids drives the van. The rental that I have been driving is a 2013 Ford Explorer with all the bells and whistles...and I am sooo in love. It will be hard to not buy one when we do go shopping! :0) It's bigger than I was planning so I want to look into it's little brothers!

  9. Hi - my favorite vehicle is a Kia Soul. You would be very suprised by the amount of room in them. We (hubby and I) took the grandbaby's car seat out with us car shopping. We put it in the back seat and put our (quite ample) bodies in the back seat too and there was plenty of room. Very good since we were always carting the grandbaby and the two teenagers easily. Now that we don't have the grandbaby nearby we are able to cart around an extra teen or adult with us with ease. It has been a very reliable (very important since grandbaby is special needs and had lots of appointments and hospital visits). We just put money in it this weekend to do the 30,000 mile service and new tires and that has been all other than oil changes. No recalls - ours came with a warranty on the inside carpet and seats as well and the overall warranty is one of the best on the market. Very awesome in my book. On top of that it is fun to drive. Any how that is my two cents worth:-)

  10. Our car mercury sable is almost 14 years old, kind of very old already and we definitely need to buy a new one, This review is very helpful in finding the right car for the family.

  11. my dad had a 4runner and thought it was ok. my next choice on a car would be a rav4. i like hondas but there are no dealers around here. my husband has an OLD crv and its held up ok considering its a 97


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