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Sharing the Most Valuable Family Treasures

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Sharing the Most Valuable Family Treasures

While certain heirlooms might be passed down through the generations, nothing is quite as valuable as memories and stories from the family members themselves. On one side of my family, I am lucky enough to have a grandparent that has typed out some of his life experiences from the cotton fields of Oklahoma to the navy cruiser he was on in World War 2. But these papers can be lost and lose quality every time they are recopied and passed on. Now, with Bubby, I can preserve family treasures in the form of stories and memories straight from the source itself. 

Family Treasures

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An Easy to Use Platform

Bubby is a unique platform and system that helps create one of the most precious family treasures your family will love. Set up, record, and store video interviews of your family members. These video biographies are easy to set up and record and there is no greater treasure than having a record of family stories and memories that you can watch and share with everyone important in your life.

For the Whole Family

family treasures

Bubby makes it simple to set up the interview on both ends, even for the more technically challenged. My own parents are pretty handy with technology, considering, but it is clear that Bubby makes it simple for anyone to use this system. And since it is in a video format, you get to preserve that family member in their own looks, voice, and any personal artifacts they may have. 

Choose Questions that Inspire Family Treasures

Family Treasures

You get to choose from hundreds of questions to ask in the interview. Or can even create your own questions in order to inspire tales. It’s fun to think that these will get passed down for generations to come. It can be awkward talking to a camera. Especially those who are older may not feel comfortable talking to a camera or a screen. Choosing the right questions helps a lot. It got my family members to open up and reminisce about their childhoods and fond memories that they had.

A Package for All Families

family treasures

A single package will let you record and store hours of recording. It lets you share these family treasures easily with anyone in the world. Even the basic package let me interview a few different family members and store 5 hours of footage. Plus, I am able to compile all of these video interviews and share them with my mom, dad, brother, cousins, and more. A gift like Bubby shows care, compassion, and preserves a moment of time that you otherwise will never get back. Stop, listen, and show how special a family really can be.

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Preserve family treasures in the form of stories and memories from friends and family with this wonderful platform that creates a family keepsake.

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  1. My cousin does our family history and she definitely would love this…i think i know now what she’s getting for her birthday.


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