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WatchMinder Review

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Powered by Mom Blog shares her WatchMinder Review

The WatchMinder is the  is the only vibrating reminder watch invented by a Child Psychologist (Dr. Lawrence Becker)!

We received the WatchMinder for my soon to be 13 year old daughter to use as she was recently diagnosed with the inattention component of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Since she has been the one to use this watch this review is written by my daughter (and edited by mom). We hope you find this review helpful as my daughter has certainly benefited from the WatchMinder!


Thoughts from Powered by Mom

As a parent I wanted to add a few of my own thoughts on the WatchMinder and what I liked about it and why we got it. My daughter has struggled the last few years with remembering to do tasks, keeping on task and in general just keeping her attention. Now this might seem like any other child out there as we know it’s hard to keep a child’s attention but hers goes a step further so we started to look at the tools we could provide her to help her help herself.

When I heard about the WatchMinder I was intrigued and I thought it would be a great fit for my daughter. There are a few things I like about it they are as follows:

  • It vibrates so she can be discreetly reminded of things in class
  • You can get three different colors of velcro straps for it. This was important for us as my daughter is very petite and finding things to fit her wrist for her age don’t usually fit. With the velcro straps she can wear the WatchMinder no problem and she can change the colors for it as they come in red, black and white.
  • You can set several different types of reminders with messages that show up on the face of the watch.
  • She can set the reminders herself giving her independence and a tool to help her with paying attention.

Here’s my daughter excited when her WatchMinder arrived.

watchminder arrival

Thoughts on the WatchMinder from Powered by Mom’s daughter 

The watchminder is a moderately easy to use watch that gives you helpful reminders on what you need to do and when. It is tricky to use at first, but is easy once you know the basics. It took me a couple of days to figure it out. The first day I had it set so that a reminder to pay attention came up every hour, that was way too much. So I had to learn how to take that hourly reminder off and just put in certain reminders at certain times.

I had set it so it would wake me up in the mornings so I could get ready for school. The only thing I don’t like is that reminder goes off on the weekend too, I can’t set it for weekdays and different for weekends. It doesn’t matter much now as my mom says I’m getting up early anyways so I can go on the computer 🙂

watchminder black

I like that I just feel the vibration on my wrist, if I leave it on my desk at home it seems really loud as it vibrates on my desk. This makes me put it on so it’s not so loud. I like gadgets so this was cool to get. I can choose from different reminders that are already on the watch like “pay attention”, “meds”, “go to school”, “go home” and “go to work” although I don’t use that one since I don’t work yet.

Overall I found it quite a helpful tool when I was wearing it, and I always had a sense of the time which is awesome. I like the red velcro strap the best since I like the color but black goes with everything. I am starting  high school in September and I think the WatchMinder is going to be very helpful for me even more so that I don’t daydream as much in class as I need to pay attention more, especially in high school!

Watchminder straps


Overall Powered by Mom and daughter give the WatchMinder a four thumbs up for being a handy tool. Powered by Mom wants one to remind herself to take her vitamins and a few other things too!

About the WatchMinder

The WatchMinder is a simple wristwatch that can easily be programmed to set up discreet vibrating reminders throughout one’s day.  Invented by a child psychologist, the WatchMinder was designed to aid children with Attention Deficit Disorder (AD/HD) and others with special needs in staying focused, managing their time, and modifying their thoughts and behaviors.

How is the WatchMinder different than other watches or PDA’s?

  • It Vibrates! – Because a beeping reminder can be disruptive in the classroom or workplace, the WatchMinder was designed with a unique vibration system which allows the watch to discreetly cue the user with a light vibration on the wrist.
  • Interval Training Mode! – In addition to allowing the user to program set reminders throughout one’s day, the WatchMinder can be concurrently programmed to discreetly cue the user on set or random time intervals.
  • It’s Simple and Programmable! – Unlike many high-tech watches and PDA’s which require a computer to program, the WatchMinder features simple on-screen programming.  The WatchMinder is appropriate for smaller children and can be worn discreetly in the classroom.


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25 thoughts on “WatchMinder Review”

  1. I like that it’s nice looking and isn’t ugly. I’m a type 2 diabetic and take meds so this would be great to remind me to take them. Great review by the way 🙂

  2. We haven’t had much luck on finding any watches that fit our daughter. I like that it’s velcro and adjustable, and that you mentioned it fits your daughter’s petite wrist. She has similar difficulties staying on task.

  3. What a great watch to have for any family member, I like this about the watch; It vibrates so she can be discreetly reminded of things in class.

  4. Very good review…I like that you can set several different types of reminders with messages that show up on the face of the watch.

  5. My daughter has the exact same problems as yours did. I love that the vibration helps her pay attention without disturbing anyone else.

  6. To be honest I love that it has the vibration thing cause that is very awesome and less distracting then a constant beep..

  7. I really love this idea and wish it were available when my son was younger, suffering with an attention deficit disorder and doing poorly in school. I can see so many benefits of this reminder watch. In my case, I feel that my elderly mother in law would be greatly benefited with reminders of medications, etc. This product could really help many people! Thanks so much for your review 🙂

  8. i really like that it has the personalized reminders, thats pretty cool. maybe with this watch i could really remember why i needed to do something at one o clock. im really interested. great review.Thanks a bunch

  9. I’m diabetic and this would be great to have to make sure I remember to take my medications as I am on twenty. I like the alarm alert

  10. I really like that this watch vibrates. I never realized anyone invented this. This would really be great for me.

  11. I absolutely love this for my son, he cannot remember anything from one minute to the next. This would be perfect for hom.

  12. I love that this looks like a regular watch that can discretely remind my son things that need to be done without calling any unwanted attention from people around him. He already feels different enough without any extra things to draw attention to him. He would not be embarrassed to use this product and would benefit from the reminders. If I could Ashford the product I would but one today but unfortunately I am newly disabled so I’m not able to Get extras that would help make his life easier.


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