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Top 10 Reasons to Stay at an Orlando Villa

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Family Travel, Large Groups and Extended Stays – Check out an Orlando Villa

If you’re staying in the Orlando area for a week or more and/or travelling with a larger group we think that an Orlando villa is a great choice. Finding Florida vacation rentals that will spaciously accommodate groups and families is much easier than one might expect. We’ve stayed in Orlando vacation homes for longer stays 1-2 weeks and for our shorter stays we were at hotels.

Orlando Villa
Orlando, Florida, USA downtown city skyline.

Enjoy the comforts of home at an Orlando Villa

In a place like Orlando, one will find a number of options with regard to renting a villa or vacation home as opposed to a hotel or motel room. Due to the fact that hotel rooms can sometimes be a cramped setting, especially for families traveling with children, an Orlando villa is a wonderful alternative to a hotel stay.

10 Reasons to stay at an Orlando Villa

However, this is not the only reason why vacationers choose to experience the magic of Orlando, Florida, while staying in an Orlando villa. The following list highlights the top 10 reasons why choosing an Orlando villa over a hotel room might just be the best bet for your vacation:

Space and Amenities

  • More Spacious. Hotel rooms usually only provide one or two rooms in which to move about. Orlando vacations typically last 5 days or more due to the enormous amount of activities that are present. The spacious rooms within Orlando villas allow groups and families to relax in a larger, more comfortable area. This will enable everyone to enjoy their vacation just a little bit more.
  • Kitchen Amenities. When choosing a place to stay for a week’s vacation, individuals like to have various amenities available to them, including a kitchen. Some people don’t like to have to eat out for every meal and by staying in an Orlando rental home or villa you can decide when to eat out. It’s also a great money saver to cook your own meals.

Private Pools. Hotels usually provide a number of swimming pools and jacuzzis for the guests. However, most Orlando villas that are for rent come with their own private swimming pools and often a jacuzzi as well. Why cram into a packed public swimming pool when you can have your own private pool?

Save money on meals

  • Wireless Internet Connection with PC. Due to the large quantity of internet users around today, having  reliable wireless internet connection at one’s fingertips is a must. In many Orlando vacation homes there will be wireless internet access and a computer in which to surf the web. Although most hotels currently offer this type of internet connection, there are fees and it can be slow. Since you are staying in a Florida vacation rental home, it is almost like being in your own home where internet connections are lost less frequently. Also, it is very rare in which to find a hotel that offers computers in which to access the web.  Usually, you need to bring your own laptop in order to take advantage of this internet access.
  • More Economical. Because Orlando, Florida is a large tourist attraction, hotels can be a bit on the pricey side. It’s even more if you are looking for space and numerous amenities. When an individual rents an Orlando villa, one can choose the size of vacation home that is needed to accommodate the family. It is much less expensive to rent a single home for one week as opposed to a number of rooms for at a hotel.

More Privacy and More Peaceful

  • More Peaceful. When staying in hotels, there is usually a lot of outside noises that one has to contend with. Either people stomping up above or noisy guests in the hallway. By booking an Orlando vacation home there will only be the noises of those staying at the villa.
  • Additional Bathrooms. Waiting in line for the bathroom can be a real drag. By renting an Orlando villa, there will almost always be more than one bathroom available. With a hotel room, bathroom lines are almost inevitable, unless the vacation is a vacation for one.
  • Washing Machines and Dryers. One of the more accommodating aspects of renting an Orlando villa is the convenience of washers and dryers in the home. No need to search for a laundromat when washers and dryers are included amenities. Some hotels do have washers and dryers but it’s not as convenient when your in an Orlando villa. You either have to wait for machines or go back and forth from your room, leaving the clothes unattended etc..
  • Access to a Garage and a Close Parking Spot. Hotel parking is often set a good distance away from the hotel itself. You may to hike back and forth from the room to the car. When carrying luggage and other packages, this can sometimes get tiresome. With an Orlando villa rental, the car will be a few steps away from the front door.
  • Home Away from Home. Although hotels offer wonderful amenities, you still can’t make it seem less like a hotel and more like a home. When renting an Orlando villa, the accommodations feel more homey and relaxing. A family can enjoy the entertainment and events in Orlando and come home to relax afterwards. This is always a great thing.

There’s so much to do and see around the Orlando area like checking out Disney Springs. Don’t forget you’re also no that far away from the Kennedy Space Center which is worth at least a whole day if not more of exploring. You’ll love coming back to your Orlando villa at the end of the day to relax.

There is nothing wrong with staying in a hotel and in fact for short stays, convenience & other factors it might be for you. We loved the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort for a variety of reasons. Make sure to read our review on that hotel. After all, where else will you get to have your bed made and not have to do laundry every day? However, there are times when a vacation is much more relaxing and comfortable when it can be a makeshift home. For these reasons, Orlando villa rentals are great options to consider when looking into a trip to Orlando, Florida.

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  1. The photos are really terrific and just by seeing them, we know we would have a wonderful time visiting here! I haven’t been to Orlando in quite a while.

  2. These are great reasons to stay in a villa as opposed to a hotel room. I especially appreciate having a private pool and not having to eat out at every meal.

  3. This is great info! We are considering our next vacation in Florida and now I know that I must visit Orlando. Thank you for the information.

  4. Orlando looks divine. I dont think we could afford a villa without going into deep debt, but it sure is beautiful . I think sometimes you have to settle for pictures and these are beautiful.

  5. There are a lot of great reasons to stay at a Villa. If we were doing multiple things on an Orlando trip, we might consider it. Typically, we stay on Disney or on Universal for the added perks of being onsite.

  6. I lived in Orlando Florida for three years and absolutely loved every minute! I have never stayed at this particular place before though, it sounds amazing! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. yep. this is how i always vacation, so much better to feel like you are at “home” and not have to deal with food and stuff at a “hotel”

  8. Having a kitchen is a huge benefit. We found early on (when our kids were younger) that we could save SO much money on vacation by cooking our own meals. Much more convenient too when you want to get out quickly in the morning.

  9. My family is heading to Florida for the first time ever in a few months so I’m gonna pass it on to everyone else so they can check this out too! Thanks a lot!

  10. We never had to worry about finding a place to stay in Orlando. My Mother in Law & Father in Law Lived in Orlando. We visited them for a week or so and took them with us to all the Attractions. We had alot of fun there.. I agree that the Orlando Villas would be a very nice place to stay.. Thank You for Sharing~

  11. We stayed in villas like these growing up. I’m not sure if it was this one but we stayed at a huge sweet in Orlando and we had multiple washrooms, bedrooms, room service and tons of pools to choose from, some of which had waterfalls and slides. I highly recommend this type of accommodation for families needing some extra space.

  12. I may be over 50, but DisneyWorld is on my bucket list, lol. OK, not the rides, but I want to see EPCOT! All those ‘countries’ in one place, with great food, would be really nice. Orlando Villa sounds perfect.

  13. Several years ago, we rented a house in Orlando for a family reunion. It was perfect! We had a pool that was screened in as well as the ability to make our own foods, saving us money! I’d do it again if we were there with many people and for a while!

  14. It sounds nice. I prefer a room with a kitchen. Vacations can be expensive enough, without having to dine out daily.

  15. Looks so Beautiful and it looks like Such a Fun Place to go. We had our children there and to Disney World Several times while they were growing up. Now I would rather go to the Gulf side where its not as humid as it is in Orlando. Thinking about moving to Florida in a couple of years. Have to see how things go. My Husband has Parkinsons Disease the warm weather he thinks will make him feel better


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