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Sous Vide Results with an All-in-One Multicooker

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Sous Vide Results with an All-in-One Multicooker

Finally a machine that really does do it all!

I thought I was happy with my pressure cooker. I use it quite often to cook big batches of chicken for meals, or stews and soups during the cold months. Then I got the ChefeWave Multicooker. This thing not only does everything my pressure cooker does like slow cooking, baking, and using high pressure and heat, but it also steams and uses that steam to get sous vide results. 

Sous Vide Results

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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So Much Easier

Sous Vide Results
The steam bar ensures even cooking

I’ve always wanted to try sous vide-style cooking, but it always seemed so complicated! I would have to have the bags to put everything in, a vacuum sealer to close those, and then a special device that keeps the water at the perfect temperature and moving that costs hundreds of dollars. No thank you. All I have to do with this multicooker is fill the water tank, put my food in the 4-quart non-stick pot, and get it going. 

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This multicooker slow cooks, bakes, uses high pressure and heat, but it also uses that steam to get sous vide results. 

SO Much Safer!

Sous Vide Results

I do love my pressure cooker. But it’s always a dance to get the lid off or do a quick release of the pressure without the scalding hot steam burning me or ruining my cabinets. And I always dread to think if one of the kids saw the pressure release and thought, “What’s that? I should turn it!” and get burned really badly.

Sous Vide Results

With the ChefeWave, everything is secured. You cannot even release the pot from the stand until it is plugged in. Then you have to compress buttons to release the lid. And with it securely in the stand while it’s cooking, it is so much safer than my pressure cooker. I have friends that have not tried a pressure cooker for this very reason! They’re scared the pressure will blow the lid off or the steam will burn them. This hand kitchen appliance puts all those fears at ease. 


I love the 4-quart pot this multicooker comes with. One of the biggest reasons why is if I have leftovers, I have no need to dirty up any more storage containers. I just pop the lid back on the pot, where it locks in place, and pop it in the fridge. It also looks so nice I can use it as a serving dish. It definitely does not look out of place among my mismatched serving dishes. 

Plus, with the cooker’s reheat function, I can then take the pot, put it back in the stand, and reheat it right away. No need for uneven reheating in the microwave. It’s great!

Sous Vide Results

You might have heard of sous vide cooking, as had I, but I had no idea why it was any better than any other method of cooking. I learned it is all about control and consistency. By being able to precisely control the temperature and time, combines with even all-around cooking, food is cooked much more consistently and evenly. You don’t lose any juices or volume and each bite is cooked the same. 

Sous Vide Results

So with this cooker, and it’s steam and heating technology, it is just like sous vide cooking, without all the hassle! Beautiful results for tasty food each time.

So Many Options

With the 13 one-touch programs, you can cook just about anything your heart desires in this thing. I can bake a cake, make a stew, perfectly steamed rice, or prepare a sous vide style meal. From chili to veggies, this machine can do it all. And with precise control. It is easy to use with a touchscreen LED panel, with one-touch programs, timers to set cooking times to coincide with your mealtimes, and smart voice alerts to keep you in the know. 

I thought the voice alerts would be kind of weird or creepy, but as I’ve used the ChefeWave, I’ve come to really appreciate them. I have started to not hear my regular timers because I’m so used to them. With an extra voice speaking up in the house, though, I pay attention! And I can keep track of where in the cooking process it is. It also helps the kids know how long until dinner is, without having to bug me every 5 minutes or so. 

Quality Assurance

Like I said above, I love the look of the machine. It is slightly smaller than my stand mixer so it takes up very little room. I can use the pot as a serving dish and it looks great! Plus the outside actually does stay cool, so I don’t need the potholders. The inside is easy-to-clean stainless steel with measuring marks embossed. It also comes with its own measuring cup, a rice paddle, steam rack, and everything you need to get started. The water tank is super easy to remove, fill, and replace and is BPA-free, which I love. It comes with a recipe book with dishes to try and I have a 1-year manufacturer warranty against any defects. 

Easy Cookin

Sous Vide Results

While this may not hold quite as much as my pressure cooker, I love the convenience, safety, and versatility of this multicooker. The use of heated steam cooking has truly produced some tasty meals! I might end up using the ChefeWave Multicooker far more than my regular pressure cooker. 

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  1. I was gifted a sous vid a few years back. Never used it as I wasn’t sure how. This looks much easier and straightforward.

  2. This is very surprising to me. Like you, I thought all sous-vide had to involve vacuum sealing the food. Who knew! Now I need to check this out, I’ve heard from other people how much better the meal can taste when prepared like this.


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