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Tasty Superfoods for Every Day Consumption

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Tasty Superfoods for Every Day Consumption

Staying Healthy never tasted so good.

We have all heard the term "superfoods" as a buzzword but in some instances, it is really quite accurate. I already love Superior Source Supplements and Vitamins so I was super excited to try out their latest new product, Organic Beetroot + Apple Cider Vinegar Powder. And so far I am loving the benefits of these tasty superfoods in an easy-to-use fine-grain powder form.

Tasty Superfoods

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Tasty Superfoods Pack with Nutritional Benefits

Tasty Superfoods

What I love is that what you see on the label is exactly what you get. Nothing more, no less. There are only two ingredients. Organic Beetroot and Organic Apple Cider are both in powder form. That is it! There are no sweeteners hiding in it. It has only 20 calories per serving and it is totally vegan.

Do You Get Enough Veggies?

Tasty Superfoods

I know I do not. For sure. And honestly, I don't like beets that much. I will eat them if I have to, but I never choose to. However, I know that they are very healthy and beneficial. And while I am able to take apple cider vinegar by the shot, my stomach doesn't appreciate the extra acid and I usually feel it after. And while I don't mind it, a lot of people strongly dislike the flavor of it.

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You'll love the benefits of these tasty superfoods in an easy-to-use fine-grain powder form for your favorite drink or baking!

All in One Nutrition

Tasty Superfoods

I learned that this powder can increase stamina and energy, support the immune system, detox your system, and even help with weight loss! It is a natural Oxide Booster that helps reduce blood pressure and can help with better circulation. This is great for me as I tend to have terrible circulation in my hands and feet. Apple Cider Vinegar helps push fats through your system so they are not absorbed. It helps to promote healthy digestion and helps to lower your blood sugar levels. As borderline pre-diabetic, this is wonderful news for me.

How to Use It

On its own, it is a beautiful bright beet red and can be mixed right into a glass of water. You just need a single tablespoon in about 6-8 ounces of water. It mixes perfectly. The fine-grain powder dissolves into time at all into liquid.  However, my favorite way to drink it is in orange juice. I could add it to almost anything, and I even tried it in tea, but orange juice is my favorite.

Tasty Superfoods

You can also add a tablespoon of it to any baking you might do! This is a great way to not only add a splash of natural gorgeous color without dyes, but it adds all the nutritional benefits as well! I'm looking forward to trying it in homemade bread. I love adding it to my smoothies that I make with SSV's KETO Collagen mix!

How Does it Taste?

Tasty Superfoods

Without any sweeteners, it has an earthy taste that I didn't mind, but some might not like. It is slightly sweet on its own as beets naturally have a lot of sugars. In my juice, I could not taste any difference. It just tasted like orange juice. It does change the color though! And in my tea, I did taste it slightly, but it can be difficult to detect in earthier tasting teas. It all comes down to preference. If you don't mind a slightly sweet earthy flavor, it is quick and easy to down a glass for the nutritional benefits alone. If you want to avoid that flavor, just try it in something you normally drink!

Combined Nutritional Health Support

Tasty Superfoods

This Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) powder is a great addition to my usual supplement routine. A routine that takes no time at all with Microlingual® tablets that dissolve under my tongue and enter my bloodstream instead of losing potency in my stomach. I'm staying active, energized, and healthy with Vitamin D3, Zinc Plus, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B-12.

Tasty Superfoods

PLUS, right now, did you know that you can get an extra $5 off of their new Organic Beetroot + Apple Cider Vinegar Powder on Amazon? Yup, and it is definitely worth a try, especially as these supplements are quite affordable to start with; another reason I love them.

By on November 13th, 2021

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8 thoughts on “Tasty Superfoods for Every Day Consumption”

  1. These super-foods sound like they have many great health benefits. I love that they help with energy and weight loss. I also love that it has no added sugar and comes in a fine powder. I would love to try this product.

  2. Organic is the key. Getting your family healthy you can use this product in smoothies without them knowing it. Beet at one of the highest vitamins with Huckleberry number one.

  3. I take both apple cider vinegar and beet powder, but have never seen them together. I am really interested in this product. I also love the benefits of MCT oil. I also take collagen, so I am excited that this is a combined product. I am excited to try the chocolate flavor.


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