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Primal Essence Coconut Oils & Teas Review

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Infuse Your Food with Primal Essence Coconut Oils & Super Teas!

Primal Essence Coconut Oils & Super Teas bring flavor to your meals and beverages.

We are loving Primal Essence and their flavorful products. I never thought about infused coconut oil before, didn’t know it existed and yet coconut oil is the number one oil that I use for cooking in my kitchen. I also have come to love their super teas, they are a concentrate spray that you just add to hot water and you’re good to go, no waiting for the tea to steep any more.

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I selected Primal Essence’s Lemon Ginger, Peppermint Splash and Vanilla Chai super teas. We love lemon ginger tea in this house, especially when we’re not feeling well! It’s great for upset stomachs and tastes so good! These tea extracts are in a travel size squirt bottle; no messy tea bags or leaves; Certified Organic and Kosher.

primal essence

Derived from the world’s finest and purest organic herbs, spices and botanicals, Super Teas are packed with beneficial whole plant phytonutrients and are completely free of artificial ingredients, caffeine, sugar, GMOs or gluten. Flavors include: Classic Chai; Vanilla Chai; Lemon Ginger; Ginger Zing; Peppermint Splash; and Turmeric Tulsi. www.primalessence.com


I love that I don’t have to wait for it to steep, it’s ready as soon as your hot water is and since we have a hot water unit we basically have instant tea. It has just a bit of color when you add a few pumps of the tea to the water as you can see above.


I also love Chai Tea and have recently started to use Vanilla Chai protein powder in my smoothies but I can’t always find this flavor. However now with the Primal Essence Vanilla Chai Tea I can use it with plain protein powder in my smoothies and boy is it good! So yummy kick of cinnamon and vanilla, I can use it with anything.


My most recent favorite is a berry, banana & vanilla chai smoothie with some flax seeds and protein powder. It’s so good but oh so healthy. That’s what this one is, doesn’t that look yummy?


We finally cracked open the Peppermint Splash and yes it’s minty, great also for upset stomachs, my daughter loves the taste of peppermint.

Flavored Coconut Oils – Sweet and savory for gourmet cooking!

Primal Essence’s Award-Winning Line of High-End Organic Infused Virgin Coconut Oils help create perfectly seasoned and sublimely delicious meals, desserts and snacks. Just a spoonful of Infused Coconut Oil enables anyone — from a serious chef to a casual home cook — to instantly boost the flavor of their favorite foods quickly, conveniently and affordably.


Varieties include Chipotle Chili, Garlic Onion, Indian Curry, Italian Herb, Lemon Pepper and Thai Curry — all of which can add authentic and even exotic flavors to such staples as soup, vegetables, fish and meat. Primal Essence’s Sweet Coconut Oils provide smoothly satisfying alternatives to butter and margarine that can enhance toast, bagels pancakes, muffins, waffles and much more. Sweet Coconut Oil varieties include Vanilla Sweet, Cinnamon Sweet and Ginger Sweet. www.primalessence.com/

I so want to try some of those sweet oils, right now I just have the savory ones. I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet but we did crack open the Italian herb one and I added a bit to some pasta by itself. It was amazing, using a bit of this instead of olive oil and I had an instant meal! It would be great in a tomato sauce too, I can’t wait to try!


If you haven’t cooked with coconut oil yet you need to try it. I started it using it a few years ago and have never looked back. It’s one of the healthiest ones for and is great in food, and no it doesn’t make your food taste like coconut.

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65 thoughts on “Primal Essence Coconut Oils & Teas Review”

  1. I would love to try these! The mint tea, The vanilla or cinnamon oil (pancakes, using in brownies and such) and the garlic one would be yummy for pan frying fresh fish…. mmmm

  2. I have never used coconut oil but hear wonderful things about it! I would love to try the garlic oil for frying up some cod!

  3. These coconut oils sound amazing,especially the garlic and onion,I didn’t know about the super teas,I just have to try the peppermint splash,I absolutely love mint and would love this for an upset tummy.

  4. I so want to try the Italian herb infused oil!!!! It sounds great! We have recently switched to coconut oil for rice and pasta!!!

  5. Love coconut oil! These savory infused oils sound amazing. I can’t believe I can get tea in a spray bottle. Would love to try the Peppermint Splash and Vanilla Chai!

