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Tips for Using Personalized Prints in Home Decorating

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6 Tips for Using Personalized Prints in Home Decorating

Your home interior says a lot about who you are. And if you want to use the storytelling power of photography to showcase your family life, a display of personalized prints is the perfect choice. But if you’re taking your first steps in custom photo decor, you might need a few pointers.

personalized prints

Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post but as always all opinions are 100% our own.

To help you out, we’ve asked the printing experts at BestCanvas.ca for their advice about decorating with personal photos. They’ve shared some great tips that should be invaluable when you’re updating your interior design (and best of all, you’ll find some great shopping discounts at the end!)

#1 Find the Right Hanging Position

These days personalized prints are available in a range of formats and designs, and you can hang them almost anywhere – so it’s worth spending some time choosing the perfect position. Think about the wall itself first – the prints should stand out against the background, so nothing works better here than a smooth, one-color wall.

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One easy but effective way to create the ambiance and style you want to exude in your home is to use the storytelling power of photography like in a display of personalized prints.

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Secondly, think about the ambience you want to achieve in the room – will it be a quiet part of your home reserved for family life, or an entertaining space where you’ll be welcoming guests on the regular? This will help you choose the photos that will work best.

#2 Select Photos with the Same Theme

Sticking to a theme is key to any stylish wall art display. A failsafe choice is hanging several photos shot in the same style – for example, family portraits, panoramic photos of the great outdoors, or wedding pictures.

personalized prints
Patterned blanket on wooden bed in grey bedroom interior with plants and posters. Real photo

The good news is, you don’t need to pay for a professional photoshoot to get a set of cohesive images. These days we’ve all got a rich source of images – our phones and other devices – so why not take some time to browse through your digital storage and find the perfect photos?

#3 Think About the Color Palette

Color choice can make or break a wall art composition – so combining the right shades is essential. That said, you can feel free to include a couple of contrasting elements if you’re good with colors. And don’t forget that your choice of photo frames is important too. The printing specialists at BestCanvas.ca advise choosing classic frames in neutral colors that can harmonize easily with any interior – black, white or wood finishes are always safe choices.

#4 Combine Different Types of Print

Unless you’re aiming for a very traditional look, don’t be afraid to get prints on a range of different materials (e.g. canvas, metal, traditional framed photos…) According to BestCanvas.ca, the key to a bold yet balanced look is the right composition: your wall art display should have several anchor points that draw the viewer’s eye and serve as a foundation for the whole display. The anchor points all need to have a unique identity, so combining different print mediums is an effective way to achieve this. For example, a large framed picture and a handful of substantial canvas prints.

personalized prints

#5 Combine Wall Art with Other Decor Elements

A wall art display should be a focal point of the room – but it shouldn’t feel like a separate gallery exhibit with no real link to the rest of the decor. To avoid this you can add a few extra elements that will create a thematic/colorway link between your personalized prints and the room as a whole. Custom home accessories can be effective for this purpose – even a single photo cushion or photo blanket is enough to bring things together.

#6 Choose a Reliable Provider

Finding a respected printing company isn’t always easy – especially if you’re on a tight budget. But there are some great providers out there. One of our go-tos for wallet-friendly printing is BestCanvas.ca – a dependable discount service offering a wide range of personalized prints and lifestyle accessories.

For an example of how affordable their products are, the entry price for canvas prints is just C$ 7.30, while for poster prints it’s no more than C$ 6.00! As for the quality of their products, check out the review we published a couple of years ago to get an idea of how highly we rate them.

personalized prints

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Feeling ready to put our tips into practice? As you can see, updating your interior design doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive – because at respected budget stores like BestCanvas.ca, you can find top-quality personalized prints for discount prices. And now you can save even more with this special shopping deal:    

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And that’s not all – BestCanvas.ca are also offering you the chance to win a unique C$ 100 gift code that you can spend on the products of your choice. Enter the draw and get ready to transform your home decor!

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45 thoughts on “Tips for Using Personalized Prints in Home Decorating”

  1. A cohesive theme changes your photos from snapshots to art. (Especially if you include some landscape pics without people! - my tip)

  2. I love creating a theme with my pictures or have it to go with my deco in my room love all the tips on all to use your prints

  3. Personalized prints are great for home decorating because they are a time capsule of your life. When I was a kid we had family pictures on the wall from the time I was a baby until I was an adult . There is a nostalgia to seeing those old photos every day.

  4. This looks like a great company to order unique personalized prints from. Their canvas and metal prints would be wonderful to decorate with. I have some family photos that I would love to see in these unique formats.

  5. I like the idea of sticking to the same theme. I struggle putting up family pictures but sticking to a theme makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the post. Great learnings have come out of it for me!

  6. Ive learned that photo placement is very important and can really make a room pop. Also I love the idea of having a theme vs just hodge podgy. Some really great tips, thanks for posting them 🙂

  7. I love the idea of combining different types of print! It's something you don't think of doing often but can make a wall really stand out

  8. Hanging photos with the same theme is a great idea. You can have several mini galleries within your home

  9. I have a gallery wall. This article made me realize why I'm not in love with it. Thank you for all of these tips. I'm going to look at themes and colour palette to make it more cohesive.

  10. I like the idea of matching the colours in your photos to the colours in your decor. I never thought about that before.

  11. I hope to take your great ideas and someday create a mini art gallery with all the family photos I have collected over the years.Thank you for sharing.

  12. This is a lot of great ideals and suggestions. I don't have any family pictures on my walls. But I do have a phone full of them. I am going to share this with family because they have a lot of pictures of their kids. I buy a canvas ever year for my great niece's birthday and she loves picking out the spot for it.

  13. I love the idea of sticking to one theme I have never been able to do that not sure why my walls look crazy going to restart again today…

  14. Very helpful ideas to consider. It made me realize that thinking about color background and grouping by theme van really change the feel and presentation.

  15. These are great tips, thanks for sharing! I absolutely love the idea of getting pictures on canvas, I bet they look so pretty in person.

  16. I love the new face mask they make so cute. I like the wall poster so my daughter could change it out when she wants to and it is a great price.

  17. Sticking to the same theme, pretty sure I could decorate the whole house with perfect pictures from the thousands taken of the family pets. lol

  18. This was really interesting to read and I like the tip to stick to a theme when hanging pictures that is a great idea and I am going to try it.

  19. Hanging them up in the right spot is very important it took me learning the hardway that pictures should be hung at eye level. I used to hang them up so high.

  20. I love the photo blankets and pillows. So many family members would love them. I know my youngest would like the photo puzzles.


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