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Top Disney Cruise Line Activities for Kids and Teens

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Disney Cruise Line Activities for Kids, Teens and Families

Going on a cruise, even a Disney cruise can be hard to wrap your head around when it comes to taking your family. There is a ton of planning to do. It often involves multiple itineraries as the kids run off to their exclusive clubs and labs. Then again it is a Disney vacation.

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As such, there is plenty of family fun to go around. Here are the top Disney Cruise Line activities that are ideal for kids and teens to enjoy as well as the perfect family-centered Disney Cruise Line activities. Hopefully, you will find that perfect balance of together time and relaxation time.

Disney Cruise Activities For Kids

Little ones from babies have somewhere to go, even if it is only the Small World nursery. Even bigger kids get to go to the Oceaneers Club and Labs. both are youth clubs. The Lab is based on kid-friendly experiments to do and the Oceaneers Club is made up of playrooms and games to explore.Disney Cruise Line Goofy’s sports deck provides kid-friendly recreation and the Midship Detective Agency is a fun interactive whodunnit questing game that sends kids around the ship looking for clues.

Disney Cruise Activities For Tweens

Tweens will also lof Goofy’s Sports Deck and they would have a lot of fun on the AquaDuck, too. The AquaDuck is a water slide coaster, you have to experience once while you are on your Disney cruise. Tweens also have an exclusive club of their own called Edge.

It’s a great way for them to meet other kids their age and socialize in a safe environment. Edge features lots of high tech entertainment and activities. As with kids, tweens enjoy themed days and deck parties, they also have more fun at the pools, either at the Aqua Lab, Aqua Dunk, or the Funnel Puddle.

Disney Cruise Activities For Teens

Teens on the Disney Cruise Line know when to let loose and have fun. They may not be as into themed days, but when Marvel Day at Sea comes around, they will take notice. Teens enjoy Goofy’s Pool and Donald’s Pool too.

Teens have an exclusive club of their own as well. The club is called Vibe is much more set around ambiance then Edge and the club has plenty of passive entertainment as well as group activities to participate in. These include dance parties and karaoke.cruise ship

Teens Tweens and Kids all have their own group port adventures they can sign up for as well, but space is limited so you have to book pretty far ahead.

Disney Cruise Activities For Families

Families can enjoy deck parties together as well as dining options including sweets and treats. There are family game shows too and plenty of entertainment to share such as first-run movies in the Buena Vista Theater and musical adaptations of Disney classics with live performances. Experiences differ by which ship you take in the cruise line, but each ship offers similar types of dining and entertainment experience.

Have yiou been on a Disney cruise? If so let us know some of your tips to entertain kids and teens on a Disney cruise, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have always wanted to go on a Disney Cruise with my family. I think the kids would love it and would have the best time!

  2. Our family plans on eventually taking a Disney cruise. I live in Orlando, and even my local friends say it is still the best cruise they have ever been on. I love that there is stuff for little kids up to teens. My girls are 4 and 6 years old. I think they would really enjoy this, especially the food!

  3. I really have not looked into cruises as a vacation option because we do have a teen. I do think he would enjoy not being stuck with his parents and having other options. A Disney cruise may be something that would work for my family.

  4. I really want to do this with my family. The grandchildren would love this. Disney usually does things right. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. We have been wanting to go on a cruise. This sounds like the perfect cruise to take the grand kids with us they would have fun

    • Thank you for writing about DCL! Memories of Vibe came rushing back in 🙂 HIGHLY recommend going if you’re considering a trip, y’all! We stay Disney and Disney alone when it comes to cruises!

  6. If I were to go on my first cruise I’d probably do a Disney themed one. If I am going to be stuck at see in a giant boat with 1000s of people Mickey had better entertain me. 🙂


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