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The Best Family Vacation Destinations That Won't Break the Bank

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The Best Family Vacation Destinations That Won't Break the Bank in the United States

If you're looking for the best family vacation destinations in the U.S. that won't bust your budget, you'll love all these amazing and easily doable options! Summer travel has never been more affordable and easy to do!best family vacation destinations

Grand Canyon

When it comes to finding the best family vacations on a budget, there are actually more options out there than people realize. So many times when the vacation thought enters the brain, parents and adults tend to think of faraway places that are often unaffordable. This year, think about looking and researching in a smaller radius. While it's possible to find trips that are affordable, you might be surprised at all the vacation destinations that are literally waiting to be explored right out your back door!

Family-Friendly Vacation Destinations That Won't Break the Bank

When it comes to thinking of family vacation ideas, involve the entire family in the process to make certain that everyone is in on the planning!

What is the best vacation spot in the US?

Technically speaking, Yellowstone National Park is the #1 spot for vacationers in the United States. However, it ultimately all depends on what you and your family are looking for in a vacation. Having everyone write down activities or hopes of what they are wanting to see and do on the vacation can be helpful in trying to narrow it down to what is going to also be affordable as well.best family vacation destinations

Yellowstone Morning Glory Hot Spring Upper Geyser Basin

What is the cheapest state to vacation in?

The beautiful state of Texas comes in at the top of the list for the most affordable states to vacation in. And it makes sense! Everything is bigger and better in Texas, right?! With so much natural beauty and great cities to explore, it's possible for a family-friendly vacation to be easily affordable.

What is the cheapest way to travel?

Nowadays, there are a lot of varying ways that a family can travel to where it's affordable. Using credit card discounts and points, booking through a travel agency for great discounts, or even being able to take a trip during the off-season are all great way to travel cheap. If you're looking at traveling during the summer months, packing your own food for the trip is a simple and easy way to save a ton of money as well!

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Now that you're thinking about ways that you can travel a bit cheaper, let's dive in and talk about a few options for how your family can vacation without breaking the bank!best family vacation destinations

Texas bluebonnet spring wildflower field at sunrise

Ideas for best family-friendly vacations on a budget

State and National Parks

Visiting the State and National Parks scattered all over the United States can be a super affordable way to have an amazing vacation. If you like the great outdoors and don't mind being out in nature, why not do the camping route during your travels? Pitching and staying in a tent can be as cheap as $10 per night which then saves you and your family a ton of money to spend on so many other things!

Plus, when you're taking the time to camp out at a State or National Park, it's almost like having a second vacation all on its own. During the day you and your family can be out exploring the surrounding towns and areas and then at night, everyone can snuggle up around the campfire to talk and wind down together.

Kansas City, Missouri

Who knew that smack dab in the middle of the Midwest, Kansas City, MO is waiting for you to arrive. Not only is it a city that's convenient and easy to get around in, but it's also really affordable as well. Hotel rooms can run you less than $100 per night and that leaves a lot of money left over to explore. Catch a Chiefs football game, a Royals baseball game, some shopping at the Plaza or even check out their local Zoo. You'll be amazed by all the amenities and activities that the city of Kansas City, MO has to offer at a very affordable price!best family vacation destinations

J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain, by Henri-Léon Gréber in Kansas City Missouri

The Grand Canyon

If you're looking for a view, it might not get any better than The Grand Canyon. And it's one of the most affordable adventures you can take as well. While it does cost $30 for a car pass, that's one of the only fees that you really have to worry about while you're there. Plus, you can experience the thrill of camping nearby making it a truly off-grid type family experience, too.

These are just a few of the best family vacation destinations to consider! There are seriously a ton of great options that need to be on your radar! Before deciding where you should go, always think about what your budget is going to be first. That way, you can narrow it down even more and save yourself time and sanity, too.

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Do you have any fun family vacation destinations that won't break the bank to share?

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13 thoughts on “The Best Family Vacation Destinations That Won't Break the Bank”

  1. Texas! I would have never guessed that was an affordable state to vacation in. It's driving distance, so I'll have to plan a trip soon.

  2. Great tips! My husband and I love traveling but it's going to be more expensive with kids. We will definitely be adding Texas to our list of places to go!

  3. I did not know that Texas was one of the most affordable states to visit. We are always looking for places for our family to travel

  4. Kansas City and Texas are both places I haven't been to yet. Texas is already on my list of places to go. I'll have to add Kansas city. These all look like great ideas.

  5. Places like Schweitzer, Lake Pend Oreille and Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho are some of our favorites because they are fun and affordable. Love Yellowstone but gets so crowded in the summer months.


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