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Oxford Sneakers The Versatile Shoe

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Why you want a pair of Oxford Sneakers

Oxford Sneakers from Lugz are one of the most versatile shoes

One style of shoe that can go with several styles of outfits, who wouldn't love to have these versatile Oxford Sneakers? Wear them with a skirt, capris, leggings, jeans and more. My teen-aged daughter has certainly tested them out on several outfits. My favorite which she didn't let me photograph as she ran out the door was with a cute top, jean jacket and a flowing knee-high skirt. Adorable and she was comfortable too.

Of course her favorite go-to outfit is skinny jeans and a t-shirt but look at how cute these Oxford Sneakers in Lily Pink White look on her? We actually think they're more of a lighter purple tone but all the better.Lugz Oxford Sneaker

I was actually shocked when my daughter asked for this color as she never chooses anything pink or even purple for that matter. Like I mentioned we both agree that they're a bit more on the light purple side which is great and they go with everything. Lugz Oxford SneakerYou wouldn't think it until you started to pair these shoes with different outfits and colors but it seems to go with everything except maybe a formal dress but knowing my daughter that wouldn't stop her either. She's usually about the comfort. Lugz Oxford SneakerAs you can see above these Oxford sneakers go well with capris and jeans. My daughter loves them because they're cute, slip-ons (because apparently she never has time to tie laces) and she's super comfortable in them with or without socks (usually without). She's so comfortable in them she goes walking in them in dry weather and as you can see in the blurry photo below she has no qualms jumping up and down in them. Lugz Oxford SneakerThis kid will not stay still in these Oxford Sneakers and they seem to be her go to every day shoe. Fine by me if she loves them I'm happy and they are so reasonably priced too at Lugz and come in 5 different colors. Lugz Oxford SneakerSo eave the heels behind for a relaxed and fashionable slip on shoe. Let this comfortable, easy to wear canvas shoe, pair well with an office or party outfit. The Clipper is that versatile sneaker you can wear anywhere!


  • Padded Insole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable Lining
  • Slip On with Elastic Gore
  • Canvas Upper

Make sure to check out all the colors and more on these cute sneakers on the Lugz site HERE.

These Oxford Sneakers from Lugz were a uh "shoe-in" for our Holiday Gift Guide. Check out our full Guide HERE. 

By on December 18th, 2018

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