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Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ #Review

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Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ #Review

Tony Roma ribs and BBQ is yummy any time of the year.

What’s for supper? It’s an age old question at my house! Truth be told, it’s usually the last thing on my mind. These days, it seems we are all rushing here and there between work, kids, school, homework, housework – you know the routine. Well, what if I told you that you can have a delicious sit down meal in only a matter of minutes? Got your attention yet? I would love to introduce you to Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ!

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Tony Roma's Ribs and BBQ

If by chance you haven’t heard of Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ, let me tell you a bit about Tony Roma and then I’ll show you the delicious products. Be prepared to get hungry by just looking!

About Tony Roma

Tony Roma’s offers award-winning BBQ baby back ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken and more! Now this mouthwatering signature flavor is available in your local grocery store, in packages of pre-cooked ribs, chicken, and pulled pork.

Each package of Tony Roma’s pre-cooked ribs or BBQ meats is slow cooked to mouthwatering perfection, seasoned with select spices and basted in one of our rich, flavorful sauces for that fall-off-the-bone tenderness that has made Tony Roma’s the choice for heat-and-serve barbecue! The best news is all this goodness is available in convenient packages, in your local grocery store’s refrigerator section.

Tony Roma's Ribs and BBQ products

We recently had a chance to try a few Tony Roma’s delicious goodies like their world famous Baby Back Ribs in their original sauce and their Kansas City Style. We also tried their mouth watering tender and juicy Pulled Pork, along with their Boneless Pork Ribs.

Tony Roma's baby back ribs

Tony Roma’s Baby Back Pork Ribs

Tony Roma’s Baby Back Pork Ribs are mouth watering delight! They are so tender they literally fall off the bone and a taste that will have you addicted! We tried both the original sauce with it’s smokey off the grill flavor and their Kansas City Style. The Kansas City Style is basted in a sweet hickory sauce. Both flavors won the approval of the family.

Tony Roma's baby back ribs

The Baby Back Pork Ribs are easy and quick to prepare. It only takes approximately 4 to 15 minutes in the microwave or oven, or simply throw them on the grill in the pan they come in for approximately 8 minutes. As they cook, the sauce thickens and caramelizes on the ribs.

Serve with a couple of your favorite sides such as grilled corn or veggies. And, as any true rib lover will tell you – serve with plenty of napkins!

Tony Roma's Pulled Pork

Tony Roma’s Pulled Pork

Tony Roma’s Pulled Pork is tender and juicy with just the right amount of sauce. And again, they have done all the work for us! The Pulled Pork is cooked at low heat until it becomes tender enough to pull apart letting it retain it’s juicy smokey flavors. For us, all we have to do is warm it up and enjoy!

Tony Roma's Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Pulled Pork can be heated in the oven, microwave, or on the stove top and only takes 5-15 minutes, depending on which way you choose. I chose to cook mine in the oven while I prepared a couple of side dishes.

I like my Pulled Pork sandwiches with slaw, so while my Pulled Pork warmed in the oven, I whipped up some homemade slaw to top my sandwich and prepared some quick baked beans. Within a matter of minutes, I had a delicious barbecue meal ready to be served.

Tony Roma's Boneless Pork Ribs

Tony Roma’s Boneless Pork Ribs

Tony Roma’s Boneless Pork Ribs were a definite hit! So much so that they were devoured before I could grab a finished pic to show you! The Boneless Pork Ribs are also easy to prepare by either cooking in the oven for 20 minutes or the microwave for approximately 3-5 minutes. Serve with your favorite side dish such as baked beans, grilled corn, or get creative and make lettuce wraps. Then again, my hubs didn’t seem to need a side dish! He ate them straight out of the pan!

Honestly though, I believe the only problem with the Boneless Pork Ribs is having enough to go around! So take my advice and load up!

Where to Purchase Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ

You can find Tony Roma’s ribs, pulled pork, boneless pork ribs, and chicken in your local grocer’s refrigerated meats section! To find a store located near you, use their handy store locator tool!

The next time your family ask “what’s for supper”, you have a variety of choices with Tony Roma’s restaurant quality ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken and more! Stock up today at your local store and always have a sit down meal on hand!

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By on May 31st, 2016

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  1. Oooh. These look so delicious! I’m not a big ribs fan and we certainly don’t eat them often, but these ones I definitely would love. I like the variety of flavor and that there’s a few different forms of the ribs you can get. They look so yummy slathered in all that bbq! Mmm. Definitely going to have to look for these in stores around me.

  2. Perfect for the summer! Just serve with some potato or caesar salad and garlic bread. Love Tony Roma Ribs..the sauce is to die for. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I am so excited about this. We love Tony Roma’s ribs. I haven’t had them in a while because they do not have a restaurant close by. I am so happy you can now buy their food at the grocery store. Thank you so much for sharing this

  4. I love puuled pork and I also love not having to spend hours trying to make it. So I definitely will br giving Tony Roma’s a try.

  5. I love the idea of easy to fix barbecue ribs. I have ever enjoyed the long process of getting ribs just right. It looks like Tony Roma’s did just that and they can be prepared fast. My kind of meal.

  6. WOW! that rack of ribs looks delicious!! I havn’t see these in the stores yet but will look for them, I know hubby would
    appreciate the goodness.

  7. I love ribs. I will have to look for them in the store. They look really yummy for meals. thanks for the info on them


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