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Paparazzi Bling 4hr Giveaway ends @ 9pm PST

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Welcome to a 4 hour Pay It Forward Wild Wednesday Flash Giveaway!

Tonight 1 winner takes all in the Paparazzi Bling Giveaway


You just have 4 Hours to enter this giveaway to come away the winner of everything you see in the picture above all provided by Paparazzi Accessories by Glitz Gallery!

To Read One Mom’s Moxies Review of Paparazzi Accessories please Click HERE

8pm est-12 am est

8pm est-12 am est

We LOVE to PAY it FORWARD to our Amazing Fans!


Tonight’s Participating Pay It Forward Crew members are as listed below 🙂

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Open to US only

Make sure you only CLAIM the ENTRIES that you ACTUALLY DO!

We are checking!

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By on February 6th, 2013

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60 thoughts on “Paparazzi Bling 4hr Giveaway ends @ 9pm PST”

  1. My favorite piece is from my Great, Great, Great Grandmother who was from Englund. It is a 24K gold wedding band. Yes, it’s plain but it has much much meaning to me!

  2. I left pretty much everything I owned in Ohio when I moved so I dont own much but i do have one silver tomahawk necklace from when my family and i went on a trip to natural bridge that i LOVE!

  3. My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring followed by my necklace that has my two babies on it. Love them both!!

  4. A little fake ring with a yellow stone that my grown son (32) yrs old now. Bought me at a school christmas bizarre, when he was 6 yrs old. It means so much to me because he was so proud of it when he gave it to me for Christmas. He thought it was real.

  5. My wedding ring. My husband got it when we were broke and he paid what he could. We are better off now and I still won’t let him replace it. In my heart it is not replaceable! When I look at it I remember how hard it was to get to this point in life ! Keeps me humble!

  6. My favorite piece of jewelry is a really nice strand of pearls that my husband gave me for Christmas when we were first married.

  7. My favorite piece would have to be my wedding ring and then I have a small gold cross necklace that I love. thank you for this giveaway.


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