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Pet Pampering at Bow Wow Haus

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Powered by Mom talks about Pet Pampering at Bow Wow Haus

After all don't your pets deserve to be treated to some pampering too?

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to treat our Blue Heeler Luna to a pet pampering session at Bow Wow Haus at 532 E. Broadway in Vancouver. Our pets are a part of our family and I think they deserve some pet pampering now and then too just like we should treat ourselves once in a while.

pet pampering

Bow Wow Haus has three locations in the Vancouver lower mainland:

  • 1701 W. 4th Ave.
  • 2821 W. Broadway
  • 532 E. Broadway

We selected the E. Broadway location only because it was our old stomping grounds as teenager. I remember taking a bus as a teenager and in my early 20s to the Marks Work Warehouse at Kingsgate Mall and grabbing an Orange Julius (which is no longer) there while did some quick shopping. Hubby used to be a regular at that Marks to get his jeans etc.. so it was a bit of a walk down memory lane. After visiting this Bow Wow Haus I'm confident we would have had a great experience at any location!

pet pampering

We took Luna about a week before we were going away on vacation so that she could get a nice washing of her fur, trimming of her nails and a general overall pampering. I think it's a great idea and healthy for your pet to have them groomed at least a few times of the year and not just in the summer. We like to have a grooming done for at least each season. There's a few reasons for that, it helps keep their nails trimmed so they're not bothered by long nails, they get some extra special care of their fur coats and so much more!

Luna has the type of coat that you do not trim but a good brushing and washing of her fur is always great and she needs it brushed a lot.

The team members at Bow Wow Haus were simply fabulous with Luna. Our girl is losing her eyesight so they were very conscientious of that, speaking to he her constantly, give her a good scratch behind the ears and more. We felt comfortable leaving Luna in their capable hands while she got her pampering and we went to explore our old stomping grounds.

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Here's Luna getting set up for her grooming session

pet grooming

As you can see they do have to secure your dogs so they don't fall off of course. It keeps them up high and close to the groomer and they can check her for any sore spots, look at her ears and trim her nails.

Bow Wow Haus also sells a variety of pet accessories, food and pretty much anything you can think of for your furry family member. They even have a photo studio so you can include your beloved pets in your holiday photos or any special occasion!

Luna seemed very happy when we picked her up and her fur was clean, shiny and soft when we came back to pick her up!

bow wow haus pet pampering

I was impressed by the amount of detail that the team members went into when talking to us about Luna after her pampering sessions. They noticed that her ear was bother her along with her bottom, noticing that she might be a bit swollen. Yes they get that close when grooming your pets which most of us might not do on a daily grooming basis at home. This was very helpful for us indeed as we went to have her checked by the vet to make sure all was okay with our girl.

Here's Luna with the wonderful team at Bow Wow Haus on East Broadway!

Luna and Bow Wow Haus peeps

As you can see Luna looked quite happy after her session and she was dolled up with a new bandana too! It seems she liked hanging out with the gals at Bow Wow Haus. Don't forget you can treat your pet to some pampering any time of the year, it's not just for summer!

Also remember to protect them from ticks and fleas, we use Advantix! A few days after Luna's pampering experience we protected her with Advantix. You can read more about ticks and Lyme Disease on our post HERE.

Our thanks to the wonderful team at Bow Wow Haus for taking care of our Luna!

We received complimentary services at Bow Wow Haus free of charge in exchange for our honest review. The complimentary services did not affect our opinions, as always all opinions are 100 our own.

By on September 5th, 2014

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44 thoughts on “Pet Pampering at Bow Wow Haus”

  1. When I was in Vancouver several years ago I noticed there were a lot of dogs and dog stores - I had never seen anything like it till I got here... I ton of dogs here, dogs that go everywhere.


  2. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Pet Pampering at Bow Wow Haus! Luna looked so nice after her pampering! My girlfriend does doggy haircuts and knows the situation we are in. She is helping us out by pampering my 2 fur babies about every 8 weeks! Their hair seems to grow so fast and so does their nails! I love how she and her daughter take their time with the girls as to not stress them out! She always does an excellent job with them! When we get straightened out (whenever??) We are really going to have to do something really nice for her and her daughter! Our babies, Maxie & Summer, don't have fur. They have hair and we all know how fast hair grows! Every about 8 weeks or so they need to be cut again! These 2 do not like to be hot and we can always tell when they need their hair cut whenever we can't see their eyes anymore and when they are panting from being too warm! I love it when they get pampered! They love it too! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, all the pictures of Luna and the girls who pampered her, your personal and professional information on Pet Pampering at Bow Wow Haus with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it very much! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  3. What a cute idea! I wish we had something like this in Greensboro Georgia my little dog would love it she actually loves getting a bath.

