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Protect Your Pets from Ticks and Lyme Disease

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Protect Your Pets from Ticks and Lyme Disease

Powered by Mom and her furry family want you know how to protect your pets so that they can be healthy and happy for years to come. We also have a wonderful giveaway to share with you that is perfect for the Dog Days of Summer. Read on to find out more!

Lyme Disease

Did you know that your pets can be at risk from getting Lyme Disease if you don’t protect them? It’s important that as pet owners we all know more about Lyme Disease, symptoms, how to treat it and better yet how to prevent our pets from getting it!

What is Lyme Disease?

  • Bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi
  • Transmitted to dogs and humans by ticks during the feeding process
  • The most common vector-borne disease in Europe, Asia, the US and Canada

Dogs can become sick from Lyme Disease and in some cases the results can be quite serious. Take a look at the symptoms below.

ewww Ticks

Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs

  • Dogs are just as likely to contract Lyme disease as people. In fact, many symptoms of Lyme disease are experienced by both dogs and humans.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Lameness (may occur at the same time or may occur later)
  • Enlargement of the lymph nodes (usually generalized enlargement)
  • Skin signs
  • Heart disease, kidney problems and neurological signs are reported in rare cases

Here’s one of our two dogs Little Zeus aka “LZ”, he’s a bit of a diva as I’m sure you’ve guessed LOL. We love them all and he’s protected from ticks and Lyme Disease!

LZ purple pillow

Lyme Disease Symptoms In People

  • Symptoms usually occur within 1-2 weeks after a tick bite, and occur in three stages
  • The first sign of infection is a distinct “bulls-eye” rash (erythema), which occurs in 70-80 per cent of cases
  • Other early symptoms include: fever, headache, chills, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and swollen lymph nodes
  • If untreated, Lyme disease can last months to years and include symptoms as severe as arthritis, heart irregularities, and nervous system disorders
  • Fatalities from Lyme disease are rare

Don’t worry there are ways to protect you and your dog from ticks and thus Lyme disease and prevention is the BEST way tot do that!
Evidence of or history of tick exposure and/or blood tests are used for diagnosis

Prevention is the most effective way to protect humans and dogs against Lyme disease so that you’re not one of those pet owners falling short of protecting their dog. Did you know that only 6%* of dog owners recognize the symptoms of Lyme Disease? I know we all want to do better than that as 95% of dog owners consider their dogs part of their family, just like we do. Our dogs Luna and Little Zeus are most definitely an important part of our family and we do what we canto protect them.

k9 advantix

Our dogs are protected K9 Advantix which is a highly effective parasticide that fights external parasites, repelling ticks, sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies before they can bite. The formula has been developed specifically for dogs and reduces the risk of parasite-transmitted diseases, like Lyme Disease.  It is easy to use as it’s a waterproof topical application that you apply to your dog’s skin and it does the work for us.

For people check out some great tips on the CDC website HERE which mentions such tips as knowing where ticks might be, using a DEET based insect repellant and more.. Remember to protect your furry family by taking preventative action like utilizing such products as K9 Advantix and following some simple tips for yourself too.

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** From March 31st to April 3rd 2014 an online survey was conducted among 1,011 randomly selected Canadian adults who are dog owners and primarily or jointly responsible for the overall care of their dog(s), and who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The results have been statistically weighted according to age, gender and region profiling data for dog owners to ensure a sample representative of the dog owners responsible for maintenance of their dogs. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.

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  1. People assume that just because ticks are not overly common in your area that your pets are fine. So many animals cross state borders now either via traveling or for adoptions that ticks can easily come with or they may have been bit in another state prior to adoption and you did not know it. Always be on guard no matter what state or what breed of dog.

  2. I have to small dogs…Scarlett and Ruby who are my fur-babies.,,, A toy poodle and yorkie-poo. There are no words oo describe my love for them!!! The joy they bring into my life is unmeasurable.

  3. My pets are like my kids. I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues, as well as many other rescues including three rescue kitties, six rescue bunnies, five rescue chickens….. My mom and sister also both have doggies including rescued dogs and other rescue animals. We all love all of our pets dearly and do all we can to ensure they have long healthy happy lives, the majority of our rescue pets had bad lives before coming to us and though we can’t change what happened to them before, we can make their present and future better, Our pets aren’t just pets, they are part of our families. I can’t imagine my life without my pets, especially my dogs. Thanks for the chance to win this great basket of goodies.

  4. I am entering to win for my rescue dog Harley. He’s a 2 1/2 year old Beagle/Chihuahua mix and he’s our world. We don’t have children, he’s our little boy. The lady we adopted him from had him kenneled all day and when she let him out it was in a 500 square foot apartment. Now he has our big back yard to run and play, and this would be great to get him some new toys!

  5. I have an English Bulldog and he has such a big & loving personality. I love him and I love animals in general. Animals have feelings and need to be treated with respect and kindness.

  6. We have 3 dogs. A rescue chihuahua named Molly, a dachsund named Bella who was a present for our daughter and Nala an Australian Shepherd who was a present for my birthday. We have absolute unconditional love for our babies. They are just as important as anyone in the family!

