Things To Do In Florida With Kids

If you’re traveling to the Sunshine State for vacation, be sure to check out these things to do in Florida with kids.

There’s so much more to experience in Florida as this beautiful state is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty your family will love to explore!

Exploration Tower – Cape Canaveral, FL

Explore the many hands-on opportunities to learn about the early natives and European settlers in the area.

 Enjoy Airboat Rides or Swamp Buggy Eco-tours. Stroll the grounds and check out the many animal exhibits.

Billie Swamp Safari – Clewiston, FL

Enjoy a little fun competition on the mini-golf courses. Mine for treasures like arrowheads, fossils, and precious gems.

Golf N Gator – Cape Canaveral, FL

See playful monkeys and peaceful gorillas and learn all about conservation and scientific discoveries.

Monkey Jungle – Miami, FL

You can learn all about the lunar landing, test your skills on an Astronaut Training Simulator, and possibly even meet an astronaut.

Kennedy Space Center – Titusville, FL

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