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Semiahmoo Resort a Perfect Getaway

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Semiahmoo Resort a Pacific Northwest Getaway Destination

300-acre Semiahmoo Resort is the ultimate destination for your girlfriend getaway! From gorgeous views and spa treatments to delicious foods, this is a great place to unwind with friends!semiahmoo resort

Disclaimer: I was comped my room and a few amenities but as always all opinions are 100% my own.

The fall season in the pacific northwest is an amazing time to see some of the beautiful places along the west coast of the state of Washington like the lovely Semiahmoo Resort in the city of Blaine which has the small-town look and feel. Semiahmoo resort is surrounded by stunning ocean views where you can look right across and see the city of White Rock in Canada.

The sunset view on my first night

semiahmoo resort

Semiahmoo Resort is Close to the Canadian Border (Vancouver, BC)

It's only a 10-minute drive to the Canadian border at the Peace Arch crossing or if you want to head south it's about a 2 ½-3 hour drive to Seattle. Don't let the fact that the fall season can have some rainy weather stop you from visiting this resort, it's beautiful any time of the year and you can enjoy shoulder season rates. semiahmoo resortI'm lucky that since I live across the border in Canada, I'm only a 15-minute drive to the city of Blaine and thus Semiahmoo resort. Yet can you believe that neither myself or my friend Carol have never been to this resort until this fall? It was a delight to finally get to see all that this resort has to offer and for those who live closer to the border like me, it's actually one of the closest resorts of its calibre to me despite there being a country border between us.


Now I know why so many Canadians go to visit this lovely resort. The amenities are plentiful from the gold course to the spa and the great food at the two restaurants. For a weekend visit, you don't even have to leave the resort, we didn't!

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One of the many cozy spots to relax throughout the resort.

Before I go on about all the great things we enjoyed for our ladies getaway at Semiahmoo resort, here's a super quick video to give you a glimpse of the comfortable rooms. My friend and I got connecting rooms, we could have shared a room with two queen beds which is what my friend had but we each like to have some space to ourselves while also having a chance to hang out by opening the connecting doors for our social girls time. Watch the quick video and then I'll share more on the tasty food, relaxing spa and oh the gorgeous views!

I told you that would be a quick video! At the end of the video the city you saw across the ocean, that is the city of White Rock, BC Canada, that's how close Semiahmoo resort and the city of Blaine are to Canada. So if you're visiting from within the United States, bring your passport and have a daytrip to see the beautiful Metro Vancouver area. Now more about all the things to enjoy at this resort. semiahmoo resortYou got to see my room on the video but I'm sharing just a quick photo of it too for you, there you go. I'm told I'm notoriously bad about getting photos of myself during my travels, I admit it I am bad about it. I'm too busy snapping photos of the gorgeous surroundings and I'm soo, not a selfie person but here you go, one selfie on the balcony of my room. I tried to get a photo of my friend Carol and I together during our stay but none of those came out, not even the one someone else took for us came out, oh well lol

powered by mom

Semiahmoo Resort Amenities


Now onto a quick look at some of their other fabulous amenities starting with one of my favourites always, the food. The resort has a pub, Packers and a restaurant the Heron Grill. You can get the same food pretty much at both, neither are formal but the pub is even more casual, both have great ambience.

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Amazing Breakfast and Dinner

Now I have to mention the breakfast, it was so darn good. We both ordered the eggs Benedict that came with their crispy smashed potatoes. OH MY GOODNESS, these were amazing, one of the best we've ever had and I've had a lot of eggs Benedict, as it's my hubby's favourite breakfast. First, it was HUGE, we could have easily shared one order and those crispy smashed potatoes, I've not had anything quite like it but they were scrumptious.eggs benedict

Now to dinner, there was a nice variety, I ordered a seafood dish and my friend Carol ordered a chicken one. They were both delicious and the chef was beyond accommodating for mine switching it up so I didn't have any shellfish and had all prawns and fish oh my.

semiahmoo resort food
Carol's chicken

Mine was a bouillabaisse but as mentioned the sous chef who came out to talk to me about accommodating my dietary request went above and beyond.


Oh My Desserts

Dessert was not lacking either. I had the creme brulee a personal favourite of mine and Carol got a chocolate fudgey kind of dessert which she asked them to give her only half a serving as she knew she couldn't eat it all. So keep that in mind when you see the photo of that dessert, it's a half-serving and we told our server who had recommended it that she was welcome to the other half loldessert

That's my friend Carol above with her chocolate/caramel creation dessert 🙂


My creme brulee came with a macaron on top, very yummy dessert.

resort food

Everything was delicious. We also had a chance to eat in the pub on our first night and found the prices to be very reasonable even with the CAD to USD exchange. We shared a pizza and a few other appetizers, it was more than enough for us that night.

