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Secure Video and Photo Storage

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Save your phone’s memory with easy and secure video and photo storage

Parents, teens and well really everyone will love having all the video and photo storage that they need but with the flexibility and accessibility of cloud storage. Even better you can have total privacy and control of your own drives with NO monthly fees! How do you ask? That’s what we’re about to share and why we love it so much that we think it’s an awesome gift item to anyone on your list.phone storage

My teen-aged daughter in the past had constantly been complaining about how her phone never had enough memory. I think it was partly a ploy to get a new phone. However much to her disappointment and at the same time happiness, I found a solution to her photo storage phone problem thanks to Kwilt Shoeboxphone storageI was sent a couple of the Kwilt Shoebox Minis that can have unlimited personal storage for your Android, iPhone and iPad. You can offload your mobile photos & videos in the privacy of your home and access them from anywhere. Only you can decide who access to them and even better you can access them from anywhere. phone storage

All you do is plug the power adapter to the back of the Kwilt, and connect a USB drive of some kind or even a memory stick into the USB port. Download and run their app and you’re done. Yes, it’s really that easy. I gave one to my daughter and she had it set up with a few minutes.phone storage

Access from anywhere.

Access the content stored on your connected drive-including years of family photos & videos- from anywhere through your phone or tablet with the Kwilt Android and iOS mobile apps. You can also share instantly by using the shared link in the app. Kwilt also organizes your photos. It’s similar to Google photos so if you like that you will like Kwilt, except unlike Google photos will back up your photos as they were originally. Google photos saves them as low resolution. This is of course dependent on your hard drive space.

phone storage

My daughter and I both love that the Kwilt is so small so it’s easy to take with you everywhere. As someone who travels I also like that you can share a light version of all of your photos on your phone and tablet even when you have no Internet access.

Because your digital content is stored at home on your drive, you are your own cloud provider, so you can say goodbye to draining cloud storage fees once and for all.

Kwilt Shoebox can store and access any file type, which means you can also work with your PDF or Office files anywhere.

phone storage

What my teenager also loves. 

She can access all of her photos and videos from her social accounts like Instagram and Facebook or from Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon and Dropbox accounts from the Kwilt App.

Use the KwiltKeys custom photo keyboard to insert any of your Kwilt accessible photos in any native iOS app.

Insert any of your Kwilt accessible photos directly from any native app on Android.

Connect Kwilt Shoebox to the BIG screen via HDMI and broadcast your photos & videos for the whole family to enjoy…phone storageThe list goes on but in summary, it’s a handy device that has made it easy and secure for us to access our high-resolution photos, 4K videos and more anywhere and everywhere. That’s why it’s definitely a pick for our Holiday Gift Guide this year! Make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide HERE

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  1. I have quite a few family members who are extremely hard to shop for and this is a great idea. Most of them use their phones as their only camera/video and end up using a lot of the memory and slowing everything down, I’m sure they would love this.

  2. Great article! I am doing a lot of travelling and takes hundreds of photos which I am always afraid of losing somehow. I love that Kwilt is small and portable…..and not expensive!

  3. I was just thinking this past weekend that I need another place to store phone and computer images for safe keeping. I’m going to definitely check this out.

  4. Perfect, I have so many pictures on my phone. I need something/somewhere to put them so they are easily accessible. Thanks for the information.

  5. This looks like a super useful product. I am always running out of phone memory. I also would love to get my photos organized and backed up as well.

  6. Looks like a very gadget to invest in. I need to transfer my all pics and videos from my phone to a secure place. This tool would be perfect for that.

  7. This is a handy solution to get rid of those cloud storage fees and have better access to photos. So neat that it is small enough to take along on a trip.


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