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Unique, Creative Graduation Portraits – Vancouver Photographer

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Unique, Creative Senior Portraits and Graduation Portraits – Vancouver Photographer

Mr. and Mrs Smith Studios – Made our daughter’s grad portrait dreams come true!

From formal to casual (even cosplay!), see how this Vancouver photographer serving clients in Canada and the Western U.S. helped our daughter’s grad portrait dreams come true!

Whether your teen is graduating this year or next year or you’re looking to have that special family portrait or something special for your teen you will treasure those photos forever, especially when they’re done by an amazing Vancouver photographer like Mr. and Mrs. Smith Studios.
Vancouver photographer, graduation portraits

Our daughter just had her big high school graduation festivities day this past weekend. It was an amazing day for all the graduates and their families as we watched them walk down the “red carpet” in their graduation gowns (and suits for the guys).

At least at my daughter’s school that’s what they do, they have some fun activities throughout the year like a grad boat cruise. the snowball dance and then as the school year nears the end they have the “red carpet”, then the grads go from there to their banquet and it ends with their dry grad that night that continues until 5am the next morning.Vancouver photographer, graduation portraitsAll and all an eventful time for the grads but as I discovered the day’s events left little time for capturing those special moments on camera. Sure we did manage to snap some photos but between the grad’s festivities there wasn’t a lot of time to get many and it wasn’t the ideal conditions for great photos.

Vancouver photographer, graduation portraits
As mentioned there wasn’t a lot of time for photos. Families had a bit of time after the red carpet to get photos of our grad, but it was a crowd of people outside all trying to get photos of the grads before they all got whisked away by limo or party bus to their grad banquet. As you can imagine there were a lot of photos with others walking by or standing in the background and a whole lot of blurry photos. We’ll treasure the ones that turned out and weren’t blurry but due to rushing to snap photos and not ideal conditions those were far and few between.
Vancouver photographer, graduation portraits
Yes, another amazing graduation portrait.

Senior Portraits and Graduation Photography

That’s why I was so grateful that we had our amazing photo session with Mr. and Mrs. Smith Studios earlier to commemorate our daughter’s milestone. It was a fabulous day for her and us as well as they photographed just as she always wished to be photographed from her gowns to her passion and hobby cosplay. Hubby and I were thrilled with it all for her and also because we were also able to get some amazing family photos as well.
Vancouver photographer
Father/Daughter Photo

Portrait Photography

The team and Mr. & Mrs. Studios consist of well Mr. & Mrs. Smith (yes really). The Mr. (Tobin) is the amazing photographer and Mrs. (Sarah) did hair and makeup. Before I go on though I have to tell you that if you want to take advantage of this amazing duo and have that same in-studio experience that we had you have to do before the end of August 2019 as Sarah is stepping back from being part of the in-studio experience.
Not to worry though no matter when you go you will LOVE your experience and the photos because I know you’ll want them all! Before I go on and on (more) about this amazing Vancouver photographer and the whole amazing studio experience check out this video of our daughter’s senior portraits (graduation) experience. Pssst watch throughout the video for the very cool animated portraits, they are unique and a ton of fun and there are at least four in the video to see!

Wow right? I admit I get a little teary eyed every time I watch that video and look at all the amazing photos we got. We knew that the photos would be fabulous and that we would want them all because this is not the first time we have gone to Mr. and Mrs. Smith Studios. My daughter and I about three years ago went to them for a mother and daughter photo session.

While I normally am not a fan of photos of myself I was surprised that I literally wanted all of the photos from our session as it was too hard to decide which ones we liked best. We loved them all and this graduation portrait session with this fabulous Vancouver photographer and his amazing partner was a whole new level of awesomeness. portrait photography, family portrait, Vancouver photographerOne of our family photos from our session with Mr. & Mrs Smith Studios. Even my husband whom we had to practically drag to the photo session went away saying he had fun and meant it! Tobin makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and makes sure you have fun. It was an amazing experience for our daughter and she was so thrilled to have her graduation portraits done and in some ways even more thrilled to be photographed the way she always dreamed and showing off her creative side with her cosplay portraits as well.

One of the cosplay portraits from her graduation portrait session.Vancouver photographer

Are you in Vancouver BC, Seattle, San Diego, and other parts of Canada and the Western U.S.?

If you’re close enough to drive to Vancouver or are going to be in the area and have always dreamed of having amazing portraits done then you’ll want to book an appointment with Mr. & Mrs. Smith Studios. I know they’ve had people all over the world book with them and planning their time in Vancouver just so they could get into their studio!Vancouver photographerWhether your teen has always dreamed of being photographed as a ballet dancer, soccer player or whatever their passion, not only would they (and you) have a fun time and Mr. & Mrs. Smith Studios you would have amazing photos to treasure forever, capturing that special time in their life and yours. I can’t recommend enough how special it is to have portraits done at this studio and would highly recommend you try and fit in some family portraits too if you can. Our kids grow up all too soon and I don’t know about you but I love looking back at photos to reminisce about all those special times as they grow.Vancouver photographer, graduation portraitsRemember if you want the full experience with Tobin and Sarah at Mr. & Mrs. Smith Studios make sure to make an appointment before the end of this summer 2019 as Sarah will not be doing hair and makeup after that. However, don’t let that stop you from booking with them after the summer as Tobin will make sure you have an amazing session and I’m sure he’ll have some ideas or plans to help with hair and makeup if it’s something you want.Vancouver photographer, graduation portraits

Have your grad be photographed the way they always dreamed and capture those special moments in amazing portraits with Mr. & Mrs. Smith Studios. Make sure to check out their site and social channels below! The toughest decision you’ll have is what portraits to get or you can be like us and get them all.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Studios

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