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The Peanuts Movie Snacks for Halloween & More

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It’s The Peanuts Movie Snacks for Halloween & More #peanutsmovie

We’re celebrating the Peanuts Movie & Halloween!

There’s also The Peanuts Movie Sweepstakes! Read on to find out more!

Peanuts Movie Snacks and Drinks PBM

That’s right the Peanuts Movie is going to be released on Friday November 6th, 2015! So to celebrate and have some fun we’ve come up with a few fun themed snacks like a Snoopy Shake and some Peanuts Popcorn! I bet there are going to be a few Charlie Brown and other Peanuts character costumes this year, it’s so fun to see this beloved classic entertaining a new generation.


Safeway stores in the US also released on October 14th some adorable Peanuts themed trick or treat bags! We were able to snag one so we could show it all to you! I think whether you’re trick or treating or not this year you could have lots of Halloween fun with Snoopy, Charlie Brown and gang with some fun themed snacks, crafts and more.

How cute is the Peanuts themed Crunch chocolate bar? I love it and it would be good on our Peanuts Popcorn too!

Peanuts crunch

My daughter feels she’s too old for trick or treating (although I say hey why not have fun) so we’re having celebrating Halloween and the Peanuts Movie with food of course. We do love our food and we had a lot of fun and our taste buds did too coming up with these snacks.

Snoopy’s Red Baron  Shake

Let’s start with Snoopy’s Red Baron Shake! Naturally we thought of Snoopy’s red dog house and him sitting on top of it as he battled his enemy the Red Baron. So we had to go with a red milkshake, yes red velvet milkshake but with a few additions so it’s now our Snoopy’s Red Baron Shake!

Snoopy Red Baron Shake PBM

GO HERE for Snoopy’s Red Baron Shake Recipe. This is so good and incredibly easy to make as it only has three ingredients plus the whip cream! We of course had to top it with dark chocolate shavings but it’s so yummy and it still reminds us of Snoopy sitting on top of his red dog house.

The Peanuts Movie Popcorn

What goes with a movie, why popcorn of course, in fact we can’t seem to watch a movie without popcorn. We did a few fun things with our popcorn and don’t worry if you have anyone with peanut allergies you don’t have to have peanuts in the popcorn if you don’t want to!

Peanuts popcorn done

So we did a Peanuts popcorn with chocolate specifically a Baby Ruth Chocolate bar. We just chopped it up and put it in the popcorn. It’s so good, especially when the popcorn is hot and the chocolate and caramel melts a bit oh boy it’s ooey gooey delicious! While the Baby Ruth chocolate bar has peanuts in it if you have someone with nut allergies just add what chocolate bars you want, for example that Crunch bar we picture earlier would work well.

Here’s a close up of our Peanuts Popcorn, imagine that chocolate and caramel melted a bit, yum!

peanuts popcorn close up

We also decorated the  popcorn boxes with Charlie Brown and gang stickers and we did one box with a Charlie Brown patterned shirt. That was easy all you have to do is use yellow paper and either draw with a black marker the pattern or cut it out of black paper.

We had just as much fun eating the popcorn as we did making these.

The Great Pumpkin Spice Mocha

Now in my opinion we grown-ups should have our own special snack too although this could be adjusted for kids (sshh don’t tell them that) and I love my mochas. So I thought hmm Charlie Brown, Halloween we have to have THE Great Pumpkin Spice Mocha. What better way to celebrate the movie, have something warm and delicious for Halloween too! If we have to make it for the kids too I would switch out the coffee for hot chocolate.

Pumpkin Spice Mocha PBM

This drink was of course my favorite of all the snacks because you know, pumpkin, chocolate and coffee and let’s not forget that whip cream! Did you notice I’ve also made one with regular whip cream and one with chocolate whip cream? Oh yes I did and then I had to go and make the one below with chocolate drizzle on top too!

pumpkin spice mocha chocolate drizzle 2

You can GO HERE for The Great Pumpkin Mocha Recipe. If you don’t have some of the ingredients you can get them at Safeway like the Spice Island Cinnamon sticks that I picked up from Safeway.

There’s also a fun Peanuts Movie sweepstakes which ends on October 31, 2015! You can enter for a chance to win a trip to Snoopy’s home in California or a Peanuts Movie Themed Xbox Console and Game by Activision! If you want to enter GO HERE.

We’re all set with our yummy drinks and snacks to have fun with Halloween and celebrate The Peanuts Movie. If you want to try any of these delicious snacks remember you can pick up your ingredients at Safeway!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Safeway. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I am a lifelong fan of Charles Schulz! I have been collecting all of the different character wrappers of the characters on the Nestle Crunch miniature bars. Needless to say I am very excited about the upcoming Peanuts movie. Thank you for the delicious looking recipes. I will have to try them all! Maybe while watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?

  2. How much fun was that!!! I especially love the Snoopy’s Red Baron Shake. I think we will have to come up with a themed movie watching party ourselves.

  3. yun! this make me want to have a movie /party peanuts family gather at my home 🙂 love what you did with the popcorn, nice idea on that and also those drinks sound very tasty 🙂

  4. hi, we are going to take our 5 yr old granddaughter to the movie in november, it looks adorable. thanks as well for the delicious recipes!

  5. The Great Pumpkin Spice Mocha sounds actually really good… and I can’t stand all the pumpkin flavored gimmicky things for sale!

  6. I haven’t had a baby ruth in quite a long time….don’t know why, they are delicious. i’m going to buy one now just to add to my popcorn.

  7. I can’t wait to see this movie with my grandchildren. The popcorn and candy you selected looks great. Thank you for sharing and have a safe Halloween

  8. SO happy the Peanuts Gang are back! Looking forward to this movie…and trying out some of these snack ideas too! Thanks!

  9. The Peanuts Movie is going to be released on Friday November 6th, which is one of my friend’s birthday. I would LOVE to share with her the “special” popcorn & hopefully, she’ll want to see this movie with me. I will still see it with my grandkids. Snoopy’s Red Baron Shake looks & sounds delicious!! I had to share it with my FB friends! It’s been a L-O-N-G time since I had a Baby Ruth candy bar! I am getting really hungry now for something sweet 🙂

  10. We are excited about seeing the Peanuts Movie as a family. These are some great suggestions for movie night. My family will love this. Thank you for sharing


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