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T-Fal Ingenio Roundup Review

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T-Fal Ingenio Roundup Review

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I got to try out these three awesome T-Fal Ingenio Products

T-Fal Ingenio

T-Fal is known for the quality of their kitchen products, and these do not disappoint. Easy to use and easy to clean, these are innovative in their simplicity.

T-Fal Ingenio Juicer

This was probably the least impressive of the three. I love the non-slip bottom of the big cup and that the juicing strainer fits into the handle so it does not spin. It's a little flimsy and I was afraid to apply too much pressure. That cups also do not have any sort of measurement markings on them, which could be useful. I did measure it out myself and the bigger cup holds around 4 cups of liquid and the lid/smaller cup holds half of that at 2 cups. The juicing strainer kind of sits into the smaller cup, but you have to press down on the tab to keep it from spinning, which is a little awkward. But it does the job of juicing well! It is super handy to have a pour spout and lid so you can use the juice right away or store it safely for later.

T-Fal Ingenio Manual Food Chopper

I was skeptical of this one at first. The two, straight, flat blades rotate freely on their axis. It sits on a knob in the bottom of the cup and the lid fits into the top to spin it. The lid is sturdy and fits snugly. You pull the handle on the lid like you are starting a lawnmower, which is pretty darn fun. It makes quick work of your standard fruits and veggies. I love making my own coarsely chopped salsa! The 2 cup sized cup is enough for any fresh-made dish. I was pretty impressed!

T-Fal Ingenio Grater

T-Fal Ingenio

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I was excited about this! My old grater is cracked and well worn and more trouble than it's worth. This T-Fal Ingenio grater proved how dull my old one was. I love that you can grate in both directions with it! It takes a bit of pressure to get the bottom off to separate the sections for switching and/or cleaning, but it wasn't too bad. I love that I can grate into the catch at the bottom or directly onto my food, as I prefer one option over the other at times. The metal is thin and lightweight but seems pretty sturdy so far. It's easy to hold and the slight texture on of the outside gives it a good grip.  I'm loving it for my fresh parmesan for my pasta!

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By on January 7th, 2018

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6 thoughts on “T-Fal Ingenio Roundup Review”

  1. Oh I love the citrus juicer. I had been looking online at my usual places to shop, and didn't see one, as I broke my old time favorite I had gotten from my mom. I want this one!!! Yea!

  2. What seriously awesome kitchen items to have!! We love Tfal and totaly think quality when we hear the name!! I mistakenly went cheap with some kitchen things and I hate them!! Like my grater is a nightmare lol!

  3. I use alot of T-Fal products at my house. They are great. Thank you so much for sharing this great juicer. God Bless

  4. I really have always loved TFal products. For us, they have always lasted a long time and worked so well. They really do the job. I am loving the nice colors.


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