  7. We just lost one of our two cats so now we have one cat, Fuzzy, and one adorable pug, named Dexter – both rescues and both members of our family!

  8. We have 2 toy poodles and 2 cats. They mean so much to us because they are part of the family and always there to give us love when we need it.

  9. Our pets are literally family members. Right now we have two dogs, Bramble and Thornly, three cats, Bacon, Waffle and Mushroom, two chinchillas, Hermes and Apollo and one Beta – Lucifer. We lost our almost 18 year old sweetheart (cat) Weaner last summer. It was the hardest thing. All of our animals also come from the Edmonton Humane Society.

  10. We have 7 feline furbabies, all indoor…my fiancé and I each had 3 when we got together. We have Nellie – approx. 13 years, Button – 8 years (only female), Riddick – 6 years (also has asthma – treated with puffers and daily steroid), Popcorn – will be turning 5 in December, Lucian – 4 years (rescue from NB, currently being treated for aggression towards Button), Midge – 4 years and Ziggy – will be 1 in October (rescue from our shed on Dec 28, coldest day of the winter). I love all my furbabies…I have a tattoo for the ones that have passed on to Rainbow Bridge and urns for the 3 that passed when I was an adult. I would do anything for my furbabies, to ensure their comfort and safety.

  11. We rescued our huge cat from the shelter. He was over 30lbs to begin but we’ve got him down to a much slimmer 24.5lbs., still so BIG!! A wonderful cat though, best we’ve ever had.

  12. Our little girl is Bella, a 4 year old Shorkie. She’s such a sweet little girl with the kids and everyone she meets. Don’t know what I’d do without her! She’s just like our little kid 🙂

  13. I have a 4 year old Shih Tzu named Zinnia but we call her Zinnie for short. She is adorable, cuddly and great with my kids.

  14. I have three pets and they mean the world to me. Two of my pets are indoor cats. One of them is 13 years old and the other is 5 years old. It’s amazing the personality differences between the two of them 🙂 My favourite animal is my puppy. He is part Golden Retriever and part King Charles. He will be two years old this November and I take him everywhere possible with me <3 He has brought so much joy and companionship to my life and our whole family. He loves going on long walks and camping in a tent with us. Sammy is like having a third child. I was a little nervous when we brought him camping last month because there was tick notices posted all over the Provincial Park. My puppy was spoiled because I put a blanket on the ground for him to lay down on 🙂 plus it was easier to see bugs crawling around. He is black and tanned.

  15. My boys Dexter & Spencer lare an unusual pair but a match made in heaven! Dexter is a half doxie and Spencer is a rat terrier. They hit it off the moment they met at the dog park. We then found out Spencer was a rescue and promply adopted him. They remind me that you never know what will be around the next corner!

  16. Our dog is named Maggie she is a shetland sheepdog and she has the most beautiful face I’ve seen! I love her so much for always knowing when I’m down and when I need support!

  17. we have a Pom that is my master, i dress him up everyday, change his tie, i love that fluffy bundle of monster that he can be

  18. We have a dog that is a Yorkie cross and he is such a sweetie and means a lot to me as he is a constant in my life and is always thrilled to see me no matter how many times I come and go throughout the day. It just picks you up and I believe everyone if possible should have a pet. I also have a cat who is more aloof but she is also a sweetie and the dog and her play together and it makes you laugh just watching them as they roll around.

  19. I’d hate to say this, but I seem to have more feelings for animals than most people. I can’t even watch those commericals on tv about abandoned animals. I go into such a crying fit. I do have a pooch I’ve rescued named Toby, and 3 birds named Dolly, Molly and Tweety. I’m also currently on the hunt for a kitty 🙂

  20. Our family dog Diesel is a bundle of love! He is a border collie Lab cross whom we adopted a year and a half ago and he is the ultimate best friend! and

  21. I have 3 cats (Missy, Molly, and Chloe) and 1 dog (Callie). They are some of my best friends. They are all friendly and loving and I can’t imagine life without them.

  22. My dogs are Sam and Bailey. Sam is a Norwegian Elkhound. He is just over a year old and he is a very loyal dog. He knows lots of tricks. His favourite game is hide and seek. Bailey is our youngest dog. She is 7 months old and she is a Boxer/American Eskimo. She is full of energy and always wants to play or go for a walk. They are a part of our family and mean a lot to us. We would be lost with out them. They are always there to greet us at the door.

  23. I have two rescue dogs, Ariel and Roxy. They are part of my family. No one else in the house is as happy to see me when I come home, wagging tails and following me around, they’re great!

  24. We have a little 6 pound shortie named Bella. She is such a sweet little girl and is our little baby. She loves people and lives to steal food from my little grandson 🙂

  25. Our dog, Dart, and our guinea pigs, Lucy and Charlie, mean so much to me because they are part of our family and can really help brighten bad days with their snuggles.

  26. “Our” dog means the world to my daughter! She has wanted one before she could walk or talk! LOL Bandit is growing up with our daughter. He brings her great joy and companionship.


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