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Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes with Burnbrae Farms

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Delicious, Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes

with Egg Bakes from Burnbrae Farms

If you could have some quick and easy breakfast recipes in your menu arsenal that were also a healthier choice than those sugary cereals would you want to try it? Of course you would and better yet you have taste choices and you really can have a hearty breakfast that’s not full of sugar in under five minutes. If you want an even bigger breakfast you can take a minute or two longer to cut up more veggies or fruits or whatever you want but it can still be a quick to prep delicious breakfast in minutes.

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Quick and easy breakfast recipes with Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes

I admit I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to either skipping breakfast sometimes or eating that quick sugary cereal just to get something in my tummy. Well, now I can have quick and easy breakfast recipes galore and not have them full of sugar. Better yet I’ll start my day and family’s day off right with a heartier breakfast that gives us choices but also suits our busy lifestyle.

Quick and easy breakfast recipes with Burnbrae Farms Egg BakesThanks to Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes I can make easy breakfast recipes in about five minutes (or less) like the breakfast sandwich above with strawberries. The part that took the longest for the delicious breakfast above was washing and cutting the strawberries. If you can toast a bagel (or bread or English muffin or skip the bread altogether), microwave for 90 seconds the yummy Crustless Quiche Egg Bake above which had spinach, ricotta and caramelized onion you too can have this filling breakfast in a few minutes. Quick and easy breakfast recipes with Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes

Add a glass of milk and you have a well rounded, tasty breakfast making it one of many quick and easy recipes you can add to your breakfast menu. Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes come in a variety of flavours from the crustless quiche one above which was also made of egg whites, to egg patties and more. The hardest decision must might be which tasty flavour to choose for that morning.

Quick and easy breakfast recipes with Burnbrae Farms Egg BakesFor the days I’m literally running out the door I may skip the fruit and/or veggies and just take my Burnbrae Farms Egg Bake sandwich on the go. It’s better than anything I would get at a fast food restaurant (and quicker to make it then go to a fast food place) and it’s made the way I like it because well I make it myself. If you don’t want it on a bagel have it on bread or whatever or as I’ve mentioned without bread as the Egg Bakes are delicious all on their own too!Quick and easy breakfast recipes with Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes Crustless QuicheIf I have time I like to have some fruit or veggies (depending on my mood) with my Egg Bakes just go give myself a little extra nutrition and fill up my tummy. Some days though I find the Egg Bakes, especially the Crustless Quiches are all good on their own too. The spinach and ricotta one is my favourite so far but the ham and cheese and sausage and red pepper ones are a close second. Quick and easy breakfast recipes with Burnbrae Farms Egg BakesThe English muff sandwich above has the sausage and red pepper crustless quiche egg bake in it. It’s very hearty on its own but I feel like I’ve had a full meal when I’ve thrown in some veggies too. I don’t just eat these for breakfast, I’ve had it for lunch both at home and at the office where my options are limited to using a microwave and a toaster. Well, that’s okay because the Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes are warmed up from the freezer to the microwave in 90 seconds (depending on your microwave). That works for me on a busy workday where I can eat some delicious protein with my Egg Bakes.

While we skipped showing the microwaving part because let’s face it that’s boring, in our super short video below my daughter shows how you can create some of these delicious, quick and easy breakfast recipes thanks to Burnbrae Farms Egg Bakes.

I told you it was a short video but that’s how quick it can be to put together your own hearty and delicious breakfast so you too can have an amazingly quick and easy breakfast recipes arsenal at your disposal!

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  1. These sound delicious and so easy to make a delicious sandwich out of! I am definitely going to try these. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I love simple poached eggs which are great on a toasted English muffin with tomatoes, lettuce & any kind of cheese. I had Swiss cheese with it yesterday. Trying blue cheese next time. Or with bacon & toast

  3. I like to make omelets with extra egg whites, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and spinach. Filling and delicious

  4. I like to cook eggs and biscuits and then add sausage and cheese and freeze them so we can just thaw and microwave for easy weekday breakfast

  5. I love baking the ‘make ahead eggs Benny’. Assertive for family events. It is big and and all you do is bake it in the morning.

  6. These quick meals would make things so much easier when school starts trying to get 3 kids out the door for the bus with a healthy option!

  7. My favourite egg recipe that makes breakfast easier is a breakfast sandwich in the sandwich maker using an English muffin, Canadian bacon, egg and cheese. It is quick, easy and delicious.

  8. I love making overnight Raspberry French Toast it’s so quick & easy and looks fantastic. I also love making Fritttata’s spinach, black olives, feta cheese, red & yellow peppers yummy!

  9. When I saw this product line in the store, and that it was from Burnbrae Farms, I picked up one of each flavour. i trust them that much! The Crustless Quiche Egg Bake with spinach, ricotta and caramelized onion is my favourite — if I have to pick just one. All were delicious to me.

  10. Scramble eggs with vegetables chopped into small pieces, and everything placed in a tortilla wrap, bundled, and frozen for a breakfast, lunch, or whenever solution. Just microwave afterwards, and then it’s ready to eat.

  11. I like to make crustless quiches in a muffin tin on the weekends then have extra for a quick grab and go during the week. Will have to give the premade ones a try!


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