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The Best Summer Bedding Year Round

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The Best Summer Bedding Year Round

How can that be, you ask? Well, for me, PeachSkinSheets is the answer. I love their smart fabric that keeps me cool all summer with light breathable fabric, but also let’s me keep the light summer vibes in bedroom while keeping me warm in the winter. I’ll explain why I this is the best summer bedding around. 

Best Summer Bedding

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Bright and Airy Summer Colors

I tend to gravitate toward the darker colors when it comes to my fashion and decorating tastes. But there is something just so nice and refreshing about Beach Blue or Vanilla Bean when I slip into bed. There are actual scientific studies that show that white sheets can help you sleep better! Crazy, huh? And what is even better, is that there are a TON of color options. There is something for everyone. 

Best Summer Bedding

For Father’s Day PeachSkinSheets even has this AMAZING “Gift and Ship” option. This allows you to choose some bedding you want to gift and the recipient can accept that gift, or exchange it for the correct size or different color! It’s so simple. 

Sleep Cool or Warm

The 21st century fabric that PeachSkinSheets are made of helps warm sleepers stay cool, and cool sleepers stay cozy. It is also considered the best bedding for night sweats, which i can personally testify to. It is so soft, light, and airy that I never overheat in the summer, yet in the winter I find them warm and cozy for sure. I’m not sure what kind of wizardry that is, but I love it!

Best Summer Bedding

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You'll love the smart fabric that keeps you cool all summer. Let us explain why we this is the best summer bedding around. 

Durable Without Breaking It In

Let’s face it. Some of us do not always follow the instructions when doing laundry. Even when it comes to bedding. Luckily, these sheets hold up to just about anything. They are strong and durable, I have never had a split seam, tear, rip, or any other indication of them falling apart. And this is after multiple washes, sometimes in hot, sometimes in cold, sometimes thrown in with my towels too. The color never fades, and it is even stain resistant! My towels don’t bleed their colors onto my sheets! Plus, they are ready to go right out of the package.

Best Summer Bedding

You don’t have to wash these sheets over and over to get that 1500 thread count level of softness. And I never have an issue with those little pills or pulls or roly poly balls on this bedding. They do not shrink in the washer or dryer either. Plus I only have to pop them in my dryer for about 20 minutes to get them fully dry thanks to their moisture-wicking properties. 

Treat Yourself to Cozy Sheets and a Fun Treat with this Oreo Cheesecake Jar Dessert

oreo cheesecake in a jar

Stop Fighting Your Sheets

Best Summer Bedding

These fitted sheets are my favorite. They easily fit over all four corners of my huge and thick king mattress with plenty left over. The flat sheet doesn’t seem quite wide enough, but I rarely use that anyway, especially in the summer. With my matching PeachSkinSheets duvet cover I use that year-round. The duvet cover fits great and is easy to tie into place. I have never had an issue with it coming untied or shifting weirdly in the cover. And that is with my kids constantly playing, jumping, and wrestling on my bed! And if I find wrinkles, all I have to do is pop them in the dryer for a short bit and the wrinkle-release technology has them smooth as butter again. 

Best Summer Bedding for Allergies

Best Summer Bedding

My allergies are year-round. I’m not seriously allergic to anything, but I’m mildly allergic to everything. This bedding is not only totally hypoallergenic but also microbial. This means that the fibers do not trap or hold onto hairs, dust, dander, or pollen that aggravates allergies. With three cats is ti SO nice to not have to worry about piles of shed cat hair accumulating on my bed. 

PeachSkinSheets for the Summer Win

best summer bedding

Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying a gift for a recent grad (can we say best dorm-room sheets?) or dad (Don’t worry if you don’t know his preferences with the “Gift and Ship” option) you can always count on these bedding sets to keep you pampered. PeachSkin soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial, PeachSkinSheets cannot be beat. 



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14 thoughts on “The Best Summer Bedding Year Round”

  1. I can see that the cats love them! Cute cats always get my attention. Anyway, I ordered swatches because I want to get these sheets! I need sheets that can keep me cool in the summer and it’s hard to pick a color with so many gorgeous shades!

  2. I have heard of PeachSkin sheets many times over the past year.
    I have seen their quality is top notch!
    I really need to try them out!

  3. This sounds like wonderful bedding. I love that they are soft, durable, and cooling especially during the summer months. I also love their nice variety of colors.

  4. What gorgeous sheets! I never realized that the color could impact sleep- thats something I’m going to have to consider when I finally get around to refreshing my bedding. I also like that it keeps you comfortable- my husband is a furnace and I’m usually chilly. Its amazing how a great set of sheets can make an impact on a good nights sleep for everyone.

  5. I like the smooth feeling comments – I hate sheets that pill and ones that fade in color are the worst!!! I sleep next to a hot body so coolness is really nice!!! Thanks for the giveaway and all the information!!

  6. Our A/C doesn’t reach our bedroom well, and I have been sweating almost every night when I sleep now that it is the summer here in Florida. It is hot and uncomfortable. I love that these sheets are breathable and temperature controlled. I could really use them. I also love that they are extra soft and come in a variety of colors. I could pick several colors that would match the decor in each of my bedrooms in my home.

  7. I love that PeachSkinSheets are so soft yet very breathable! They come in so many pretty colors too, there is definitely something to match any bedding you may have. I am in love with the Red Velvet color, I have never had red bedding before, but the color is so pretty and inviting!

  8. I agree….Peachskin Sheets are wonderful! Very comfortable. I use them and I love to gift them to friends to get them hooked too! 😀

  9. It is nice to find sheets that are comfortable in both winter and summer months. I like the idea that they do not hold cat hair since we always have cats on the bed.

  10. I love that these are so breathable. Great they will keep you cool in the warmer months. Great color selection too


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