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Signature, Elegant Rings From A Blonde and Her Bag

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Elegant Rings You Can Wear Whenever

I love jewelry, as I think most girls do.  Even my 12 year old daughter likes to wear rings and necklaces, and accessorize her outfits.  I have one ring that I wear all the time, which is my wedding ring, but otherwise I like to change my rings up.  Sometimes I match color, sometimes I want a fancy ring on that I do not wear often.  Other times I try to match my clothes style.  A Blonde and Her Bag has elegant rings that are affordable and have a beautiful style of their own.  This lends well to certain outfits I have, as well as giving some extra umph of their own.Blonde,her,bag,rings

About A Blonde and Her Bag

The inspiration for A Blonde and Her Bag comes from the desire to have beautiful little things.  The creator makes her wire wrapped rings by hand and they are one-of-a-kind.  They are made with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones.  These elegant rings are delicate, easy to wear and very light.  They create a less is more style and are perfect for a lunch with girlfriends, or an evening out on the town.

I wish to bring women affordable elegance that is delicate, stylish, and one of a kind.

torrey ring in blue druzy, elegant rings

The Torrey Ring In Blue Druzy

This ring is available in your choice of wire, with a gold vermeil bezel set semi-precious gemstone.  Each stone many be a bit different because of the individual nature of them.  They measure about 8mm and sparkle beautifully, and are all unique.  Add that to the handmade wire ring, and you have a lovely ring to wear day or night.  The Torrey Ring is named after the designers sister, for her sense of style and fashion taste.

torrey ring,blue druzy

Mom’s Thoughts

This ring is spectacular and sparkly. I love blue and have a few sapphires in my jewelry box because it is my brother’s birthstone.  Since I have blue already I am always drawn to blue.  Hence I chose the Torrey Ring in Blue Druzy, and I love it.  It works so beautifully with the silver wire.  You can get sterling silver, silver over copper tarnish resistant, 14K gold filled, or gold over copper tarnish resistant, so I went with the sterling silver.  Most noteworthy is how nice the gold around the Blue Durzy, looks with the silver and blue.  That matches my wedding ring too, since my ring is white gold with gold near the diamond.  My ring fit great, and was so comfortable and light to wear.  torrey ring in moonstone

The Torrey Ring in Moonstone

Just like the Torrey Ring in Blue Druzy, this ring is handmade and uses semi-precious stones.  It is offered in sterling silver, silver over copper tarnish resistant, 14 K gold filled, and gold over copper tarnish resistant.  You can get rings sized from 4 to 14, including half sizes.  The moonstone is faceted, and very pretty.

moonstone Torrey ring

Mom’s Thoughts

I was really impressed with how many great semi-precious stone options A Blonde and Her Bag has to offer.  The struggle was real as I made my choice on my two favorite.  I rarely see Moonstones as an option, so I was excited to get one.  When you hold the stone up in the right light and look through it you can see a blue color inside the stone.  The silvery white color of the  Moonstone is very pretty, and with the gold wire it is elegant and adds a classy touch to my style.

torrey ring in chalchedony

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of my Torrey Rings from A Blonde and Her Bag.  They are elegant and beautiful, but affordable enough that I can have several without feeling guilty.  Most noteworthy is that they are one-of-a-kind because the stones are natural and the ring is handmade.

Which elegant rings from A Blonde and Her Bag do you love?

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