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Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine for Healthy Happy Dogs!

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Keeping our Dogs in Optimum Health with Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine!

Perfect for dogs that are picky eaters, has dandruff or a dull coat, food allergies or sensitivities!

When it comes to my dogs let’s just say they are more like my children. I have a pack of 7 dogs right now and sometimes feel a like the old woman that lived in a shoe! But, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are all rescued babies and I am honored they chose me to be their Mom! Of course, I welcomed them into the pack and with a promise to take care of them to the best of my ability! I have had people ask me “how do you afford to feed so many big dogs”. Truth be known, they probably eat better than I do isn’t that what you do for your babies?! However, I know that nutrition and good quality dog food is the key, and the bottom-line, in keeping my 4-legged babies healthy!

I would much rather feed them high quality nutritious dog food and keep them healthy than need to treat them for illness after the fact. Just like with humans, nutrition plays a vital role in their overall health and helps ward off illness. As members of my family, I want to see my dogs healthy, happy, and enjoying life!


When I noticed that a couple of my dogs were having some skin and coat issues (namely dandruff, dull coats, and itchy rashes), I went on the hunt for a different dog food with limited ingredients, but would still provide all the nutritional benefits. That’s where Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine comes in. I had heard many good things about them and wanted my pups to try it. My dogs love the taste, and as a fur Mom, I love the healthy ingredients. I also love what Petcurean Go! doesn’t contain!

It’s no wonder Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine! has made it on to Powered by Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide.

In case you haven’t heard of Petcurean, let me tell you a little about them. Then, I want to show you a couple of our favorite foods, the reason we chose them, and the benefits they provide!

About Petcurean

Petcurean are experts in crafting recipes designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats (and cats and dogs) of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages. If your pet wants the quick energy that comes from eating whole grains, great; they have a whole grain recipe they’ll love. If your cat or dog does better with a grain-free recipe, they’ve got those, too. High protein, moderate protein, limited ingredients, life-stages, different kibble shapes and sizes; they’ve got ‘em all. In fact, they are so committed to matching your pet with the perfect recipe, that they’ll help you find the food that’s right for your dog or cat, even if it isn’t their own.

Smell that? I’m catchin’ a whiff of tasty Salmon and delicious Duck from Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine! I’ll be glad when the dinner bell rings!

Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine Duck Recipe

Molly’s favorite GO! Sensitivity+Shine is the Duck recipe! I truly believe she can sniff it out from a mile away! I never have to call her twice for dinner! GO! Sensitivity+Shine is the Duck recipe is a tasty recipe that includes premium quality duck as a single meat protein and omega oils for healthy skin and coat. I also love that it has antioxidants to help support increased immunity.


The Duck recipe is great for Molly and all the dogs. With its nutritious ingredients, it is a great recipe blend for dogs that have sensitive tummies or other specific dietary needs because it contains pre and probiotics to aid with digestive health!

Just as important are the ingredients it DOESN’T contain! The GO! Sensitivity+Shine in the Duck recipe contains NO by-product meals, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives and ZERO beef, wheat, corn or soy.

Can I have the GO! Sensitivity+Shine Duck recipe this time please? I’m hankerin’ for a duck dinner Woof!

Molly loves the GO! Sensitivity+Shine Duck recipe and I love how healthy it is for her. Her eyes are clear and bright and her skin and coat are shiny and health. Her energy level is great (sometimes too much) and she is a healthy and happy girl!

Petcurean GO! SENSITIVITY+SHINE Limited Ingredient Salmon Recipe


Seager is our pretty boy, or should I say handsome? He is a big guy pushing 100 pounds and generally healthy except for some arthritis issues. However, for the past year, we have been battling dry skin and dandruff with him. His gorgeous shiny black coat had become riddled with ugly dandruff flakes. It was suspiciously like the same dandruff and dull coat issues that we have battled with a couple of the girls, only his was getting worse! The culprit was all boiling down to the dog food. The food was needing something they weren’t getting or there was something in the food they were sensitive too, hence the reason we were on the hunt for a different food. The GO! Sensitivity+Shine Limited Ingredient Salmon Recipe sounded like the perfect solution!


The GO! Sensitivity+Shine Limited Ingredient Salmon Recipe features premium-quality salmon as a single source of fish protein and LIMITED ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS. This delicious recipe has omega oils for healthy skin and coat and antioxidants to support increased immunity.

Go! Sensitive+Shine has limited ingredients. This means that it contains NO grains, gluten or potatoes and it has ZERO by-product meals, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives. It also contains NO wheat, beef, chicken, corn, or soy!


Benefits of GO! Sensitivity+Shine Duck Recipe in a nutshell:

  • Premium quality duck as a single meat protein source
  • Pre and probiotics to aid with digestive health
  • Antioxidants to support increased immunity
  • Omega oils for healthy skin and coat
  • Zero by-product meals, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives
  • Zero beef, wheat, corn, or soy

Benefits of GO! Sensitivity+Shine Limited Ingredient Salmon Recipe in a nutshell:

  • Zero grains, gluten, or potatoes
  • Antioxidants to support increased immunity,
  • Omega oils for healthy skin and coat
  • Zero by-product meals, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives
  • Zero wheat, beef, chicken, corn, or soy


I love seeing my furbabies truly enjoy their meals, knowing it is healthy nutritious dog food. Petcurean’s GO! Sensitivity+Shine provides them with optimum nutrition without the unnecessary bad ingredients! Even though I may fuss some days, I love seeing my pups’ abundant energy! I know that they are healthy and happy!

I’m partial to fish and the Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine Salmon recipe sure is lip smackin’ good!

Seager makes no bones about his love for the Salmon recipe! We haven’t had a lot of time to see a difference in his coat yet, but I believe with the added omega oils and removing the grains from his diet, in time we will see improvement! All the dogs love their new Petcurean Go! Sensitivity+Shine dog food! I have happy healthy dogs, which makes me a happy fur Mom!

Do you have a pet that has a sensitive stomach? Or, perhaps you are fighting with dandruff and a dull coat like Seager? Why not check out Petcurean’s GO! Sensitivity+Shine dog food line? Petcurean has formulas that meets the needs of all dogs and cats! Get your pets favorite recipes at stores near you or go to their site to find out where you can buy them. GO HERE to find a store near you.

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