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Showmance – Netflix

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Showmance and what is that? Netflix


It’s the month for Valentine’s Day and I love to spend it with my hubby and daughter. We generally don’t go out on the 14th as everything busy and what’s the point of that? We enjoy spending some time together at home to get cozy on the couch. I do love me a good romantic comedy and while hubby will accommodate me we do try to include some streaming time that he likes too. I just had to share this infographic from Netflix and some interesting stats from Netflix where they asked some members how Netflix has impacted their romantic life.


The streaming service polled its millennial members to ask how Netflix has impacted their relationship process over the years. From finding that show compatibility is important (yes, a love for Making a Murderer could make or break a bond) to understanding the significance of deciding to share an account, the findings uncovered some interesting insights…


  • Dating Profiles 101. 53% have added TV shows or specific movie genres to their dating profile to attract a potential suitor, so it’s probably no coincidence that 77% of members discussed movies and TV shows to break the ice on a first date.
  • Showgoggles. It’s a thing. More than a quarter of respondents (56%) admit to finding someone more attractive based on the shows and movies they watched. According to our survey, the most attractive genre of shows and movies in a potential partner are action thrillers (56%), documentaries (53%) and dramas (53%).

Getting serious

  • A Modern Showmance. Show-compatibility is important in relationships. In fact, 42% have or would ask someone out based solely on show-compatibility, and 73% of members have actually agreed to go on a date because the person had similar tastes in show and movies.
  • Netflix Official. One in three of respondents feel that sharing their Netflix account is a big step toward a “serious” relationship.

In it for the long haul

  • Staying in is the New Date Night.  Six in ten (58%) respondents in a relationship say they prefer to stay in and watch Netflix for date night. Most (77%) say they watch Netflix together because they like spending time together without leaving the house, while seven in ten (68%)  say shows are more fun when watched together, and 58% enjoy having someone to talk with about the show – the ultimate bonding experience!
  • Showgotiation. When it comes to date night, most people (71%) say they negotiate with their spouse when deciding which shows to watch. Nearly half (47%) say that they use the “show for show” tactic. To avoid confrontation, choose one you both like! While romantic comedies are the top choice for couples to watch together (56%), action thrillers follow as a close second (54%).

What’s your idea of a showmance?

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