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PolarPillow & Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase Giveaway!

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Are you a pillow flipper? Or, do you have night sweats? Either one disrupts your sleep, which makes you feel tired and exhausted the next day. The PolarPillow and the Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase are great solutions!

Both the PolarPillow and the Turbo-Cooling pillowcase have a cooling pack that you stick in the freezer for about an hour and then place in the pouch before going to bed to help keep you cool all night long. Body temperature cooling down is an important part of both falling and staying asleep, leading to a more restful night. The health benefits of sleep are many and well documented, such as clearer thinking, lower blood pressure, more effective weight loss and increased ability to fight off illness.

Read what Southern Krazed thought about them in her full review here.

How would you like a chance to try them out for yourself? Well, we are excited to bring you an awesome Giveaway! We are giving away both products!

One lucky reader will win a PolarPillow and a 2nd winner will win a Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase!

Giveaway ends 10/18 at 11:59 pm ET! Open to US residents 18+ and older.

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Good Luck!

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By on October 9th, 2014

137 thoughts on “PolarPillow & Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase Giveaway!”

  1. I had a Hysterectomy and I now have hot flashes, night sweats and got blood clots from the surgery and I really don’t sleep well at night.

  2. I absolutely suffer from night sweats. I don’t have much time in the mornings to get ready and so I shower at night, but ever since I had my third child I have suffered from night sweats. I have no idea why, but it now forces me to take a shower in the morning and get up even earlier to make it to work and get my kids to the sitter and school. I would love to have one of these pillows to get my shower at night routine back!

  3. Yes, I do sometimes during the night. but mostly after i wake up in the morning i will be dizzy, hot sweaty and sometimes feel like passing out. I think it may be due to getting up too fast. but this would be perfect just lay back down on the cool pillow and wont need my fan to cool off.

  4. as my grandmother would say, Is the Pope Catholic? I’m trying to make light of this, I’ve had night sweats for over 5 years now, make them go away…

  5. No I do not, but I do suffer from having an OCD about a warm pillow! I constantly flip my pillow over in my sleep to have the cool spot!

  6. some nights are worse than others; I sometimes have to get up through the night and change my clothes cause they are soaked (gross)

  7. Aloha Friend! thanks for this giveaway! Okay here it is..I live in Kona, Hawaii (so hot), I have night sweats from “That Age Thing”, & the icing on the cake? I take meds that roast me from the inside out! help!! I could actually lay on an iceberg & melt it!

  8. Oh, my LORD, do I!!! I hate it and because of it, I have to turn my home into a polar vortex and freeze everyone out at night.

  9. I do suffer from nightsweats a few days a week. Especially when I have been exercising during the day, for some reason it catches up with me at night.

  10. Yes I do! I have been going through menopause for the past couple of years and haven’t had hot flashes but lately I have been waking up occasionally sweaty!

  11. yes,unfortunately I do,I’m going into menopause,I’m over heated and sweating all night and I haven’t figured out a way to find some relief,I can’t sleep without covers.

  12. It’s been 10 years since they started. Fortunately they are not every night , several times a night like they used to be, but still miserable when they happen.

  13. Yes, I do unfortunately suffer from night sweats. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, I always get sweaty. It’s awful — I’m only 23, too!!

  14. I do not but my husband does. We have a dual bed heater and I have my side on all the time. This is something I should look into getting him.


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