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Weighing the Cost of Donor Eggs

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Weighing the Cost of Donor Eggs: Are Fresh or Frozen Eggs Right for You?

For many individuals and couples hoping to conceive after their struggles with infertility, fresh or frozen donor eggs are an ideal solution. Unfortunately, the cost of any fertility treatment can seem less than pleasant at first glance.

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However, when considering the cost of donor eggs, it’s crucial to review the differences between fresh and frozen eggs. While frozen donor eggs are a more affordable option, many prospective parents wonder whether they can endure in terms of quality and reliability.

Thankfully, they can.

A far cry from the frozen donor eggs of years past, new freezing technology has increased the success rates of frozen egg donation. This development has been a game-changer within the egg donor industry and has left hopeful parents with more choice regarding their fertility treatment options.

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How Does the Average Cost of Fresh vs Frozen Donor Eggs Differ?

While you might not think the variation between fresh and frozen donor eggs’ prices would be drastic, it is. In looking solely at the cost of just one donor egg lot, there’s approximately a $15,500 difference. Fresh donor eggs on average cost $22,500 plus the donor’s compensation – which averages $7500 in the US – while a frozen egg lot from Donor Egg Bank USA is only $14,500.

While frozen donor eggs will have already been collected, fresh eggs aren’t retrieved until the donor’s cycle and the recipient’s cycles are in synch. In most situations, the intended parents pay the fresh egg donor’s general compensation and additional fees for medications, doctor’s appointments, travel expenses, and lost wages – which exponentially increases the cost.

Are Fresh Donor Eggs Better than Frozen?

It’s not unusual to assume the quality of fresh donor eggs is superior to that of frozen. But, changes in freezing techniques now allow for equal success rates.

Starting in 1985, scientists began introducing a flash-freezing technique known as vitrification. This cutting-edge technology has now become widely used in oocyte preservation. Vitrification prevents ice crystals from forming and deterioration, which can alter the overall structure of the egg.

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When you receive a vitrified egg lot, you can feel confident they’re in the same condition they were on the day of collection.

Thanks to these advancements, frozen donor eggs are more affordable and just as successful as fresh. Another benefit is that they’re also easier to use.

The Benefits of Using Frozen Donor Eggs

One of the key benefits of using a frozen egg donor is the vast number of candidates to choose from.

If you decide to use a fresh donor, you’ll be limited to a pool of candidates in your nearby area. As a part of the fresh donor egg IVF process, the hopeful parent’s reproductive cycle will need to be perfectly synchronized with their donor’s for a successful embryo transfer. It’s nearly impossible for this to happen if the two individuals don’t live near one another.

Fresh cycles also rely on a donor’s ability to follow procedures correctly during their cycle. This includes taking medications when they should be and attending all doctor’s appointments. The slightest mistakes can yield devastating consequences. In fact, approximately 10% of fresh donor egg cycles end up being canceled.

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Fortunately, during a frozen donor egg cycle, the only person doctors need to be concerned with is the prospective parent themselves.

Since the eggs will have already been collected, the only concern is preparing the recipient’s body to receive the developing embryo for implantation.

Another advantage to using frozen donor eggs is that reputable egg banks like Donor Egg Bank USA offer an ‘Assured Refund’ plan to guarantee your money back if you don’t have a successful cycle and deliver a live baby.

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For many individuals and couples hoping to conceive after their struggles with infertility, fresh or frozen donor eggs are an ideal solution. Unfortunately, the cost of any fertility treatment can seem less than pleasant at first glance.

Money Isn’t Everything When It Comes to Donor Eggs

While many hopeful parents might assume only the most expensive treatment options will provide the high-quality success rates they’re looking for, this isn’t usually the case. Take the cost of donor eggs, for example—a frozen egg is significantly cheaper than a fresh egg, but it’s easier to use and just as likely to end in a healthy, beautiful baby.

If you want to grow your family and nothing else is working, why not choose an alternative method that’s sure to provide the results you want? Frozen donor eggs can be that solution.


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