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Welcome to Wedding Season

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Tips to Manage Wedding Mayhem #ChurchAndDwight

Are you getting married this year? We are sharing some tips & tricks to help manage wedding mayhem.

Don’t fret this wedding season, especially if your the bride! If you’re the maid of honour or a close friend or family member of a bride-to-be then make sure to share these tips with them so they can avoid wedding mayhem. After all it’s supposed to be an amazing day for the bride so let’s make sure all the days up to it aren’t as stressful.

Wedding Season EN

Whether you’re attending a wedding this summer as a guest, have the honourable task of being included in the wedding party or you’re getting married (congrats!), the thought of cramming multiple weddings, and the prep that goes with them, into your already overflowing schedule seems impossible. I remember the days leading up to my wedding and I sure wish someone had shared some of these tips with me, it was more stressful than it should have been and I know many brides have gone through that as well. 

What are the secrets to enjoying a stress-free wedding season? Read on!

1)      Don’t skip your beauty routine, but do skip the expensive waxing appointments. If you want to feel smooth and confident in your most leggy dress at the next wedding you attend, opt for home wax strips over a salon appointment or shaving. The NairTM WAX READY-STRIPS are ready-to-use, just peel and place, no rubbing or warming required. They remove hair from the roots and last for up to 4 weeks.

2)      Feel good, look good. Pro tip: If you want to look your best, you have to feel your best – and that means wearing what makes you comfortable. Pick a dress that you won’t be fidgeting in all night so you can dance with confidence!

3)      Show your smile. It’s the simplest truth – a smile is the most beautiful thing! So while you’re smiling your way through the next wedding ceremony and reception, make sure it’s a bright one! You don’t have to spend lots of money on at-home kits or salon procedures to get a pearly-white smile, you just have to pick the right toothpaste. Arm & HammerTM Truly RadiantTM Clean & Fresh toothpaste is clinically proven to whiten your teeth in five days, deep cleans and provides long-lasting freshness with a cool surge of spearmint, you’ll love! It fits perfectly into your daily routine!

4)      Post-Wedding Recovery. Weddings can be tiring! You’ll be sure to feel the negative effects of standing, dancing and minimal sleep the very next morning. If you don’t have the luxury of sleeping in the day after a wedding, be sure to drink lots of water and wear comfortable shoes to keep yourself feeling ready for anything!

What’s your secret for making it through wedding season?

By on May 31st, 2016

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30 thoughts on “Welcome to Wedding Season”

  1. You are so right. When it comes to dresses, beauty is not pain. It doesn’t matter how good you look if you’re miserable in it!!

  2. I have used Nair products for years but I need to try the wax strips now that it is bathing suit weather. Yikes!

  3. Good tips…it’s here! Weddings and family get togethers are upon us, and we want to look good. Great products to use; just don’t try anything new the day before.

  4. Great tips! I totally agree with the 1 about if you look good, you’ll feel good too!! I’m not part of any weddings this summer, but I think that these tips can help any woman.

  5. I really enjoyed this article. I’m not getting married, but I do plan on going to a couple. The info you gave was and will be very helpful.

  6. A lot of great tips. My favorite is skipping the waxing appointments at the salon and just do it yourself with home wax strips. Boy that could save you a lot of money and time.

  7. Thank goodness I’m not getting married. My sister is though. Beach wedding in Pensacola, Florida. Informal event. I will share your tips with her. Thank you.

  8. We just have one wedding this year and they eloped so it will just be a casual reception. Seems like more and more of that happening now a days.

  9. Thanks for this. It helps also on what to shower some of my dear friends who are engaged and getting married very soon! I always need good ideas from creative people like you. :)Thanks

  10. Yes weddings can be stressful for most of us. Got my grandsons wedding coming up so these are good tips them to remember. thanks

  11. I am a big fan of waxing over shaving. I will do a good wax before going to the beach and over the years notice less hair regrowth

  12. I am a big fan of Arm & HammerTM Truly RadiantTM Clean & Fresh toothpaste. I am so happy that I tried it and I use it every day now.

  13. I work for a catering company on the weekends, and weddings are booked all summer. I love going to them…as a worker.

  14. I really need to try these Nair strips and the Arm and Hammer toothpaste. These sound like great products. Thank you so much for sharing these

  15. I loved this article! I may be getting married this year. We haven’t decided if it will be this year or next but the tips were awesome and really helpful; especially the one about being comfortable! So true!

  16. These are all great products, I love the Arm and Hammer toothpaste, it’s the only one I buy, still need to try the wax strips yet!!

  17. I’d love to be able to use wax but I’m afraid I had to give up using my epilator due to massive problems with ingrowing hairs and waxing would cause the same problem. I must have a thick skin 🙂 🙂 🙂


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