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Weekend Cash Flash Giveaway ends 5/4 Open WW

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Powered by Mom Shares a Weekend Cash Flash Giveaway ends 5/4 Open WW

If you follow Powered by mom, you know that we love sharing the weekend CASH Flash giveaways. This weekend will be $35!!! The sun is shining and weather is getting nicer and nicer out. What would you buy with an extra $35?


35 cash flash

Super easy to enter. Just follow the rafflecopter to each blog and comment. Simple as that, plus you can enter each day!!

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By on May 1st, 2015

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93 thoughts on “Weekend Cash Flash Giveaway ends 5/4 Open WW”

  1. My favorite is our trip toflorida every year to celebrate our anniversary and St Patrick’s Day

  2. I love July 4th. I love all the togetherness and patrioticness (Is that a word!?) lol
    It is also 2 days after my daughter’s birthday and 2 days before my wedding anniversary.

  3. I like the 4th of July. The fireworks make it extra festive for the kids, and it the bbqs in the daytime are a good excuse to see family we haven’t in awhile. 🙂

  4. July 4, as a Food Historian, it’s one of those Holidays I live for, picnics or a brunch indoors if it’s raining.

  5. I don’t really have a fave summer holiday, since I don’t really go to family gatherings or events on 4th of july any ore, but I enjoy the summer as a whole!

  6. The 4th of July is my favorite summer holiday & is one of my favorite holidays of the whole yr too!!! Gotta love what it stands for, and the fireworks, summer cookouts w/your family & friends, wearing the cute red/white/blue festive outfits, what’s NOT to love about it?! 🙂

  7. 4th of July because all of our friends get together down in Atlantic City and we watch the fireworks on the beach!

  8. The 4th of July is always great because you get a picnic, watermelon for dessert, and fireworks to finish it all off!

  9. My favorite is definitely the fourth of July! We have a huge family reunion and bbq and it always tons of fun!

  10. Is there one besides the 4th of July? (In the United States, anyway.) Well, I guess there is Labor Day. I’ll go with the 4th, since it has great picnic food!

  11. My favorite summer holiday is the 4th of July! My birthday is the 6th, so it’s like extra celebration time for my birthday!

  12. For our family it’s Labour Day! Everyone meets here to have a BBQ, the yard is set up for the grandkids to play as well as chairs everywhere for everyone to sit & chat!

  13. I’m a bit biased and I say the 4th of July because my son was born on the 3rd so its like fireworks for his birthday!


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