Stunning Views

Remember I said I was too busy snapping photos of the beautiful views and grounds and that's why you don't see any photos of myself and Carol? Here's why just check out how beautiful the grounds and views are at Semiahmoo resort.

There were two weddings in the two nights we spent there and we caught a glimpse of this bride and groom the first night as they had their photos taken.oceanfront

The views above and below you can get from the patios outside of Packers Pub at the resort.

semiahmoo resort

Firepits and benches set up around them are along the beachfront. The evening this photo was taken there was a s'mores night around that firepit and I could see it from my balcony. The kids that attended were so excited and you could hear that they enjoyed the firepit s'mores and the whole experience.So many things for kids to enjoy on this beach.

Spa at Semiahmoo

No girls getaway would be complete I think without some spa time. Carol enjoyed a hot stone massage and I tried the CBD facial both were great. The spa has a gift shop where you can buy clothing and of course skin care items.pacific northwest resort spa

The treatment rooms were a relaxing atmosphere and had all of the usual amenities.

pacific northwest resort spaThe spa waiting area was serene with a lovely fireplace, infused water, coffee, tea and more.pacific northwest resort spa

The estheticians and the entire spa team were fabulous, friendly and attentive. It's definitely a spa you should check out even if you're not able to stay overnight at the resort but a must-do if you are!

Golf, Fitness Club, Pool, Pickleball, Tennis and more Amenities

There are of course a lot more amenities to be enjoyed at Semiahmoo resort but we were only there for two nights so we didn't get to enjoy any of these ones. They have a fitness club but confession after years of travelling with all intention of thinking I would use a resort's fitness room and packy my "exercise clothes" I no longer pack those as I know I just don't use them. That said I have friends including the one who travelled with me who do enjoy the fitness facilities.


However, if I was travelling with my family I know we would take advantage of the pool that is heated to 84 degrees year-round. I love it when a resort's outdoor pool is available year-round and we would also use the hot tub. I learned for the first time about pickleball, I didn't play just learned about it and yes you can play it there along with tennis.

movie theatre
Movie theatre

My family and I would also most likely enjoy the movie theatre that they have (yes their own theatre) if we had enough time. You can even book the theatre, even if there's only two of you as while we were there a couple booked the theatre to watch a movie, others could join them if they wanted but it wasn't a scheduled movie night. I love that they can do that. oceanfront view

There's of course golf on their amazing golf course, I don't play but I know many who do and there's a kids club. The amenities almost seem endless. So whether you're going for a ladies getaway, couples getaway, a wedding or a family trip there's a lot to enjoy and the service is amazing. You will enjoy your stay at Semiahmoo resort.

pacific northwest resort

We went home relaxed and had a wonderful ladies getaway and now that we know it's so close by we may be back sooner than later.

Check out all that Semiahmoo resort has to offer for yoursel on their website: https://www.semiahmoo.com/

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21 thoughts on “Semiahmoo Resort a Perfect Getaway”

  1. I had not heard of this resort before. I would definitely love to stay at this resort. The views are gorgeous and it's so close to Canada too. And- that food!!! My mouth was watering over those pictures......yum!!!

  2. You are very lucky to live where you do!! You have close access to many cool places and beautiful scenery!! I did pin this. I would love to go here with my husband! This resort has everything!! You don’t even have to leave to catch a movie, workout, eat some excellent food! That I would have to workout after that delicious dinner and desserts!! Yummy ????
    My sister lives in Seattle. Maybe I could visit. Staying at the Semiahmoo Resort would be a new fresh vacation for me! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. This looks and sounds like an AWESOME place to visit thanks for sharing about it. I would love to visit this area someday.

  4. I didn’t realize there were resorts like this in Washington! What a great way to get away; so close but yet a different country and right on the ocean to boot!

  5. very nice photos of the Pacific Northwest, I have never been since it is on the other coast from my Atlantic Northeast but it looks very pretty and inviting. The resort looks amazing too!

  6. This resort looks so gorgeous. A group of us women are looking for someplace place different to have a girls week and this place looks like a wonderful resort for that. I love the views and the fact that it's not that far from Canada is a bonus for us. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful resort! I would absolutely love to stay here. I haven't been to Washington since I was a kid, I can't wait to visit again soon. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I love that you can go to this beautiful oceanside resort and just relax and enjoy and not even have to leave the resort. I can’t even remember the last time I was on vacation. This resort looks perfect!

  9. What a beautiful resort! And those meals look amazingly delicious. I'd love to head back to Vancouver, so will definitely check into this place on my next trip there.


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