  6. What an amazing time to live! Tea in a spray bottle? WOW!! I drink so much tea… this would be awesome for road trips I don’t usually want cold beverages and gas station stops have notoriously bad coffee…. but hot water is available! This is too cool! Love the idea of adding some flavor to smoothies also…. you have opened up a whole new beverage world …. and the coconut oils? Those all sound amazing …. mmmm hungry now!

  7. I use coconut oil now but have never tried the flavored oil. I think it would make an interesting addition to my Mac and cheese.

  8. I love that the Primal Essence Super Tea is in a handy bottle that can be taken with you on the go or even traveling and the infused oils sound like a tasty addition to recipes!

  9. I have seen infused olive oils and vinegar but never coconut oil. In fact, you’re going to think that I am strange but I have 3 jars of coconut oil in the house and it has never once crossed my mind to cook with it! I use it as a face cleanser, deep hair conditioner, all over body moisturizer, etc. So I definitely need to try and cook with it. The Italian flavor and the Curry sound amazing!
    I drink tea most of the day so I am really interested in trying the spray, I mean seriously how cool is that. Do you think it would work to make iced tea?

  10. I didn’t know infused coconut oil existed! I’ve never tried plain coconut oil when cooking Italian food, so it’s good to know that the Italian Herb one doesn’t make everything taste “coconutty.” I’m out of olive oil right now, so maybe I can just get this product instead. I’d like to see how it works on garlic bread. I’m also a big tea drinker so the tea sprays sound awesome, especially for travel!

  11. I can just imagine all the great sweet and savory dishes that would come of using these infused oils. My brain is already coming up with fun recipes.

  12. They have some really unique products. I like the idea of flavored coconut oil. I’ve only used the traditional so it is something that really interests me.

  13. I have not heard about Primal Essence before. Now hearing about them can’t wait to try their coconut oils and teas. The flavors sound great.

  14. This is just the coolest thing. I have never seen the spray tea before and I would LOVE it. I drink a ton of tea and this would be so convenient and easy. The coconut oils are really neat too. Coconut oil is our main oil that we use for baking/cooking and having infused flavors would make it extra fun.

  15. Oh my goodness you have introduced me to another world I have never known about. I am going in search of the oils and the peppermint for the tea.

  16. I am a big tea drinker so this is something I would try. All 3 flavors sound tasty. I do buy both Lemon and Ginger tea as well as Peppermint for my digestive disorders I suffer from, especially nausea. This would be a new way to get those ingredients added to my tea. And the vanilla is a flavor I’ve always enjoyed.

  17. (Primal Essence Coconut Oils & Teas Review) Wow! This was very interesting to read all about, I never had a clue about these great sounding products. See, you do learn something new everyday! 🙂

  18. Being able to use the coconut oils and sprays in all kinds of edibles and drinkables appeals to me. I can experiment and make delicious treats.

  19. I’ve been wanting to try infused coconut oil but haven’t yet! I love that it adds flavor without having to measure out spices! THe super teas sound interesting too! I’d love to try the Vanilla Chai in our smoothies!

  20. I never knew they had spray teas. Awesome. I bought decaf tea bags and had to use two to get any real tea color into my cup. So this would be something I would love to try. Tea bags are expensive too so if this is a better quality I definitely would invest in the sprays.

  21. I’ve never heard of anything like this, but as I read it am thinking of all the possibilities. No more bland water, spice up my tea, my chocolate, my everything.

  22. I had never heard of any of this before your review I like that you can use the sprays to enhance the flavors of a smoothie

  23. I love that there are so many unique flavors. i have used coconut oil to cook with before but never knew there was flavored coconut oil. My husband didn’t enjoy the coconut flavor so i am excited to try these. What a great healthy idea!!

  24. What a big selection of different flavors!!! I’ve never tried infusing before but my mouth is watering now. I am a huge tea drinker myself.

  25. I’ve done some infusions..thanks to the great Alton Brown..but nothing like these awesome flavor profiles.
    Especially, the Thai coconut and yummy garlic.
    I’d love to try them all.

  26. I have not heard of Primal Essence Coconut Oils & Super Teas before this. I know the coconut oils would add a lot of flavor to my meals. I really want to try the Peppermint Splash also!

  27. I am excited to learn about this. It sounds very interesting and I know that it would be so good. I am happy that read about it so now I know to learn about infused cooking.


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