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Pet Adoption - Meet Lovie

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Let's Help Lovie Dolly Find a Home! Pet Adoption of the Day #AdoptDon'tShop

(semi-near) JACKSON, MS: Please share!! For all of her life, 10 year old Lovie worked hard as a hunting dog for her human. But when the natural aging process took over for Lovie, and her hunting skills were considered no good compared to what they once were, she was surrendered to the shelter.

Meet Lovie


If you’re not going to have a pet be indoors with you the majority of the time, give it lots of love, prepared to pay vet bills in an emergency and make a life time commitment then a pet is not for you. This is something we are passionate about and really want to get the message across to adopt not shop and that it’s a lifetime commitment of love!

Information from Lovie's Adoption Post

They "cashed out" on Lovie just when she hit her retirement years. Lovie deserves to be given the best in her golden years, and instead she was given rejection. It's just not fair. Lovie is a sweet, sociable lady who loves to be the center of attention. She's been waiting at the shelter for two months already and she hopes to find her home today!!

Volunteer Sarah wrote, "Lovie is a 10 year old beagle who was surrendered because she was no longer a good hunting dog. She's been at the shelter since early December, and she's very ready for a home to call her own.

Her hobbies include playing with other dogs and napping. She's always excited to go for a walk, but she's also happy to head back inside after. She'd especially like a home with a big soft couch or cushy dog bed where she could curl up. For an old girl, she still is quite agile and gets around well. She's kenneled with a younger dog, so as long as a new canine sibling wasn't too rough, she'd probably enjoy having someone to play with.

When outside, she's more interested in sniffing around than playing with toys. However, she takes frequent breaks from her exploration for some pats, and she's not afraid to lean her whole body against you. When offered a treat, she took it very gently. She also greeted everyone who walked by with a wagging tail and the typical beagle bay. While she hasn't been formally introduced to a cat, the shelter volunteers feel she'd do just fine.

Unfortunately, Lovie is heartworm positive. Due to her age we have not had her treated, and she has continued on preventatives. Lovie is current on her age appropriate vaccinations/preventatives, is spayed and will be microchipped once adopted. Transport may be available!"

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GO HERE to share his story and hopefully help her find a home or better yet please contact the Oktibbeha County Humane Society for more information on adopting Lovie.

By on February 11th, 2016

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