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How to Throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

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Game Ideas for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and nothing shows off your festive nature more than a Christmas party. Whether it be just your family, or perhaps with neighbors and friends, Christmas parties are a wonderful way to get together and find out what's happening in everyone's life or as a nice way to learn more about the people who live around you. With those thoughts in mind, your party will certainly have food and drink, but what about games. After all, nothing is better than a traditional Christmas game to break the ice and get everyone loosened up. So let’s look at some traditional Christmas games you might be able to play at your party this holiday season.

All Set for Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

ugly christmas sweater

Attire for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Before we get to the games…. Let’s talk attire. You can always go with a more formal style Christmas party but let’s be real. As nice as it is to dress up, having a party in comfortable clothing is a lot more enjoyable! If you are going to have games, I would say you are aiming for more “fun” than elegance. So, why not add a little more spunk to the party by creating a theme. An Ugly Christmas Sweater theme is always so much fun.

ugly christmas sweater

We are ready for our already planned, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! It may seem early to plan but it will be here before we know it. Why does time seem to fly this time of the year anyway?!

ugly christmas sweater

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We got our sweaters from the Ugly Christmas Sweater website and are beyond pleased! It WAS a hard choice but we finally decided on a sweater for each of us. They have so many to choose from. Whether you want a simple sweater or a themed sweater, Ugly Christmas Sweaters has it all!

ugly christmas sweater

Now, we can get on to the game ideas…

If you want a really traditional game to start out with, there may be none better than Pass the Stocking. If you’re not familiar with it, the game is simple to put together and play. Basically, you get a large stocking and fill it with items that have some relation to the holiday. These items can be anything, like a candy cane, Santa Figure, a star, or any number of other small Christmas objects. Place the objects in the stocking and carefully close up the end. Now one by one pass it around your party guests who feel the objects from outside the stocking then jot down what objects they think are in there.

Allowing for a one to a two-minute time limit, everyone gets a turn. At the end, you open up the stocking and reveal the items and watch as members laugh at both crazy guesses and what they missed!

Ugly Sweater

You want traditional, well what could be more traditional than a game of charades, except this time Christmas style! There is certainly not much to putting this game together. Simply get some paper, cut it into small strips, and write down Christmas scenes, characters, or other related things and place them in a hat. Divide your guests into two teams or does every person for themselves type of game. If you want to do this same kind of thing but have a more drawing intensive type of game, play it like Christmas Pictionary, only get a big sketch pad and have people try to draw the clues.

Remember the Old George C. Scott version of a Christmas Carol? Well in the movie there is a scene where Scrooge is brought to his nephew's house on Christmas Day to watch them take part in the merriment of the occasion. While there, they played a game called similes. Similes were a game that originated back in Victorian Times and is predicated on similes. You have one person who runs the game, who has a sheet full of well-known similes. He goes around the room giving the beginning of one, at which point the person questioned must give the correct response. If they don't, they are out of the game. An example would be the caller saying "Proud as", to which the person would need to answer "a peacock". It can get funny and challenging as the game goes on.

ugly christmas sweater

These are but a few of the traditional games that you and your friends can play at Christmas time. Others such as pin the tail on Rudolph could also be quite entertaining as your friends spin around and try to play the tail in the right spot. If you want something a bit more grown-up with a musical flavor, try taking your favorite Christmas carols and play a game along the line of name that tune. Not very hard with today's technology. Whichever game you decide to go with, your party is bound to be the most festive in town as long as you spice it up with one of these great games! Pick out your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater and set a date!

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  1. Super cute sweaters firstly. I think the games sound fun too! We did one at a party I went to where we all hung out and mingled for an hour, then took off our sweaters and had to go around trying to find its' original owner. It was pretty interesting.


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