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Show Your Puppy Love This Holiday

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Buster Beds Are so Cozy, Dogs Cannot Get Enough of Them

Since I am the human in my relationship with my dogs, it is my responsibility to make sure they are comfy and cozy.  Dogs love unconditionally, and fully rely on their people to meet all their needs.  My goal is to do just that- to meet their every need.  I feed them and make sure there is always clean water. I take them to the vet, give them treats all the time, and give them toys.  Most importantly my dogs need good dog beds.  Kruuse developed Buster Beds and my dogs adore them.Buster beds,pet,cat,dog  

Buster Cocoon Bed

My eldest dog, Macey, is an 11-year-old Basset Hound that I rescued from the shelter.  I have had her six years, and she is a sweet, old girl.  Due to her age, I have been trying to find a good bed that was supportive and comfortable for her.  Many beds flatten out after time, and just do not support her body.  She has hip trouble and age on her, that makes moving hard, so her bed needs to be perfect.  She loves her new Buster Cocoon Bed and spends most of her day there.  When I took it out of the box I set it in the middle of the room to move her old, flat bed out, to make room for this bed.  Before I could blink, she was crawling in it and getting comfy.  I had to slide the bed with her in it, to the place against the wall I keep it.  It was love at first feel for Macey.Buster Cocoon bed

Why I Love It

Macey loves the bed because it feels good and is supportive.  I love the bed because it looks great in my living room, and is fashionable.  The premium material is durable and easy to clean.  I can just toss the pillow into the washer and dryer when I think it could use some freshening up.  Plus the Cocoon Bed is roomy and she can curl up, or spread out.  It also leaves room for the other pets.  Sometimes she shares with one of the other two dogs, and I have even seen her with the cat.  They all love Macey’s new Buster Bed.

cocoon,buster,cat,dogThis snuggly cocoon bed comes in other colors, which makes for great additions to most rooms.  My dogs have beds in a few rooms so they are near us.  I guess I will have to get a beige bed for my den.  It will match the room and look awesome.  I got a nice green bed that is for my kitty outside.  The bed never made it out because my other dog likes to stuff himself in it.  Since I have a heater going for the outside kitty, I let Remy my Peke-Yorkie mix have the Buster Bed.  It is a trip to watch him cuddle himself into the Cocoon Bed, with him the name totally fits the bill!  He sleeps so soundly and when he wakes his hair is all wild.  He is so cute to watch.Cocoon bed, dog


Kruuse makes great pet beds, but they also have a line of toys, and other pet care needs.  You can get all your pet Holiday shopping done all at once with a Buster Bed, some toys, and even a food bowl.  They have Buster Cube toys that you add food inside.  Then the dog manipulates the toy to get the food to fall out.  I know that this is great stimulation for my dogs, and keeps them from getting bored.  Plus the food is a sure fire way to lure them out of their beds!



Beyond just being fun the Buster Food Cube aims to add play to feeding time, for interactive fun.  Now while the dog or even a cat eats, they will be mentally stimulated.  It will challenge them, entertain them for hours, and is recommended by many animal behaviorists.  Therefore you can do something good for your babies with this really cool Buster Cube!Cocoon bed,petsMacey is comfortable day and night in her new Buster Cocoon Bed, and the other love her bed too.  They also enjoy the toys, because they are younger.  Macey will play with them once in a while, but usually, she just oversees from her bed.  I love that she is comfortable and so supported.  The bed is big enough for her, and is firm and does not sink down to leave her laying on the floor.  She may be older, but she is one happy girl!  Check out Kruuse and all their great products to get your babies set this Holiday.

You can find Buster Cocoon Beds on our Holiday Gift Guide.  Check it out right here!

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By on December 3rd, 2018

18 thoughts on “Show Your Puppy Love This Holiday”

  1. I just got a new puppy and these beds look wonderful. It would make the perfect bed for the new addition to our family.

  2. Buster Beds look so comfortable for pets. Lots of padding and nice that you can wash and dry them in your machine. Seems like a good choice.

  3. Your dogs are so cute! Macey has such a sweet little face. Dogs can be so picky about dog beds, so it’s good that these have your dogs’ stamps of approval.

  4. Kruuse products look great. The Buster Cube would be a favorite of my dogs. They love anything that combines play and food. My oldest dog would really benefit from the Cocoon Bed. She needs some extra support when she sleeps.

  5. It is so sweet seeing your dog and kitty together. I know how important comfort is for our senior dogs, especially if they have arthritis or joint issues.


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