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Tips for Natural Allergy Relief

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Tips for Natural Allergy Relief

Survive Seasonal Allergies with these Helpful Ideas

Seasonal allergies are the worst. No argument. When I was allergy tested last year I conveniently discovered that while I'm not severely allergic to anything, I'm mildly allergic to just about everything. Indoors, outdoors, pets, grasses, weeds, dust, molds, trees... you name it, I'll react with a runny, stuffy nose, coughing, and watery itchy eyes. So over the last year, I've made a ton of changes and done a lot of things to help my body cope better with the onslaught. Whenever I can I try to use natural allergy relief methods. So I hope that some of what I've gone through can help you too.

Allergies can strike in any season, be prepared!

natural allergy relief

Establishing a Routine

Despite trying to go as natural as possible, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor. It was typical in my life I to have 3-4 sinus infections per year. Each one lasted 4-12 weeks. So some years I pretty much always had a sinus infection. Getting my seasonal allergies under control has been life-changing, to say the least.  The first step was to get the Pneumovax vaccination.  This keeps my stuffed up nose from letting the bacteria lead to infections. I literally have not had a full-blown sinus infection since getting this. It's been amazing. I follow this up with a strict daily routine of medicines. An inhaler nightly for my asthma that gets triggered by seasonal allergies, as well as a prescription that helps allergies and asthma. Plus an over-the-counter med twice daily.

Now to the All Natural Helpnatural allergy relief

I keep my house free of anything that smells too strongly. There are also natural essential oils I can use to help alleviate symptoms. Lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, peppermint, and lemon oils can all help my symptoms.  I try to sweeten everything I can with local honey. Local honey introduces local allergens into your system in such a way that your body can learn and recognize them and fight them more efficiently, naturally.

Making Little Changes

natural allergy relief

While I'm more allergic to dogs than cats, I'm still allergic enough that my doctor suggested minimizing contact. I will not get rid of my furry family members but I can make sure they don't sleep on my bed when I do. I also am sure to wash my linens regularly and anything they come in contact with.  Luckily I can still snuggle up with them and give them love regularly, so long as I wash up after.

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I also noticed my older kids exhibiting symptoms of seasonal allergies. So I make it a regular routine to give them an allergy medicine at the start of each day. This keeps my oldest from feeling lousy at school and my younger one more amenable at home. It's easy to apply essential oils to their feet at the start or end of each day. The lavender even helps them sleep better too! Added bonus!

Forget It

natural allergy relief

I try my best to keep up with the dust and make sure there is no mildew in the shower curtains. I cannot catch everything, however. There are so many microscopic particles floating around all the time. So this Sharp Air Purifier has been heaven sent. It's an easy and natural allergy relief.  What's awesome is that I can set it up, run it, and forget about it. And it's just there, always cleaning the air in my house. It only covers an area of a few hundred square feet but I typically spend large portions of the day in the same area of the house. It's so lightweight I can easily move it to my bedroom at night and down to the living areas during the day.

natural allergy relief

It features a True HEPA filter and an Activated Charcoal filter for odors that both last 5 years with continuous use. It has 5 fan speeds or an auto setting. This purifier can detect if there is an excess or dust or odor int he air and automatically increase the fan speed to get rid of it. Once it does, it slows back down to a lower speed. The quick clean feature will run a set program to eliminate dust and smells in an area in as little as 15 minutes. It was great for when I first set it up. I could tell the difference almost right away. It was incredible. I have noticed a dramatic decrease in my symptoms since running this Sharp Air Purifier.

The Best Quality of Life

natural allergy relief

Now, as the seasons change, I cannot completely control my seasonal allergies. My body will always play catch up to the changing stimuli. However, with these changes, routines, natural allergy relief, and an awesome air purifier from Sharp, my life has improved greatly. An occasional sniffle is nothing compared to endless sinus infections. The more important thing to remember is to take charge of your health and demand what works for you and your lifestyle. There's nothing better than being able to breathe a lungful of fresh air! In the meantime, keep those tissues close and figure out best to incorporate these changes in your own life.

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15 thoughts on “Tips for Natural Allergy Relief”

  1. First, I was surprised that the Pneumovax vaccination helped allergies! Where have I been that I never heard this? I also use essential oils, and the Eucalyptus one is most helpful to me. But the Air Purifier! Time to bring in the tech and hope it helps. Thanks for the info!!!

  2. Filters that last up to TWO years....that sold me. I've avoided getting one because I figured it would be another thing I had to keep track of....but if it's only every couple of years, I can send myself a reminder and I can live with that.

  3. We have bought so many air filter systems for my allergies. Each says they are the best; so far, we've really seen no difference as far as my allergies. I wish.

  4. Very helpful tips for a family like mine that has a long list of allergies. We've found that using the air filter works wonders. We also have a professional carpet cleaner come clean the carpets once every 3 months or so. That helps rid our home of allergens too!

  5. We have allergy issues in our household and just purchased this air filter. What a difference it makes! It has really helped to lessen the negative symptoms of allergies.

  6. I am lucky don't have allergys but the rest of my family does. My sister knows that certain things sets her off but she never remembers till it is to late. Sharing this link with her maybe she will get better at remember things to do

  7. I have allergies year round, even in the cold winter weather! We run air purifiers throughout the year 24/7 365! I clean/dust 2x per week. I make sure to do a saline nasal rinse (neti pot) daily when my allergies are really bad.

  8. I'm very sensitive to many things, that house cleaning is hard. I hate wearing a mask and covering my hair, but when I don't, I really pay for it for days. I was just doing cleaning today, and have been sneezing and feeling woozy now. I love essential oils and lemon and lavender are so nice, I've tried them at samples at Whole Foods. I bought some tangerine essential oil and love the fragrance. A whiff can put me in a good mood!


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