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Stars the Force Awakens on Netflix

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Stars the Force Awakens on Netflix – July 15!


My family and I are HUGE Star Wars fans, we love the movies and while we do see them when they’re in theatres we also enjoy watching them at home. We introduced the earlier series to our daughter, you know the ones we grew up with, the Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars movie she has ever seen in theatres, she loved it. That’s why she was so excited that now she can re-watch it on Netflix whenever she wants to as of July 15, 2016!


With the Clone Wars and The Force Awakens now on Netflix, families can bond over a beloved franchise that parents grew up with and kids will love.

Now who is ready for some Star Wars entertainment from the comfort of your home? I know we’re getting the popcorn ready and my hubby and daughter were already all caught up on the Clone Wars series. We do love our family movie night and this will be the next one on our list as soon as it’s available on July 15th! Enjoy everyone and ahem May the Force be with you!

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