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Onyx Stainless Steel Containers Giveaway

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Powered by Mom brings you Onyx Containers for a Litterless Lunch Giveaway ends 10/1 US & Canada

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Sponsored by: Onxy Containers  Hosted by: Powered by Mom and a fabulous group of bloggers

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to plastic and glass containers then look no further as we’ve got Onyx stainless steel containers. They are durable, won’t shatter, keep food warm or cold and are a fabulous choice for lunches for the kids or for parents! Pack them in kids’ backpacks, take it to the office or take them on the road whether you want soup, a sandwich or almost any food Onyx Containers has your meal needs covered.

Read Powered by Mom’s review on the Onyx Containers for a litterless lunch and more HERE

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About Onyx Containers

The founders of Onyx Containers created the company not long after they became parents. As a result of parenthood they became a lot more aware of the health compromises everyone deals with when we cook, store and eat our food. They wanted an alternative to plastic and glass that was of a good quality but not over priced. They believe that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmentally responsible products without breaking the bank. After much research they found that high quality food grade stainless steel to be the best option for fluid bottles, sealable containers, cups, bowls etc. for it’s durability, food safety and versatility ie. freezer to stove/oven and Onyx Containers was born!

Onyx containers open

Winner will receive the same set of Onyx containers that Powered by Mom received such as:

  • Sandwich Container
  • Condiment Container
  • Divided Airtight Food Storage Container,
  • Small Round Container
  • Portable Cutlery Set
  • Freeze pack

Now who wants to win this fabulous set of Onyx Containers that even comes with a portable cutlery set? Enter on the rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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130 thoughts on “Onyx Stainless Steel Containers Giveaway”

  1. I hate plastic and I love these products. I’d love one of everything but to name just a few that I’d like to purchase first would be the 3 Layer Tiffin Food Storage Container, Pink Cutlery Set and the Ice Packs. I was so excited when I saw these wonderful containers. Thanks for sharing the Onyx Stainless Steel Containers.

  2. Love the Divided Airtight Food Storage Container – perfect for the finicky child who doesn’t like one food touching another!

  3. Ice Pop Mold look so amazing to use. My son has to eat gluten free so its nice to be able to make them home made for him in great flavor mixtures he likes.

  4. I have just been looking for a container to keep lunches warm! The 2 Layer Double Walled Food Storage Container would be ideal. I love the tiffin sets, too! (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  5. I would also love to try the icepop mold. I think this would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen that my kids would absolutely love!

  6. I’d like both the stainless steel ice pack AND the stainless steel ice cubes. I drink my drinks slowly, and I hate it when they get so watery at the end.

  7. I would love the 3 Layer Tiffin Food Storage Container. I dislike the plastic Tupperware because it picks up the flavors of past foods and soap and this would be amazing.

  8. Love the nostalgia factor of the large divided food trays….used to beg my mom to get TV dinners when we were kids. Besides, these would be perfect for family get-togethers because they are virtually indestructible.

  9. I’d love to have their stainless steel ice pop molds! They might actually last! The plastic ones we’ve tried have always fallen apart.

  10. i liked the fact that these are not plastic (no health concerns, staining…)
    I love they can go in the freezer and in the stove

  11. I would love to have the 15 oz / 440 ml Double Walled Bowl. There is just something about stainless steel bowls that make me feel like I’m on the cooking channel. 🙂

  12. they have some awesome lunch containers, i want the three layer tiffin food storage contain, i would love to have the other sizes as well

  13. My favorite thing is their Divided airtight food container. I hate when I make a lunch for them and it gets all mushy because it was touching or they come home and tell me their lunch was gross because everything got mixed together.

  14. I love the 15 oz / 440 ml Double Walled Bowl but would love all the sizes times 3. Sweet bowls. I could make many wonderful mixtures in those babies.

  15. I see a lot of nice things on the site but if I was going to buy something it would be the 6 Piece Stainless Steel Canister Set. I really like that.


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