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Versatile and Quality Glassware for All Occasions

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Versatile and Quality Glassware for All Occasions

Joy Jolt makes fine glassware for you and your family

Whether you’re a concessioner of the finest wines and scotches or a rundown mom waiting for her morning drip coffee Joy Jolt has quality glassware just for you. Glassware has to be versatile in my house. I can celebrate special occasions and family history with my fine decanter set and whiskey tasting glasses, or hand my kid a small Jaava glass with juice. I enjoy my morning tea with my double walled mugs. They keep my tea warm and hands cool.quality glassware

Celebrating Family Historyquality glassware

I am a proud member of Clan Cochrane in North America. I’m actually an official representative and sit on the national board. I joke that when my father had his mid-life crisis, he didn’t buy a motorcycle or date younger women. He went full Scottish. He delved into our Scottish roots and helped to revive the Clan organization here in North America. And while my life became full of tartan and distant cousins, it also came with an appreciation for fine Scottish Whiskey, or Scotch. Honestly, I almost never drink, but I do appreciate a fine Whiskey or Scotch and I always wanted a decanter set and tasting glasses. A set my father would be proud of.quality glasswareThe Aurora decanter set is everything I could ask for in quality glassware. The decanter is heavy so I know it will never inadvertently tip over. The neck is wide enough to fill and easy to pour from. The lid fits snuggly. The glasses and substantial but feel comfortable to hold. The rims and smooth glass lend themselves well to a nice smooth scotch. The tasting glasses are exactly the right shape. Their bottoms are thick and the glass itself light. I’m so proud to have this set and even wish I had a place to display it, it is so pretty. I plan on proudly displaying this set at all future Clan functions for my family.

Perfect for Little Hands

quality glasswareWhile I rarely drink coffee I find that the Jaava espresso cups are perfect for little hands. I normally use plastic and lidded cups for my kids, but sometimes they want to feel grownup as well with their own glass. These cups are sturdy enough that I do not have to worry about slightly rougher handling. The double walled design means I can give them a spot of hot tea or hot chocolate and their hands stay cool.  The smaller size means I can better track their portions of sugary juices or other drinks. Plus they are the perfect size for little hands. Then I know I have these on hand for when I do want a nice dark roasted espresso to start my day.

Perfect Cold Brews

quality glasswareAs I mentioned above, I don’t often drink coffee, but I’m crazy about good quality teas. Joy Jolt’s Infuso cold brew coffee and tea maker is perfect for either brew. Cold brewing ensures a smoother and less bitter outcome for both coffee and tea (though over steeping both can cause bitterness too.) I absolutely love the volume markings on the side as I often track how much tea I drink.  This is also handy if I have guests over as I can prepare just enough for what we need. The steel infuser has some of the finest tiny holes I’ve ever seen on an infuser and doesn’t let a grain through. Yet the teas and coffees I have prepared in it infuse well and quickly.

It comes with 2 rubber rings so you can use one on the lid and one on the infuser separately, or the lid can fit into the infuser without the extra ring. The whole pitcher is lightweight and easy to pour from. It is one of my largest infusing pitchers and I find it takes up less space in my cupboard when not in use. The glass and steel also mean there are no plastic chemicals leeching into the drink and affecting the taste.

Tea Time Perfection

quality glassware

I love these Caleo double-walled glass mugs. For some reason, I’ve always felt like clear glassware is so delicate, but these pieces from Joy Jolt have dispelled that myth for me. They feel solid and feel able to stand up to regular use. I believe one can never have too many mugs. I am an avid tea drinker after all, and my kids are headed down that same path. Yet these are the first clear mugs I’ve ever had. And I love being able to see the tea. I love how it appears to float within the inner cup of the double-walled design. While I did let the mug sit for a while with the hot water and the outside was warm, it never got too hot to hold. The handle is narrow and thin but combined with the curve of the Caleo design fits the hand so very well.

Quality Glassware for Every Use andShowingn Off

quality glassware

I love that this quality glassware from Joy Jolt is so beautiful. They feature modern yet timeless designs that are pretty enough to put on display within my home. And yet the pieces are sturdy enough for regular day to day use with no problem. I love that I can even trust my kids (to carefully, for kids…) handle them. They are utilitarian and decorative and all of these pieces have entered into the regular rotation in our home.  And they are often the first choice when picking our next cup or mug to drink from.

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  1. These glasses are really pretty. I am a tea drinker and this tea maker looks and sounds like something I need. I like drinking my tea out of a glass mug. I have one that is tall about a cup and half and I enjoy ever bit of it

  2. The decanter set is beautiful. Definitely high quality and definitely able to make your Scottish dad proud. It’s good to know that they are good quality and you’re right it is important to think about small hands.


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