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Wantizen - The easiest way to find a vacation rental property for the best price!

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Powered by Mom Blog is thrilled to share with you on how to save on vacation property rentals!

As well this awesome company has a sweepstakes happening now where you could win $500 off a vacation rental!

Read on to find out more about Wantizen this free service that saves you money!


How it works

You enter on their user friendly website, where you're looking for a property, the dates you want, number of guests and the amenities you're looking for in a vacation rental. After you hit submit a list of properties will appear that match your criteria and better yet properties are being added daily to Wantizen. You go ahead and take a look at what all these properties have to offer.

Now hear comes the really cool part you can click on Make an offer and enter your offer amount. Then guess what you do? Nothing! Okay you can sit back and relax and wait for the property owners to bid their best price! Yes seriously they get to put in bids and compete with each other instead of you as the client having to bid on individual properties! You can watch the incoming bids and if you see one you like, you just click Confirm with owner. You will then receive an email with information you need to contact the property owner and seal the deal (or not). Here's another great reason to take advantage of Wantizen, there is no obligation to buy, and the vacation property owners will not have your contact information until you decide to contact them. It's a reverse auction that benefits you and all this and you don't have to pay for this service too, wow!

If those weren't reasons enough here are yet more reasons that utilizing a Wantizen vacation rental property is such a good idea:

  • Great deals
  • Vacation rentals have so many extras like the comfort of home and more like being stocked up with:
    • lawn chairs
    • "artisan" soap
    • fresh ground coffee
    • a cube of butter
    • baguette
    • cream
    • fresh vase of flowers
    • spices, herbs and condiments
    • microwave popcorn
    • cooking oil
    • jam, honey, tea, etc.
    • salt & pepper
    • laundry detergent
    • sugar, sweetener
    • sand toys
    • iPod dock

My family and I haven't had the opportunity to use Wantizen yet but I know when we're ready we will definitely be using it. We love vacation rental properties over hotels as we have found them to be more comfortable, has the extras such as those listed above and we like to be able to cook what we want when we want without having to eat out all of the time. This way we ate out when we felt like it not because we had to all of the time. We've done the all inclusive thing, other hotel stays etc.. and I know after more than 2 days I'm tired of eating in restaurants. We're light breakfast eaters so having to go out for breakfast for example was more cumbersome than enjoyable for us so vacation rental properties are our way to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation!

Not only does Wantizen have their "sign up to win $500 off your next rental contest" but they also have a wonderful contest on their Facebook page on now! Go to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wantizen and enter for a chance at 1 of 2 iPads going on!!

Go and check out Wantizen to find out more, I don't think you will be disappointed!

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By on October 18th, 2012

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7 thoughts on “Wantizen - The easiest way to find a vacation rental property for the best price!”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful site for my next Vacation! I will have to check them out. Thanks for the information. I think that Vacation Rentals are the way to go.

  2. Wow amazing idea! I especially like how the property owners do the biddings. I look at vacation rentals every yr online so I will definitely keep this in mind.

  3. Wow what an awesome idea. Im actually checking them out now on another window I have open. I love the idea of making your own offer! I also love the extra amenities that you get with renting from a property rather than just a hotel. If i get the chance to get away for a little vacation I will check them out. thanks for sharing this.

  4. Wow that a great idea. If i ever get the chance to take a vacation in the near future I will definitely keep this in mind. I love the idea that you can make your own offer and see if they accept. Not to mention the extra amenities! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


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