  4. Do they do cats too? Just kidding, unfortunately I don't believe we have a shop like here in New Orleans. I do have a poodle too and he loves to be pamper. I think I might suggest it to his groomer. She'll probably think me crazy. Your doggie is beautiful.

  5. Luna looks just like my sister's rescue dog.Fun time had by all im sure not so easy bathing our 3 dogs and cats too. lots of work for all of the salon for them looks great.

  6. I take my Bambi for nail clipping at the groomers because she won't allow us to do this. However she will not go for the groomer bathing, drying or brushing her. She is very skiddish. She doesn't like it when I give her a bath either. Drying is definitly out of the question. occassionally we can get a brush in if she doesn't see it coming. We got her when she was 7months old. I don't know what the people did to her before that cause she's been like this since we've had her.

  7. what a wonderful place and I think every dog should get treated like a king or queen 🙂 great review and thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  8. What a fun outing for the dog, we have a chow. I have never took him for a day of pet pampering, but this looks like a fun thing to do with your pet. Love this!

  9. It looks like they are awesome!!! What a great job they are doing!! I would love to take my dog to this place. They really are patient and great with the dog! Luna is such a gorgeous dog.

  10. We could use a Bow Wow Haus near our House! Our pups hair grows fast and mats in the damp weather. We need them to be pampered! Btw, lovely dog you have 🙂

  11. I used to cut my one dogs hair and it is a difficult thing to do.
    Had hair all over the house,mess in the shower,and she Never
    appreciated that it took me half the day.I guess she wants to be pampered too. 🙂

  12. They did a great job, and you do have a pretty puppy. My dog LOVES to be pampered. He complains like crazy when it is happening, but afterwards he is so proud! He almost struts when we walks. It is quite cute 🙂

  13. Your dog looked so happy and well treated. I wish we had one of these here for our dogs to go to. I was really impressed that they let you take pictures.

  14. I So Much Enjoyed Reading about "Pet Pampering at Bow Wow Haus"! I have 2 as I call them "fur babies" and I love them dearly. They are definitely part of our family! We generally get them groomed every 6-8 weeks year round. They love our groomer and she's so good with them! There isn't too many dog pampering places here in Spring City, PA to take them to. However, I believe that our groomer pampers them just the same. She always takes her time with my girls as to not stress them out. They are always clean, nails trimmed, ears checked, etc. They always come home with a scarf or a bow. I believe as you do, our dogs are part of our family and they do need to be pampered and well taken care of! Thanks so much for the information. I really do appreciate it! Oh, and BTW, your Luna looked very nice and well pleased with her pampering! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  15. I'm so happy that Luna looks so happy! It's really important to get a good groomer. This sounds like a great place to bring your doggies!

  16. We're lucky to have a good groomer here in Chicago, too.... the beast love her spa day, and I love how good she smells. Luna looks awesome -- thanks for the reminder to take my beast for a haircut!

  17. I am glad my Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a wash and wear girl. But this looks lie a great place for dogs to get in on some pampering.

  18. Sounds like a wonderful center to take your dog to. Wish it was located by me so I could take my pooch there. He's in dire need of a good grooming. It still makes me feel good to know that there's folks out there going the mile for our furbabies.

  19. Wish there was something like a bow wow Haus around here. Livie in a suburb where noone walks, and have to drive to a groomer, who does good work, but doesn't exactly pamper.

  20. luna looked very pleased with her treatment i love shops that offer great services for our pets they are a big part of our lives they are a family member and just as much loved we have a pomeranian and we love him very much and after he gets groomed hes so fluffy and soft and smells so great

  21. People love their animals/pets as much as their children; such as me!!! These furkids deserve to be pampered & allowed to go every where their masters go. They can change the way we love & help proong our loves, so they should have the same rights as we do.

  22. We're not permitted animals in our rental, but the groomer is just around the corner. That is a tough job! The employees have to do this for lovem cuz not all dogs are dreams

  23. Very nice place it seems and Luna looks happy. I take my babies every 4 weeks, Becky the lady that does them is so kind and gentle with them. All 3 of my babies were rescues and they deserve to be pampered I think. Before they leave Becky just has to love on them and kiss them and tells them she will see them soon.

  24. We have a place very similar to this one where we take our Malamute. It's wonderful to have a place where you know your babe will be treated with love and affection.

  25. We have a place close by here that offers the same time of services for our Malamute. They're fantastic. Your Luna is a lucky girl! 🙂

  26. Your dog is very well cared for. I have a rescue dog en route THIS MINUTE to me. I am so excited and am going to pamper him.

  27. here in my area we have over 5 groomer but i like sonjay te best my dog doesnt freak he was kennel dog and then he does not mind sonjay kitty the dog looklike she in joy the trip to the goromer


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