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No More Boring Socks – Smile!

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Smile! Sox Making Wearing Socks Fun & Creative

Giving the gift of socks will no longer be considered a boring gift, not when they are SMILE! SOX! These socks featuring facial expressions running the emotional gamut from joy to crankiness to playfulness are a hit with kids, tweens and yes adults too!

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Why are SMILE! SOX a fun gift to give?

Taking the phrase “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile!”, SMILE! SOX is being introduced to help everyone from little kids to young tweens and women to share their innermost feelings in the most creative, colorful, and eye-catching manner possible.

Offering an ideal way for young people to quite literally dive into their day feet first, the new SMILE! SOX line consists of six different sets of six socks featuring facial expressions running the emotional gamut from joy to crankiness to playfulness.

socks Smile SoxJust imagine the kiddos going through the SMILE! SOX to find the expression they feel like wearing that day. They are colorful, fun and it’s a way for all of us to express ourselves in a small way. Even better when you’re having a day that you’re just not sure how you feel, wear two different expressions from your SMILE! SOX. socks Smile SoxMy teenager thinks that the SMILE! SOX are a hoot and apparently our dog Cleo likes them too as she insisted on being in all our SMILE! SOX  photos as you will see. My daughter loves the different colors and expressions and as you can see the socks are quite cute on her. socks Smile SoxSMILE! SOX will make back to school a bit more fun and hey they would be great as part of a party favor bundle. Everyone would be checking to see what color and expressions everyone else got! Who knew socks could be so much fun, apparently SMILE! SOX did!socks Smile SoxMEET THE SOX FAMILY:socks Smile Sox



By on August 19th, 2019

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50 thoughts on “No More Boring Socks – Smile!”

  1. The socks are funny the frown one is probably the funniest cause you’d just never know if they meant it or pulled it out the sock drawer. Lol

  2. These are so adorable! My son had a pair of what we used to call “face socks” when he was a bit younger and he used to wear them every day that he was able to! He was sad when they no longer fit. He would LOVE these!

  3. These socks are so cute! And I know my grandson would love them too! We have a hard time getting him to keep his socks on. These might work!

  4. What a cute gift idea. My 10 year old would love these. I like how they have different colors and Expressions! Can’t go wrong with these socks.

  5. I love there socks. A different pair for what ever crazy mood im in . The colors are nice and i like the holiday ones too.

    • You were so right about the dreaded socks ???? and underwear gifts ????
      I used to get so aggravated, because we got these every Christmas as a gift – when I thought they were necessities! Not much thought or emotions went into it! These socks, however are full of emotions, colors, and FUN for all ages! I shared on Facebook and Pinterest. Thank you for sharing! Christmas ???? is just around the corner and a lot of feet will be looking for some warmth ????????

  6. My moody teen daughter loves fun socks and on those days where she isn’t wanting to say much she could say it with her socks grumpy,happy,etc I think these are very cute and I think her siblings would want to borrow them.

  7. Just love the photos you took – especially the dog getting into the act. Light hearted, fun product, and your comments fit the light heartedness of the product promotion. These socks could be a lot of fun.

    But…. I can just picture one of those tween or teen “roller coaster days” and the whole gammet of socks being worn and end up in the wash. Hopefully, ending with the biggest smiley at the end of the day.

    • Awww thank you Vera and yes I can see where some days all of them may get worn at one point or the other. It made me smile to see my daughter wearing the “joy” ones today 🙂 she really does love them.

  8. My wife is an elementary school librarian and she loves to wear fun socks on Mondays and Fridays which are dress down days. These socks would be perfect for her and Sydney would wear them every day of the week.

  9. I think these are especially fun for adults who like to show a little humor in their fashion choices! If you can give someone an reason to smile, why not?!

  10. My daughters love cute and fun socks like these. I also noticed on their website that they have SCARY! Halloween SMILE! SOX! I would totally wear these and so would my little girls. 🙂

  11. I like the cute faces on the socks, and can totally see my daughter wearing them to fit her mood for the day. The colors they come in are nice too as they would combine with her outfits.

  12. I know that both my daughters would love to wear these cute smile sox. For whatever the reason, they are always losing either one or both socks. This would definately come in handy!


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