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Stay Fortified and Healthy This Fall

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Stay Fortified and Healthy This Fall

With viruses circulating like wildfire and flu season looming on the horizon, it is important to me to stay healthy and take my vitamins – particularly ones that support immune health and clarity of mind. I try to stay fortified and healthy this fall with Microlingual® tablets from Superior Source. They are easy to take and I know that they work.

Stay Fortified

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Fall Changes

Stay Fortified

Everything changes in the fall time, doesn’t it? Weather patterns, leaves, the amount of daylight we get… And with colder temps and warm and cozy indoor spaces becoming more crowded, I like to boost my immune system as much as possible. My poor body needs all the help it can get! So as soon as I feel fall in the air, I change up my supplement routine. Not by much, but enough to help my body flow with the changing seasons.

No Shot B-12

One of the best things I do is up my B-vitamin intake. The No Shot B-12 is perfect because it combines 1000 mcg of B-12 with B-6, Folic Acid, and vitamin D as well. It’s like the supplement super punch. with traditional supplements, I can lose up to 50% of the vitamin’s potency in my stomach acid. These dissolve under my tongue, delivering the full dosage right into my bloodstream for my body to use effectively. This combo helps to support my heart, bones (including teeth!), and muscles. Did you know that your oral hygiene can affect your entire overall health? It’s true!

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Less Sun Equals Less Vitamin D

Our bodies can produce vitamin D if we get enough sunlight. That can be hard when our days are shorter and the weather becomes less cooperative for a nice day at the park. So I make sure my vitamin D levels stay optimized with the extra strength D3. One tiny Microlingual® tablet dissolves under my tongue and delivers 5,000 IU of vitamin D to my system. I actually double these up and take one every morning and another one every night! It’s great for my bones, helping calcium do its job, and helps improve my overall mood to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

Zinc Will Help Me Stay Fortified

Stay Fortified

Zinc is essential to over 300 different enzymes within our bodies. Crazy huh? Studies have also shown that zinc can help speed up and promote recovery from the common cold and related symptoms. And while I have the tendency to succumb to every germ my kids bring home from school, a daily dose of zinc does seem to shorten the amount of time I suffer. It also adds another boost of D3 which never hurts!

Isn’t Folic Acid for Pregnant Ladies?

stay fortified

Yes, it is! That is because when our bodies are growing another tiny human they need folic acid to promote the production and maintenance of new cells and support nervous system health, energy metabolism, and healthy heart function. And more often than not, we don’t get enough of it in our daily lives! I only just learned how vital this supplement is, and why we should continue to take it all the time. Plus, I love that it helps me with my mental clarity and focus, especially during those crazy school days when the kids have homework and a gazillion after-school activities. 

Keeping Everyone Strong and Healthy

Sure, they say that these Echinacea & Zinc Lozenjets are for children, but I love them too. I can give my child one before they head out to the bus stop knowing that they are better protected from all the germs floating around at school. That also means they’ll be less likely to bring them home to me! Then I can take one of my own just to give my own immune system a bit of an extra boost. With all this zinc, I can take on all the changes fall brings. And the echinacea helps promote healing and immune system support.

In Addition

stay fortified

I add these in addition to my regular routine of Superior Source supplements. I have my usual vitamins and minerals in Microlingual®form auto shipped to me every two months so I never forget them. This is why I do not mind writing about them quite often, they are great! You can find your own at iHerb, Lucky Vitamins & Amazon. The prices are always reasonable and I know I’ll always get them on time.  

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  2. I learned that folic acid helps with memory and is not just for the pregnant! I’ve used Superior Source vitamins before and they are wonderful!

  3. I had no idea that stomach acid diminishes the amount of items that your body absorbs. I also learned that sublingual vitamins are better absorbed rather than regular pills that you swallow.

  4. “can lose up to 50% of the vitamin’s potency in my stomach acid”

    This would never have crossed my mind, I want to know why doctors give you pill. I like that they melt in your mouth.


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