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Quick and Easy Hair Care with Dry Shampoo

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Quick and Easy Hair Care with Dry Shampoo

If you’re anything like me and many others the weather affects your mood and motivation. I know that here in Vancouver now that it’s fall going into winter the grey, rainy days can start to wear on us. It makes my mood a bit grey sometimes and wreaks havoc on my hair, say hello to the frizzes. That’s why I love certain hair products like Batiste™ Dry Shampoo! Believe it or not I don’t use a lot of product on my hair and I rarely use hairspray or mousse and I never use gel but I wouldn’t not be without the Dry Shampoo!

Powered by Mom Sept 2015

We all know that it’s not good to wash your hair every day but sometimes our hair needs a little boost or we just so darn busy we don’t have time to do much with it. Besides I don’t know about you but when my hair feels or looks yucky to me I feel yucky and when it looks good I feel good. Dry Shampoo gives oily, dull, lifeless hair the makeover it deserves! Getting out the door quickly has never been easier.

Batiste with Mirror and Brush

With the holidays coming up I know that we’re all even busier than usual so it’s nice to have the option to quickly give our hair a much needed boost with the emphasis on quickly. Here’s a few helpful tips when using Batiste Dry Shampoo:

  • Start at the oiliest part of your hair, the root. Vigorously shake the can of dry shampoo and hold it 30 cm away from your hair, spraying a light mist.
  • After spraying the dry shampoo wait one minute, rub with finger tips, and comb through with a natural bristle brush. This will help to distribute product from root to tip, ensuring all the oil in the hair is absorbed.
  • Perfect to make oily hair look and feel fabulously fresh and clean when there is no time to wash!

I get up early enough to go to the office so every minute I can get to sleep in a little longer I definitely appreciate so you know I’m using Bastiste Dry shampoo on those days!

By on October 29th, 2015

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11 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Hair Care with Dry Shampoo”

  1. I’ve used this brand and I can still find it at Sally’s Beuty Supple. I also tried Pssst! when I was younger, but that left some white stuff in your hair! I love dry shampoo but it can be expensive for the small container.

  2. What a good solution on those busy mornings when I don’t have time but hate the feeling of not having washed my hair. My hair can get flat and this looks like it would give it some body.

  3. I’ve never used dry shampoo. Is it powdery?I figured it may be so it could absorb oils, then you brush it out.I have some in case I ever need it, but in general, my hair is pretty dry so when I skip a day it looks better.

  4. I travel a lot and don’t always get to wash my hair so dry shampoo sounds perfect. I can stick it in my suitcase and forget it about bringing my blowdryer.

  5. I have read about this before and think it would be great to have for the winter months when you need to wear a hat all the time.

  6. I have, but have never tried dry shampoo. I probably will try it this winter. I generally don’t wash my hair daily because it strips the natural oils and my hair is very dry.

  7. They used to have a product called Pff.It was a dry shampoo made back in the early 1970’s.It was just baking soda in a spray can?Seen health posts on how to make it recently!


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