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Print Photos for Generations to Come

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Print Photos for Keepsakes

Your Great Grandkids Will Appreciate It

Pictures are worth a thousand words… right?! So, the big question is, how many of those priceless pictures do you have hard copies of? In today’s world, more and more photos are being saved digitally only. I often ask myself, what happens when technology changes years down the road? What will our grandchildren have to look back on? Will they be able to pull out a shoebox full of old pictures to show to their children? Why not print pictures that you would want to be shared for years to come.  

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Quick and easy way to print photos on the go

Print Photos

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The Problem With Going ALL Digital

For most, the reason they do not print pictures anymore is due to busyness. We snap thousands of photos (some more than thousands) on a yearly basis. Of course, there is no need to print every single selfie we take. However, there are some pretty memorable photos such as a child eating their very first birthday cake, a little kid tearing open a favorite Christmas present, a quick family photo before a Christmas Eve party. Don’t let photos like that get lost in the mix somewhere out in cyberspace. Print pictures with value and stick in an album or shoebox for generations to come. Oh, don’t forget to write names and a date on the back to keep from creating a guessing game for your great-grandkids 100 years from now!

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer is going to be your top pick for printing out these memorable photos. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to print on the go. Maybe you are at your child’s class Christmas party and little Susie begs to have a picture of her with all her classmates. The problem is, you do not know little Susie’s parent’s cell phone number to send it via text. Trying to remember to print at your local drugstore and then get it back to the school is way too much work. This is a great time to pull out your Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer, connect it to Bluetooth and print off a quick copy for little Susie to bring home with her that day!

How is the Polaroid Mint Unique?

Aside from the Polaroid Mint being the smallest and lightest mobile printer around, it is also able to print up to 50 photos with just one charge! The photo prints even come with an option to peel the backing off creating a sticky back to your photo which makes it fun to stick on lockers, walls, etc.

print photos

Editing Before You Print Photos

The Mint app allows you to even pull photos off social media, edit them, and print them off on your Polaroid Mint. The printer works with both iOS and Android through the Mint app. In the app, you can edit the photos and even include the iconic Polaroid border.


My absolute favorite feature of the Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer is that there is no need for any ink. What?! Yes! The printer uses ZINK technology which means no ink, toners, ribbons, or film needed to print. All you have to do is load the ZINK paper cartridge and pick what you want to print.

print photos

So, here is to a year full of memories ahead. Print your favorites and show them off for generations to come!  

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10 thoughts on “Print Photos for Generations to Come”

  1. I hope that printing photos becomes popular again. I love looking through photo albums, not scrolling through somneone’s phone!

  2. Such a cool mobile printer…Nice to have Zink Technology so a person doesn’t have to mess with ink! Since the ink is part of the special film paper, just load it in the printer, edit and then print!

  3. Wow, I am just reading about this for the first time and this would have been a perfect gift for my oldest twin daughters. In fact, I think I want one too. There birthday is March so this will be perfect and I’m checking on the link to save it. Thanks much for sharing!

  4. I am so amazed and impressed by this printer. Not having to use ink and being able to print photos so readily would be great. There are many situations where I still like having a printed photo.


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