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Pet Adoption - Dusty and Deli

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Let's Help Dusty and Deli Find a Home! Pet Adoption of the Day #AdoptDon'tShop

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Dusty and Deli are lifelong friends and very bonded. And it was made clear when they recently had to be separated for a minor surgery that Dusty had to undergo (he's OK now). Poor Dusty was heartbroken to be away from his sibling. We're told he was "screaming and crying" for her and it immediately stopped when they were back together. The shelter is holding out to find them a home together.

Meet Dusty and Deli

dusty and deli

If you’re not going to have a pet be indoors with you the majority of the time, give it lots of love, prepared to pay vet bills in an emergency and make a life time commitment then a pet is not for you. This is something we are passionate about and really want to get the message across to adopt not shop and that it’s a lifetime commitment of love!

Information from Dusty & Deli's Adoption Post

Dusty and Deli are friendly, easygoing, and well-behaved seniors who are familiar with the routine of family life. They are both tolerant and playful towards other dogs and would do well in home where they can be an active contributor to your daily life!

The San Francisco SPCA wrote, "Our bonded senior pair, Dusty and Deli, were in the home for eight years together. And returned due to the owners' divorce. Dusty, the red one, is 9 years old, and Deli, the black one, is 8 years old. They have been with us for a while now and have very little interest despite heavy promotion.

Dusty, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, is a cool, calm dog. He knows the basics and loves training. Dusty will make a great companion for a moderately active home. And he loves baths and people. Deli, a Labrador Retriever mix, is lovely, sweet, easy going and willing to fit anywhere. [See more detailed notes on both dogs in comments.]

Dusty and Deli are completely fine around other dogs. They are easy going seniors who still have spunk and want to play. And I have seen Deli give Dusty kisses on the cheek when they are reunited.

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Dusty had a mast cell tumor (MCT). MCT's are the most common type of skin tumors in dogs. Dusty's MCT was staged on biopsy after the tumor had been removed. The pathologist determined the mass was low grade with a low mitotic figure. These findings indicate a longer median survival time of over five years.

We are for sure requiring that they go home together. Dusty was much more comfortable when reunited with Deli, and his screaming and crying for her stopped.

Transportation can be discussed based on distance. Most things we are flexible about regarding the process."

GO HERE to share their story and hopefully help them find a home or better yet please contact the San Francisco SPCA for more information on adopting Dusy and Deli.

By on March 10th, 2016

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8 thoughts on “Pet Adoption - Dusty and Deli”

  1. These dogs are so adorable. I pray that they found a great home together. Thank you for sharing these special dogs

  2. I know I have devoted my life to two cats right now, hopefully if GOD sees it fit to have my house then I will adopt a couple of dogs, And yes it is a full time love of mine.

  3. Dusty and Deli are so cute. I love senior dogs because they have calmed down a bit. I hope they find a wonderful home soon. Thank you for sharing

  4. Such sweet dogs. I just adopted a dog from a shelter and I love him so much. I really hope these two find a caring loving home where they can stay together.

  5. When we hear of a couple divorcing it's only natural that we think about whether any children are involved. We forget about the pets who may have lived with the family for years and who also have to be uprooted. I re-home cats and kittens and my sister does the same with dogs & puppies and it breaks my heart sometimes when I see what we civilised human beings put our animals through.


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