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How to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

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Everyone is feeling the crunch of the economy. Everything is going up in price and people have to cut corners in order to make ends meet. If you are like most of us, a trip to the grocery store can cause a few more grey hairs. Here are some tips to reduce your grocery bill.


Tips on Reducing Your Grocery Bill

I know I’m guilty of not always following the first time, so I know I need to work on that one!

  1. Never Shop Hungry- One way to save money on your grocery bill is to make sure that you have a full stomach before you head out to the grocery store. This way you will be less inclined to add unnecessary items to your grocery cart.
  2. Buy Cheaper Cuts of Meat- One way to reduce the cost of your groceries is to find ways to cook cheaper cuts of meat. Meat can be braised, boiled, and pressure cooked to make it tender. Marinating the meat overnight will also help to tenderize it.
  3. Purchase Legumes and Grains- You can reduce your grocery bill by purchasing more legumes and grains. Pot barley, quinoa, split peas, white beans, etc., can be put in a pot with vegetables and stock and made into a soup or stew. Use cheaper cuts of meat to add to the soup. Canned fish can also be added to the soup instead of meat.
  4. Make Fewer Trips- You can reduce your grocery bill by making fewer trips to the grocery store. Make a grocery list and plan to shop only when your pantry is low on items and it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Leave the Kids at Home- Never, ever take your kids with you when you go grocery shopping. That is, unless you cannot find someone to look after them for you.  Children often do not think about how much things are going to add up at the checkout. Once your cart is full and you are ready to leave the store, let them choose one thing.
  6. Use coupons, you’d be surprised at how much you can save. There’s nothing wrong with coupons so use them you’ll find them online, in your paper and everywhere!
  7. Check out when your preferred grocery store is having a sale on items you need. Go through the flyers and circle what you need (not always what you want). For one of the stores I got to I try to wait for their special where you buy X amount of dollars you get a $25 Gift Card. If I’m going anyways might as well get the gift card for the next trip.
  8. Go with no name brands or lower cost brands. Some no name brands and lower cost brands have the exact same product but without the fancy labels. Just check them out you might be surprised.

Following the above tips will help you to reduce your grocery bill. Plan on implementing a few of these tips to see just how much money you save.

Feel free to share any other tips you might have we’d love to hear them!

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  1. Great tips. I can’t believe how much more I am spending when I shop….but I feel like I am still buying the same things I always have.


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