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Pet Adoption – Dillion and Darlin

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Let’s Help Dillion and Darlin Find a Home! Pet Adoption of the Day #AdoptDon’tShop

LEXINGTON, KY: Dillion and Darlin are bonded seniors who love to snuggle up together in their crate at night. They also like to be tucked in and to receive a goodnight kiss. Too precious! Unfortunately, they have been searching for their forever home since August. So it’s about time we help them find it! PLEASE SHARE!

Meet Dillion and Darlin

Dillon and Darlin

 If you’re not going to have a pet be indoors with you the majority of the time, give it lots of love, prepared to pay vet bills in an emergency and make a life time commitment then a pet is not for you. This is something we are passionate about and really want to get the message across to adopt not shop and that it’s a lifetime commitment of love!

Information from Dillion and Darlin’s Adoption Post

Dillon and Darlin get along well with other dogs. Both dogs are crate-trained and housebroken.

wrote, “Dillon and Darlin are a bonded pair of seniors, whose owner became ill and unable to care for them. They are two of the easiest, most well behaved dogs.

Dillon is a quiet and contemplative pup. He’s a Boston Terrier-Jack Russell mix, and is a lap dog through-and-through. Dillon loves to curl up with you while you sip on your morning cup o’ Joe and read the paper. He’s not a big crowd kind of guy, but is deeply loyal and attached to his family. He is 10 years old and in great health.

Darlin is Dillon’s younger sister from a different litter. She is a Jack Russell mix, filled with unending affection and loads of character. She’s a people-pup for sure! She’ll follow you to any room in the house and never passes up the opportunity to be petted and fawned on. Darlin is 9 years old and in great health.

Both Dillon and Darlin are little love bugs — and they’re happy to show you how much they love you with wags and kisses. Better yet, bring out a tennis ball or two and these seniors turn into bouncing bundles of puppy energy. When the day is done, they snuggle up in their crate together and loved to get tucked in with a goodnight kiss or scratch.

Dillon and Darlin get along well with other dogs. Both dogs are crate-trained, housebroken and are neutered/spayed, UTD on all vaccines, recent dental, heartworm negative (on heartworm preventatives) and microchipped.”

GO HERE to share his story and hopefully help her find a home or better yet please contact the Bluegrass Senior Dog Rescue for more information on adopting Dillion and Darlin.

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  1. These dogs are so cute. I am so sorry their owner got sick and unable to care for them. I will pass this along and try to help


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