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Pet Adoption – Mylee

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 Let’s Help Mylee Find a Home! Pet Adoption of the Day #AdoptDon’tShop

(semi-near) SPOKANE, WA: Round four on SSD for 8 year old Mylee! She’s a long-haired German Shepherd who cannot find the right person to bring her home. Mylee has been living at a shelter in northeast Washington for four months. Her first two posts on SSD garnered no interest at all. Nothing seems to be working out for miss Mylee and living in a shelter cage is very hard for her both mentally and physically. PLEASE SHARE!

Meet Mylee




Forget Me Not Animal Shelter wrote, “Mylee has been at the shelter for four months and will be the first to tell you that is a LONG time for a German Shepherd to be living in a kennel.

Mylee is a loving and devoted companion. All it really takes to keep Mylee happy is a home with regular meals (she is not a picky eater at all), an endless supply of wonderfully chewy, squeaky, bouncy balls, and a few stuffed animals for her to carry around and occasionally unstuff for you.

We think Mylee’s ideal home will be as a companion to a calm, confident dog lover who will be with her most of the time and can take her on gentle walks, and possibly some swim therapy if available! Mylee is housetrained and loves to be inside with her person.

She has a high and focused prey drive, which means if you have issues with invading rodents, chipmunks, squirrels, probably even raccoons…Mylee will be happy to solve your problem for you. Of course, that also means that Mylee is not good with cats or small furries, and we find that she prefers to be the only dog, too, so she doesn’t have to share her squeaky balls or her squirrels or her person (she has a bit of resource guarding with her toys in particular).

A fenced yard would be lovely, so she can safely spend time outside with you playing fetch, without being distracted by having to race off and chase any small furries outside the fence. She walks quite nicely on leash when wearing a chest-clip harness.

Mylee is a very beautiful dog, but as is all too common with German Shepherds, has some hip issues. In Mylee’s case, she has evidence of major hip dysplasia in only her left hip – her right hip looks just fine. Mylee will need supplements like Cosequin and most likely anti-inflammatory and/or pain medications throughout her life, and we’d recommend no stairs for Mylee. The good news is, Mylee’s senior blood panel looks great! This means her liver is healthy, so she is able to take Metacam (meloxydil) as needed.

She is an insecure, but sweet, dog who will grow in confidence as she develops that one-on-one bond with her primary caregiver. She can easily get to the Seattle or Spokane areas, we can also try to arrange transport to other areas as needed, working with transporters/our own volunteers.”

GO HERE to share her story and hopefully help them find a home or better yet please contact Forget me Not Animal Shelter for more information on adopting Mylee.

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8 thoughts on “Pet Adoption – Mylee”

  1. What a beautiful dog! I really hope she finds a wonderful Family/Home. I can’t adopt her but I did share on my FB and G+. Best of Luck Mylee.

  2. I can’t believe no one has taken this beautiful dog. She sounds wonderful. I will be passing this along to see if we can come up with somebody. Thank you for sharing

  3. Aww, how could anyone resist that sweet face!! I hope Mylee finds a wonderful, loving home very soon! Shared!


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